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  1. If you keep the system in an area where it will have proper airflow then it doesn't matter, neither system will overheat with proper ventilation. Parker
  2. No, making a thread for each new game is fine. If you don't want to see the content, don't click on the thread. Parker
  3. I wasn't a huge fan of Halo 4 or 5 but I still enjoy the franchise so I'm hopeful that 343 has learned from their mistakes with the last two games and delivers an awesome experience with Infinite. I'll be looking forward to some actual gameplay. Parker
  4. Two completely different styles of shooter so there is really no point in comparing them. Blops IIII will be much faster paces and more "arcadey" while BFV is slower paced with more realistic and harder to control recoil. Also two completely different settings. I personally think both games will be very enjoyable experiences and I plan on purchasing both. Parker
  5. I bought a PS4 on launch day and a PS4 Pro on launch day and both systems are still running perfectly and I've haven't heard of any widespread issues with the Pro either. Parker
  6. For me personally, yes. I play a lot of racing games and in Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 especially the boost mode has almost made them different games. A stable framerate is very important in racing games and with the boost mode enabled both titles are nearly locked to 60fps and it makes the experience so much more enjoyable to me. Certainly worth the extra $100, in my opinion. Parker
  7. Yeah, that must be it. Everyone who disagrees with you is a racist or sexist. I personally feel the backlash is because the game (or trailer) doesn't seem like a Battlefield game. I'm a fan of both CoD and Battlefield, and if I were to watch the BFV trailer without knowing what it was, I would think it is for a new CoD game. There was a lot of silly, over the top action and things that look like they were taken straight from CoD or a Hollywood action movie. For a franchise that is usually seen as a more down to earth and realistic shooter (Yes, I know about Battlefield 2142) BFV seems very out of place. In my opinion, of course. If this was revealed as a Bad Company game, I don't think there'd be any backlash at all. Those games are known for their over the top silliness and I think that would be a great trailer for Bad Company 3. Regardless, I'm excited for both BFV and Blops IIII. Parker
  8. There are quite a few people who think that the Earth is flat, too. You may not like Nolan or the characters he plays, but he is regarded as one of the best voice actors in the industry and I'd say there are far more people who think he deserves an award than those who think he doesn't. Parker
  9. Set up a gaming session and plan your boosting there. Parker
  10. Create a gaming session. Parker
  11. Is it worth it to get a PS4 now? Take a look at the games available and see if they interest you. Only you can decide if it is worth it. For me personally though, yes, there are more than enough exclusive games to justify the price of the console. As for your other question, who knows? We know nothing about the PS4 or possible remastered PS4 games on PS5. Parker
  12. No. Gamesharing is against Sony's ToS and as such we don't allow it, or the discussion of it on PSNP. Parker
  13. Create a gaming session. Parker
  14. You're using their service, you play by their rules. I simply ignore the stupidity, it has worked well for me so far. Parker