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  1. Yeah, this one is done. Parker
  2. Either Sony or the developers of that particular game are the only people I can see being able to do anything about it, I'd be surprised if anything is actually done, though. Parker
  3. @Venocide @Undead Wolf and any other that have an issue with the current and new moderation team, may I suggest you shoot us a PM (you can include all of us in a single PM or just a select few) and actually air your grievances with us? Bitching on the forum isn't going to improve anything and if you or others have issues with the way we moderate, I would genuinely appreciate the feedback. Hell, it may even clear up some misinformation you have or you might come out thinking we're even bigger assholes. Either way, I think it is a conversation worth having. Parker
  4. I believe on the PS3 with digital games you have to have more than double the storage than the size of the game. So if MGS4 is 27GB, you'll need over 54GB of storage free on your PS3 in order for the game to download and install. If you can, delete some other games and try to get more than 60GB of free space on your PS3 and try to download the digital version again. Parker
  5. Metacritic has it as a 73 based on 28 critic reviews. Check out Karak from ACG, he is one of my favorite reviewers and he recently posted a Rage 2 review. I haven't watched it yet, but hopefully it helps you make a decision. Parker
  6. Your welcome! Lol.

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      Autocorrect - 1

      Me - 0

  7. Nine reports in the queue for this thread alone, holy shit. This one is closed until I have the time to clean it up. Parker
  8. Sony's second State of Play live stream included a story trailer and release date (October 25th, 2019!) for MediEvil. I can't wait. Parker
  9. Thanks for the warning fam, keep fighting the #good fight 

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      Oh dear... has someone been naughty?

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      hahahaha I love it that everyone who gets a warning, makes a post like this xD

      Did it myself once too.

      Peter Parker and his warnings!!! 👀👀👀🔥

    4. MMDE


      With great power comes great responsibility.

  10. Parker
  11. I'd contact Sony and see if there is anything they can do for you. One of my coworkers had a PS4 replaced outside of warranty (it was 3 weeks out of warranty) so it is possible Sony will take pity on you. I don't think I'd mention the storm, I'd just tell them it won't turn on no matter what you've tried. Make sure you're extremely respectful and polite, that always helps. Sorry man, I wish there was more I could do. Parker
  12. Unfortunately, it seems like the storm killed it. Is the system still under warranty? Parker
  13. Hey Parker, I saw you closed that "Why was this game allowed?" thread. You did a good job as usual. It was getting out of hand with all the hatred towards censorship and all that crazy crap going on. All I have to say is keep up the good work, my good man.

  14. Not my picture, but a 4 pack Google Wifi mesh system from Costco. I've had it a few days and absolutely love it. Parker
  15. Well, I think this thread has run its course. Parker