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  1. Well, I think this thread has run its course. Parker
  2. Nah, as long as the trophies were earned legitimately they should be on the leaderboards. I personally think it is pointless to have trophies on your profile that you didn't earn, but I don't think it is cheating, especially since Sony has added the Shareplay feature. Parker
  3. Send him a message on PSN and ask him. Parker
  4. We don't need three threads about the same thing. Parker
  5. 10-4. I'll go ahead and close the thread now. I'm sure the flagging team has enough information to make their decision, although it seems it doesn't matter to you either way now. Parker
  6. Well, I'm excited. It sounds like Sony learned a lot from both their failed PS3 launch as well as their amazing PS4 launch and are working to make the PS5 another amazing console. Everything I read in that article sounds great, I look forward to the official reveal of the system. Parker
  7. @Crispy_Oglop I never saw a report or got a message, but I've moved it for you. Parker
  8. Create a Gaming Session to organize something like this. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions Parker
  9. @kidson2004 I think you'll find this article from the PlayStation Blog interesting. The reason it looks so much like Burnout is because these guys are the creators of Burnout. Parker
  10. No, this absolutely isn't the thread to "bitch" about it. This thread is for informing people about known or upcoming server closures, not the discussion of Sony or their policies. If you want to have that discussion you're more than welcome to do so, just create the proper thread. Guys, we've had a lot of reports on this thread, please keep it on topic. Another mod has already removed quite a few posts the next step is warning points. Create another thread if you want to discuss Sony or other publishers/developers shutting down servers. Parker
  11. Can you post the reason you were flagged? Parker
  12. Unfortunately, you're going to stay flagged. Even though you had nothing to do with it, the trophies were earned illegitimately and as such we don't want them on the leaderboards here. Parker
  13. Since your question has been answered I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. If you need anything else, feel free to shoot me a PM. Parker
  14. I can only speculate as I was not the mod that tended to that thread, however, I would assume that the posts were deleted because there was unnecessary and off topic drama. Yet again, people arguing instead of discussing the actual topic. I think the first off topic reply that "attacked" you was meant to be deleted as well but for some reason wasn't, so I just went back and removed it. In the future, please just use the report button instead of responding and dragging a thread even further off topic. Also, Sly has very little to do with forum moderation, he is the admin and developer of this site so he is way too busy to deal with forum drama. Shoot a mod a PM or report an offending post if you want our attention. Parker
  15. Exactly this. Sony is in no way affiliated with PSNP and as such, we can't do anything to help you. Sony support are the only ones who will be able to assist you and figure out what went wrong. Parker