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  1. We don't allow individual boosting threads here, set up a Gaming Session. Parker
  2. Halo: Combat Evolved, Cuphead and the Forza series. Parker
  3. Unfortunately, if you have three or more illegitimate games then you're off the leaderboards for good. You're not disputing that the games in question are illegitimate so the only way for you to get back on the leaderboards is to start a new account. Parker
  4. We don't allow individual boosting threads here, use the Gaming Sessions feature. Parker
  5. I suggest you hide the rest of your cheated games if you have any, PSNP members are like bloodhounds, they can sniff out cheated trophies from miles away. Since you've decided to withdraw your dispute, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread. Parker
  6. I used to create "official" boosting threads for upcoming popular games in order to try to prevent a ton of boosting threads being posted. Sly asked me to stop as he wanted people using the Gaming Sessions feature. As dj_helyx so eloquently stated in regards to people ignoring official boosting threads; Even for games with official boosting threads, there was still a multitude of individual boosting threads posted so they really didn't do anything anyway. Parker
  7. Take a look here. It is my understanding that is isn't considered cheating because the person still has to actually play the game. The "mod" only allows the user to play a game from a different region, in order to earn trophies you still have to put in all the work yourself. Parker
  8. Yes, the console versions of the game are 30fps. Parker
  9. So, like a person who got a warning point for breaking the rules and then cares so much that he creates a thread saying how much he really doesn't care? And trust me, you're certainly not the first person to get a warning point for calling someone a fucking idiot, and I'm sure you won't be the last. Take care, Parker
  10. The Prime trilogy is set after the original Metroid (and the Zero Mission remake, which is fantastic) and before Metroid II and Super Metroid. The timeline can be seen here. Honestly, if you're a newcomer to the series I'd try to play Super Metroid first. I think that is where most people started their Metroid journey (the original NES Metroid is kind of hard to play today, especially if you've never played a Metroid game before) and many still consider it to be the best game in the whole series. Then I'd play Zero Mission (which is a remake of the original) and Fusion. Then I'd play the Prime games. Parker
  11. Source: Nintendo Life I really hope this is true and I think it would definitely help hold people over now that we know development has completely restarted on Prime 4. I am a huge fan of the Prime trilogy but they are kind of hard to go back and play because of the controls. If the trilogy is re-released on Switch with updated graphics and more importantly, dual analog support I'd be ecstatic. Parker
  12. This is the first time I've heard about it, but it certainly looks promising. Parker
  13. We don't allow individual boosting threads, create a Gaming Session and set it up that way. Parker
  14. Locking this until I can go through the thread and delete all the garbage. Parker
  15. Set up a Gaming Session. Parker