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  1. Set up a gaming session. Parker
  2. Everything is perfectly fine and fast on both my launch day PS4 and PS4 Pro. PS3 is a bit slow to load things but that has been the case for a long time, at least for me. Parker
  3. No. If you want to pay people to help you earn trophies there are other sites for that. Parker
  4. Source: IGN While not confirmed, it makes perfect sense for Activision to do this. The N. Sane Trilogy made boatloads of cash and revived interest in the series and I imagine the same exact thing will happen with Spyro. Parker
  5. For me, it is between CoD 4, Modern Warfare 2 and the original Blops. I went with CoD 4 though, that game was just about perfect online and it still has one of the greatest single player campaigns in a shooter as well. Parker
  6. It doesn't matter if the cheating was intended or not, you used someone else's save file and that caused the trophies to be popped illegitimately and as such, the flag won't be lifted. You can hide this game and get back on the leaderboards. Parker
  7. Before this thread blows up, everyone stay on topic and keep personal insults to yourselves. We've been very lenient lately, especially with topics like this, but I will issue warnings for those who don't follow the rules. Parker
  8. We don't allow individual boosting threads here, create a gaming session. Parker
  9. If you earn a trophy via a modder or modded lobby, the entire platinum is illegitimate, in my opinion. Parker
  10. Set up a gaming session. Parker
  11. Set up a gaming session. Parker
  12. Set up a Gaming Session. Parker
  13. Visiting and wanted to say, i just read youre message from 3 years back :D My account is still alive, so i didnt make anything stupid.

    cheers and have a very good day ;)


    Ps. How i can go to messages?


    On 16/12/2017 at 11:05 PM, Ena_213 said:
    Hi, I had a problem with my psn id so I'm going to use a different account, could I pass my premium membership from an old account (ena_213) to a new one (luchoJax)? thanks for your time
  15. I bought in on PS2, I imported a physical copy on PS3 and I have a PS4 copy pre-ordered. I couldn't care less about the trophy list. Parker