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  1. I'm playing F1 2017 right now on my Pro and it isn't what I'd call loud, I can't hear it over my television speakers. Is the system getting proper ventilation? If so, check for dust and use compressed air to clean it. Parker
  2. We went to my grandfather's farm and decided to do a little shooting. My son is being taught on the same gun that my father taught my brothers and I to shoot on and my mother decided she wanted in on the action too. Parker
  3. Nope. Snake wins. Parker
  4. Source: IGN Wow, that brings me back to my childhood with translucent N64 systems and controllers. I don't know if I ever had any translucent PlayStation controllers, though. Parker
  5. Set up a gaming session, we don't allow individual boosting threads here. Parker
  6. Parker
  7. There is nothing wrong with having a female protagonist or character. The trolls above are a tiny minority of the gaming community and places like Polygon that seem to constantly write articles about them give them a bigger voice than they would otherwise have, in my opinion. Hell, Tomb Raider has been a huge franchise since the 1990's and is held in high regard by most people and that was before video games really took off to become mainstream. The unfortunate part of the trolls above is the inability to criticise female characters without being labeled as a sexist or some other "ist." If people would ignore trolls then we as a gaming community could have actual discussion about these things without people getting so offended, but these days it seems whatever negative criticism you have is met by an offended party and something that was intended to be constructive feedback is taken as an insult and the gaming community is worse off. To be fair, that isn't exclusive to the gaming community. Parker
  8. I went to pick up my pre-order for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at GameStop today and as I was getting cashed out the store got a call saying pre-orders were now open for the SNES Classic. The cashier asked if I wanted to reserve one (the store was only getting 10 at launch) and of course I said yes. Parker
  9. Went to pick up my Uncharted: The Lost Legacy pre-orderĀ and left with a Super Nintendo Classic Edition pre-order.

  10. It is quite a good looking system, shame they don't seem to be doing a Pro version. I need to get my hands on that controller... Parker
  11. Using a game save is cheating and not allowed here, you won't be unflagged. Parker
  12. I can't wait. Parker
  13. @The-Warriors-MZ please use English on this website. Through Google translate: on the sonic game the problem I had was that I was ruined my game saved I had frozen the screen in half to finish a race when I was saving the game, spent more than 15 minutes and I had with Turn off my play 3 after that my game data was corrupted, I told a friend the problem I had and he told me I could fix the data I got a pendrive where he told me he had his data of that game, the truth I never knew how he did it because the game is protected to copy data in summary when copying the data of my friend and playing the sonic if the trophies came out at the same time but it was not a platinum instantly because he was missing some trophies. Parker
  14. Sonic Mania's OST is incredible, Tee Lopes should be very proud of himself, he did a damn good job. Parker
  15. I couldn't care less how someone else chooses to spend their money, however I think it completely defeats the purpose of having a trophy collection when you didn't earn them yourself. It is also a great way to lose access to your account since giving a complete stranger your log-in information isn't the smartest thing in the world. Parker