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  1. In the US it was released on September 4th, 2018, so two days ago. Your region's PSN store should show the release date if it isn't out already. Parker
  2. Contact Sony and see if they can help. If not, contact the store you bought it from. I've had it happen before with an Amazon purchase and they were able to give me a new code. Parker
  3. Finally! Hopefully, this means more remasters as well as new games in the series. Parker
  4. For those currently playing the Blops IIII beta (I really wish they would've just used Roman numerals and went with IV) how are you enjoying it? Personally, I really like the game so far. The gunplay feels good, I really like the predictive recoil system and even though the game is boots on ground (thankfully) the maps definitely have some verticality to them. I also like the operators. They don't seem as annoying as they could be in Blops III but if you get a team together, communicate and actually work together then having the right combination of operators or specialists can be a game changer. There have been quite a few times I've been playing with random people and people were actually using their mics, communicating and just having a good time. I haven't personally run into any trash talkers either, although I think that is massively overblown on the internet because it is rare for me to run across them in any CoD I play. The increased TTK is also a very welcome change for me, too. In most other CoD games, aside from lag, if you got the jump on someone then you got the kill. In this game, the TTK is increased and as such it gives just a tiny bit more time to react and potentially change the outcome of the gunfight. There have been plenty of times where an enemy has shot me first, but with a combination of their bad aim and increased TTK, I've been able to put some accurate shots into them and win the gunfight. Of course, I'm not the best CoD player so it has definitely happened to me as well. So far I think my favorite weapon is the ABR 223 with the Tritium sight. I've always enjoyed burst weapons in CoD and Treyarch always seems to have a powerful burst weapon in their games. Anyway, for those playing the beta, what do you think? Also, if anyone wants to team up tonight shoot me a message or friend request on PSN. I have a mic and should be able to play most of the night after I finish our school supply shopping and finish a few chores around the house. Parker
  5. Let's stop this shitshow before it starts. Parker
  6. Well, this thread has obviously run its course. Parker
  7. We don't discuss gamesharing on PSNP. Parker
  8. The only thing that springs to mind would be Centurion: Defender of Rome. Does this gameplay ring a bell? Parker
  9. Thanks for the reports everyone, the session has been deleted. Parker
  10. Not the best pictures because I wanted to play the damn thing. It is a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Heritage Cherry Sunburst, it plays like a dream. Parker
  11. I've had some requests to unhide the old thread so people can screenshot some things. I've unhidden it for now, so if you're one of those people then now is your chance to get some screenshots. I'll leave it unhidden for a day or so to give people ample time to get what they need. Parker
  12. I've had multiple requests to unhide this so some people can screenshot things, I'll leave it unhidden for a little bit so people can do that. Parker
  13. Block them and move on, it is a scam. Parker
  14. Just so everyone is aware, the previous thread was not deleted, it was locked by the OP because he had an issue with the mod team, and as such, I hid the thread from public view. With that being said, it is certainly possible to un-hide that thread if the previous OP would like to continue it, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Parker