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  1. Well here is a psvita fan I honestly never expected to see... and her knowledge about jrpg's on this system is superior to mine I must admit. Its pretty interesting.

    1. eigen-space


      I want a Vita t-shirt :o

    2. Saionji


      I want the t shirt from Trials of Cold Steel she shows in one of the vids :D

  2. After trying to defeat Vamp on extreme for like 2h, I found this...

    1. Dennis-nine-five


      If you struggle with anything, the Internet has alot of strategies to help out, especially with old games :) I saw the video some months ago and the video was already published 2008.

    2. Saionji


      I see, well I m finally done with this game and honestly Extreme playthrough wasnt that hard but those MGS1 vr missions certainly deserve their own special place in hell, especially Variety 1 sniping mission where you have to be deadly accurate or Zako survival is another annoying one and of course hold up missions, damn you have to press square very gently to not fire a bullet to hold up these guys.

      I noticed MGS2 plat isnt even UR while I think it was harder than many UR plats I already did lol :D

    3. Dennis-nine-five


      Great memories, I completely forgot some of that stuff. I loved to do the challenges 😛

  3. Getting the dog tag from the guy with shorts in MGS2 on easy is so annoying, the guy is surrounded by marines during the speech part. I tried to tranq everyone but once they sleep you cant touch them getting to the guy with shorts. Luckily you dont need all dog tags, just 76 from Tanker and 218 from Plant is necessary from what I read.

    1. Galadeur


      back when i was a dumb kid, i actually thought it would be a good idea to try and get ALL the dog tags. so i did. to this day it remains the dumbest thing i have ever done in games.

    2. Saionji


      Damn, I feel your pain especially if you did all on european extreme too :lol:

  4. Just watched 12th episode of Promised Neverland and I must say its one of the best animes ever. During every minute I was at the edge of my seat :D

    1. Nitroman65


      Heard second season is confirmed in 2020

  5. So apparently ACTA 2 has been aproved in europe -_- I wonder if its going to affect psnp in any way

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Well, from my understanding, the EU countries have two years to put it into effect and they decide how they'll implement it, so nothing's going to change overnight. Still bites, though. 

    2. ShadowStar83x


      And there will be people still fighting it. 

      I mean, there are still people in the US trying to restore net neutrality, so the fight isn't over yet.

  6. I was curious about Kingdom Hearts 3 recently and tried to check how does the Sephiroth fight looks like in it via Yutube and then I found out a disappointing truth... there is no Sephiroth fight in KH3, well as someone who loves FF7 and always looked forward to this fight in KH1 and 2 I must say I m very disappointed in this -_- 

    1. Galadeur


      and to think it was one of the main selling points of the original. i would've loved to see cloud and sephiroth fight one more time.

    2. Saionji


      Same here :lol:

  7. I was wondering if you can finish Kingdom Hearts under 15 hours while watching all cutscenes... I played it ages ago on ps2 and it took me around 50h  

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    2. Elvick_


      It’s not hard. Just watch a section of a speedrun, then do it yourself. Rinse repeat. I did it in a little over 4 hours. There’s a lot of skips and things you don’t even have to do. The Hallow Bastion dumbo skip blew my mind.

    3. Nostalgy_Flow


      I did my first run (after many years since the last time I played the game) on Beginner, without changing equip and using continue, watched all the cutscenes and still got the 15 hours trophy, but I think I was really close to the time though. Actually I wasn't attempting it on my first run, however I'd have got it anyway on the second run on Proud, because before going to the final aerea I had like 10 hours on the clock lol. 


      Note though that I did it on PS4, the game runs at 60 FPS so it's generally faster than PS3 version. I see you're on PS3, since you'll have to do 3 mandatory runs (difficulty trophies don't stack, opposed to PS4), I'd reccomend doing your first run on Beginner/Standard without even thinking about it, and then on your other runs doing the trophy.


      I don't reccomend doing the 100 hours method, it's really just time wasted. Just my opinion!

    4. Saionji


      Alright, goood to know. I read the ps4 version is easier, everything still sounds easy enough just time consuming except maybe if those gummi mission can get harder and the aiming sucks a bit in those. I couldnt find an option to set camera Y axis to normal, its reversed during gummi ship missions.

  8. Observation on the Beautiful and the Sublime... the name of this level in Dyad is just as weird and annoying as the trophy level is :D I have practiced it for hours and the best run I got was 3600+ out of 4000, getting there :devil:

    1. TheYuriG


      yeah, it's pretty bad. is that the one that the guide recommends to spam lancing on?

    2. Saionji


      yes, without lancing you are pretty much doomed to fail within seconds. I think its a bit luck involved too because of how lance extenders are placed and its random

  9. Did anyone had issues with Silent Hill Downpour difficulties? when I start up the game i m setting puzzle and combat to easy because I want to do the miscelaneous trophies out of the way but when I try to load a saved game it says normal/normal and it definitely is on normal as I play

    1. JadedDragos


      I did a good amount of playthroughs, but I never hit any issues.

    2. Saionji


      I figured out my probem already, well idk why but I cant put any other difficulties than normal until I change some other setings too before starting a new game like brightness, its strange lol

  10. Happy New Year PSNP! May trophies, plats and URs rain down upon you in the coming year :D

  11. Man collossus number 13 is the most epic battle ever in SotC :D

    1. MMDE


      Yeah, that's one epic fight, and you're the bad guy! :) 

  12. Is it just me or Atelier Meruru plus trophy guide looks kind of broken with how the list of trophies is down below the guide instead of being on the right side for better navigation...

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      @Saionji How about now? Does the Guide Contents appear on the right side?

