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  1. It is clear that you're just making assumptions based on the Call of Duty name. This is a huge departure from traditional CoD games, certainly not the "same shit from the same shitty company." The last time Infinity Ward released a game was in 2016, so they've had 3 years to develop this game. Modern Warfare runs on a completely new engine, so again, not the same "shit." The graphics and sounds have had a massive overhaul, some people who went to the reveal/gameplay event have even said the gun sounds are on par or better than Battlefield now. As @NTGSruler has posted above, there are a ton of new features being introduced in Modern Warfare. If you're not interested, then why post? Now you just look ignorant because your post is completely wrong. Parker
  2. We don't allow individual boosting threads here, set up a Gaming Session. Parker
  3. Nope, it is a problem on the PS4 as well. So far, that is my only issue with the game, hopefully they can take care of it with another patch. Parker
  4. As far as I'm aware, the only people developing games for the Vita are Independent developers. Sony and everyone else seems to have given up on the system. @Einigkeit Off topic but I love that avatar, it brings back a lot of great memories. The Golden Sun games were amazing, I wish Camelot would make another game. Parker
  5. Not a huge fan of digital games, but I couldn't pass these up. Doom 1, 2 & 3 for PS4. I may double dip on Switch as well, I haven't touched that system in a long time. Parker
  6. Yes, if you log on to a PS3 with your current PSN account and play games, those games will be added to your profile. You won't run into any issues logging into a PS3. Parker
  7. Zeppelin played their last show on July 7th, 1980, this bootleg is about a year before that and they are really on form. Jimmy and Robert had a lot of issues in their '75 and '77 tours with vocal surgeries and drugs affecting their performances, but they really started to mesh again in '79 and put out some fantastic shows. Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing shows from '75 and '77 as well, but they were more consistent in '79. It is a shame Bonzo died when he did, I think we would've had some amazing Zeppelin albums and shows in the 80's but I absolutely respect their decision to break up after Bonham died, nobody could replace him. Parker
  8. Wow, that gameplay looked fantastic. The new engine they've developed makes a huge difference. Parker
  9. I'm still using my trusty Astro A40's but I think HyperX makes a fantastic headset as well. One of my good friends uses a HyperX headset (not sure on the model) for his PS4 and PC gaming and I like it quite a bit, very good sound and extremely comfortable as well. If I were in the market for another headset, I'd be looking really hard at something from HyperX. Parker
  10. No, we just don't want gamesharing on the forums, pretty simple. Parker
  11. Parker
  12. My new daily driver, a '72 Mercedes 220D. My wife and I drove to Virginia yesterday to pick it up and drive it back home. Parker
  13. Yeah, this one is done. Parker
  14. Either Sony or the developers of that particular game are the only people I can see being able to do anything about it, I'd be surprised if anything is actually done, though. Parker
  15. @Venocide @Undead Wolf and any other that have an issue with the current and new moderation team, may I suggest you shoot us a PM (you can include all of us in a single PM or just a select few) and actually air your grievances with us? Bitching on the forum isn't going to improve anything and if you or others have issues with the way we moderate, I would genuinely appreciate the feedback. Hell, it may even clear up some misinformation you have or you might come out thinking we're even bigger assholes. Either way, I think it is a conversation worth having. Parker