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  1. New exhaust for my truck. I took my truck to my brother's shop today, I should have the time to install my exhaust in the next few days. Parker
  2. Sonic Mania vinyl soundtrack limited edition pre-order. Parker
  3. What better way to celebrate my birthday than to buy my wife a new car? It is a '17 Accord, our first new car and she absolutely loves it. I suppose it is an early birthday present for her too since her birthday is the 24th. Parker
  4. I keep the interior of my truck clean, I don't eat in it and the only thing I drink is water which is in a gallon jug and that stays with me at work. My wife and son occasionally eat something in my truck but they both know to throw any garbage they have away when we get out. I do keep all my fuel receipts though, I have a cigar box in my glovebox and every time I fuel up my truck I put the odo reading as well as my fuel mileage for that tank in the cigar box just to have for my records. Parker
  5. Closed at OP's request. Parker
  6. No, that is what you get when you cheat. No need for this thread to remain open, you've got your answer. Parker
  7. I leave for Florida in 4 and a half hours. It will be the first time my son has been to the beach, he is extremely excited. 

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    2. Kubanga


      Just be sure to stay away from all of the idiots lol that's one of Florida's biggest selling points xD 

    3. TheFinalEmblem


      Have fun man. Be prepared, though, it's been plenty hot here.

    4. Galactic Balls

      Galactic Balls

      super-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862522 may the beach be awesome


  8. 😄 Yeah, this place is full of assholes, especially the mods. I heard Stevieboy is even in Law Enforcement and drives a big truck so of course that means he has a small penis. I think that was Stevie... Anyway, since you refuse to answer my previous question and obviously have no intention to try and resolve your issue, this one is getting locked. Parker
  9. You'll never guess what I just did... Parker
  10. Cool beans, good sir. Parker
  11. We don't allow multiple accounts here, especially if your previous one has been banned. That being said, what was your previous account name and why were you banned? It is pretty damn hard to get 5 warning points around here as long as you act like a decent human being, so give me your previous name so I can do some digging. And yes, we can edit your posts. This website belongs to Sly and as such he can do what he wants with it. If you feel that is wrong, go get a lawyer, I'm sure there are tons that will gladly take your hard earned money to tell you what we're telling you for free. Parker
  12. Take a look at this thread, there are plenty of great game recommendations. Parker
  13. I've only played a few levels but it is absolutely fantastic. Parker
  14. Parker
  15. Yeah, lets cut that out. Having a differing opinion on something completely subjective, like video games, doesn't make someone a fanboy. If that is how you're going to debate then you won't last long around here. Parker