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  1. I'm available RIGHT NOW. I need the online trophies
  2. Kind of.. i played it with my brother.. and we went to some like.. Australian servers and qued up a 1 v 1 match.. and tried to get matched up with each other. it worked, but was not a sure thing....
  3. yeah.. I usually play really late at night (1 AMish - 4amish) and the game has started now with ~40 players every match... during Prime time it's fine. Pretty consistent 85-99 people.... so it had me nervous.
  4. Well that's a bummer. thanks for the info main. I've got the 30 kills one knocked out, just need this last one!
  5. Hey all - do we know if molotov's count towards this trophy or is it strictly frag grenades?
  6. Perfect - thank you sir! I'm really trying to crack down and finish this game before the servers are completely dead.
  7. Howdy, Anyone know for sure if the VSS counts towards the "Agent 48" trophy? In the description of the gun it says that it is already a "suppressed sniper".. soo, I'm wondering if you kill another player with this weapon with a head shot, if it counts towards the Agent 48 trophy AND the getting 10 head shot sniper kills... or, if I need to actually have the suppressor on a weapon for it to count. Thoughts?
  8. 0% chance.
  9. honestly getting to level 40 takes much longer than getting the gold. I've got everything but the level 40....I'm currently at level 37.. and one level is taking me roughly 2-3 hours right now.
  10. I got super lucky and actually found a gold weapon on someone's Death Stash.. I just looted it up, trophy popped.. then I dropped it and my team mate picked it up and trophy popped for him also.
  11. Also got the 11 kills 2 days ago... no trophy popped. It's the last one I needed before plat too.
  12. Also interested. I'll be on tonight in ~3 hours. I have 2 others that have mics that will be playing with. PSN is Jmargraves
  13. Hey friends. Just got back from a small 3 day get away and logged in last night to get my guild bonuses... and, to my surprise... as soon as I logged in I was greeted with the tutorial message and it showing me "how to attack and make matches". I was a level 419 with 44 out of the 49 trophies already obtained.... I thought it might have been a slight glitch and I just needed to power through the tutorial again for whatever reason... but, after doing so, I was right there... sitting at level 4. Not sure how this can be fixed? Thoughts?
  14. Side note: you 100% CAN adjust the time/date settings if you fail and don't feel like waiting the 24 hours to try again.
  15. Same deal here. Game is super buggy. I got a score of 9,200 on the arcade machine (to get the score of 9000 or higher) and trophy never popped. Same deal - I beat level 3 on easy... trophy never popped for me beating the third level on easy. I haven't had a chance to try again (stupid work) but I plan on trying again tonight.