    3. Saionji


      Its fixed now, nice job :)

    4. Dragon-Archon
  13. Is it just me or Ashura lv50 isnt as op in FF15 Comrades as the guide says...

    1. Redgrave


      It might have been OP at one point but got nerfed after they wrote the guide. Honebani is supposed to be the best Katana now apparently so I just used that.

  14. I was wondering why I couldnt summon any npcs for boss battles in Dark Souls 2 NG+ and I just realised I was in Champion Covanant this whole time... lol :facepalm: Ruin Sentinels were moping the floor with me and I thought NG+ is just that hard :D

  15. So I heard DE: Mankind Divided is unachevable due to broken servers...and Square Enix doesnt seem to fix the this lol man this catched me completely off guard lol I always thought this game is completely offline,

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    2. Lorajet


      Well, not that I was going to start the game tomorrow, but looks like that one is another one that will collect dust.

    3. Saionji


      hopefully they will do something eventually, players should make a petition or simply e-mail them about the issue.

    4. JadedDragos


      Well don't have that one sooo I'm good. 😀

  16. At first I thought Dark Souls 2 is a much weaker entry than DS1 in the series and I think its easier too but now that I made it past Drangleic Castle and reached Shrine of Amana I must say this game has some awesome and charming locations of its own.

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      All I remember about the Shrine of Amana was how rage-inducing it was. Such a cheap area... But yeah, DS2 has some really nice looking locations at the very least. It's definitely my least favourite game in the series, but judged by itself, it's a good game.

    3. Saionji


      I understand you... some monsters want to murder you from below the water, mages shoting at you with Homing Soul Arrow, ogres who wants to chew on you then throw you into the ground, also you face those pilgrims guys which are very fast and deal a lot of damage and on top of that one wrong step and you can fall to your death. Ah the charms of Dark Souls :wub:

    4. MMDE


      I thought that water area was pretty easy, or rather, I got through it safely just fine. You do however have to be very careful and play safe in that area, else something will get you. Cheap? Meh, never felt it was cheap, just easy to die if you weren't careful enough.

  17. Does anyone knows when FF15 servers are going down exactly? I remember reading about it some days ago but I cant find it now, I prefer to be safe than sorry and I going to play it :lol:

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    2. Saionji


      Same here, I was hoping to get this game once all of its content is accesible. It is indeed a frustrating situation as I heard some of those canceled DLCs many players were looking forward to.

    3. Shiki


      Hurry up because I'm going to finish it before you 


    4. ruffedgz


      yea just read the article here:


      sad to hear about this so soon but if the stand alone will still make the trophies work, then awesome but if not, oh well :P

  18. Reloading and picking weapons both on square button is really frustrating in Xcom Declassified because whenever you are near a weapon and you need to reload you pick a new weapon -_- this and really stupid teammates A.I. are 2 downsides in an overall a good game imo

  19. Did anyone else had issues with unlocking Emizel epilogue in Disgaea 4? I met the requirements for his cute cutscene but nothing unlocked in Camp HQ

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    2. Shiki


      So your problem is solved?

    3. Saionji


      Yep it is, btw I m still waiting until you unhide your trophies already :P

    4. Shiki


      I'm too lazy Reimi2butt

  20. Floriiss once again climbed to the hights of a true artist and delivered! the ultimate signature I could wish for xD



    Thanks a bunch! this guy rulez :awesome:

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    2. Saionji


      You will have to satisfy yourself with that little part of panties :P

    3. Shiki


      There is a mistake on the name, it's "ReimiSaionji2Butt9742", otherwise I love the signature of the super badass trophy hunter.


    4. ee28max


      Looking good! 👍

  21. Its going to be Levi vs Kenny in today's episode of Attack on Titan... damn I CANT WAIT! xD

  22. Is there a way to use Wake Up Club app on psvita without adding the trophy list to your profile? I was just wondering because I could use this app and dont want these trophies -_-

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    2. Kittet3


      You can stay offline, but then you'll have to wipe the vita to delete the trophy. Maybe you could use it and delete the save data every day? I think all the info is saved offline.


      You have to let the vita go to sleep on the alarm screen. 

    3. Saionji


      Indeed, good idea with deleting save data I will try that.

    4. SaltyCat


      I've been signed out and only using the normal alarm and haven't got a trophy.

  23. Best achievement ever! :awesome:


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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Pichu hogtie a SJW from the 1900s and put her on the tracks 😂

    3. er_campanario


      Rockstar, the company which their productions are the most useless thing in this field. Pick someone unable to defend him/herself, then do whatever you want, because you have free will and power to do so. It is just a prostitute in a saloon, but that was the only thing that most of them could do to survive in that time.


      Very good one Rockstar, letting this to happen in your puking productions that are no more than "cool graphics" and a "tragic story"


      Sigh... gore fan-service for you people, in a fair way.



    4. PooPooBlast
  24. After playing through Asuras Wrath I think Part IV Nirvana really should have been included in the main game, it contains the most important piece of story to understand the whole plot. Its the true ending and a climax to the whole story. Selling it as a DLC was a very stupid move on Capcom side -_-

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Love the game. 

  25. I noticed the site has been just updated with slight changes in the layout on our trophy lists... it would be nice if there was an option to revert back to the previous one. I got used to it :P

    1. Spaz


      Why did they throw the dates over to the right while putting the console the game is played on on left?


      Makes no sense to me when they could of just had them together in a column rather than separate them.

    2. Terra


      Agreed. The date on the right just throws me off. I had no problem with the previous layout

    3. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Dates to the right? (goes to check)



      It makes no sense.