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  1. I don't think the game was ever really that popular, so I imagine almost 12 years after release there isn't anyone trying to play. If you're trying to get trophies, your best bet is to either set up or join a Gaming Session. Parker
  2. Gran Turismo 7 Going the Distance: 24 Hours of Le Mans Drove the length of one complete 24 Hours of Le Mans race: 2209.536 km (1372.942 miles). - Finale Fulfilled requirements for ending. - Parker
  3. Gran Turismo 7 Hard Work Pays Off - Earned Gold in all licenses. Parker
  4. Stop worrying so much about other people and worry about yourself. If you want free games from Sony, EA, or whoever else, build up your own Instagram/Facebook or whatever social media following. Publishers aren't sending games to those people because they are "true gamers," they're sending them to those people because they feel like that person can make others buy their game. Parker
  5. Gran Turismo 7 Rain Royalty - Acquired your rain license. Formula First Timer - Drove a Formula car. Fully Licensed - Earned all licenses. I should also have the trophy for golding all license tests as well, but unfortunately, the latest patch changed removed dirt tires from the rally tests, so some of those are impossible to gold as it sits. I have every test gold except S-5, so as soon as it gets patched, I'll have that as well. Parker
  6. Rain Royalty popped for me after completing IA-7. I hadn't completed it before the patch and didn't have the S tier unlocked yet, so I don't believe S-10 counts towards the trophy, because like you said, it isn't raining, it is just a wet track. Parker
  7. S-7 can still be done fairly easily, I just finished golding everything except S-5 because that is impossible now until they fix the tire glitch. Parker
  8. I haven't had a single issue or hiccup with GT7 on my PS5. Maybe try deleting the game data and reinstalling, that has worked for me before on some PS4 games that were giving me issues. Parker
  9. Personally, I'd recommend the Switch OLED. The advantages of the OLED far outweigh the advantages of the Lite, in my opinion, and if you primarily plan on playing in handheld mode, you'll really appreciate the better display. Parker
  10. Gran Turismo 7 Done in 60 Seconds - Drove a lap of the Tsukuba Circuit in under one minute. Parker
  11. Guys, please stay on topic and stop with the personal insults. It is okay for someone to have differing opinions, it is not okay to insult people because they have differing opinions. Parker
  12. Top 1% - Achieve a session Consistency Rating of 99 (NB: very difficult to acquire) Holy Trifecta - Get pole, fastest lap, and race win in the same race (Pole from qualifying and 15 opponents minimum) Parker
  13. Sport Mode Debut Finished a race in Sport Mode In-Depth Mastery Finished 50 races in Sport Mode Crossing the Atlantic Together Driving with other players online, you matched the distance covered by the first non-stop Transatlantic Flight: 5810 km (3610 miles) Driving the Autobahn Together Driving with other players online, you matched distance covered by entire German Autobahn network: 13,191km (8197 miles) Those seem to be the only online trophies. Nothing difficult, but certainly a grind. Parker
  14. The Modern Warfare reboot is the most fun I've had on a CoD game since the original Modern Warfare and Blops games, so I'm really looking forward to the next game. Parker
  15. Do they make one for the PS5? The one you posted clearly states it is for the P5. Parker