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  1. I love ATS and ETS2 and while I don't expect this game to be anywhere near the quality of the SCS titles, it actually looks better than I thought it would when it was first announced. I think I'll be picking it up when it releases, but I'd really love SCS to port their truck sims to console. Parker
  2. Huh, I planned on buying an OLED to replace my older Sony Bravia in the near future, but it seems I may have to hold off and do some more research. Parker
  3. I gave the literal definition of remake and the new Resident Evil 2 easily fits that definition, so I have stated the facts as well. It would be correct to call it a re-imagining too, but remake is perfectly fine as well. Just agree to disagree instead of calling others ignorant because they don't agree with you. Anyway, let's keep this thread on a possible remake of Resi 3 instead of talking about the new Resi 2. Parker
  4. I mean, the definition of "remake" is make something again, or differently, so it could easily be argued that the new Resident Evil 2 is a remake. Don't insult others because you have a differing opinion. Parker
  5. I like his message and agree with most of the things he says, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of him personally, or rather his persona. Parker
  6. Guys, act like adults and discuss things without the insults. If I have to delete any more posts then I'm going to start issuing warnings. I try my hardest to let people discuss things without jumping in and moderating, even if arguments get a little heated, but have some respect for your fellow man. If you can't disagree with someone without insulting them personally, then you shouldn't post. Parker
  7. Unfortunately the trophies were still earned illigitimately, even if you had nothing to do with it, and as such the flag is correct. You'll have to hide the trophies to return to the leaderboards. Parker
  8. Keep up the good work Parker (: 

  9. According to So it seems like a pretty decent television for playing games, though I don't have any personal experience. Parker
  10. The trophies were still earned illegitimately and as such, the flag is correct. You can hide the game and provided CoD WaW is the only game you're flagged for, you will return to the leaderboards. If you get 3 flagged games, you're off the leaderboards for good. Parker
  11. Yeah, this thread is done. Another mod had to delete almost an entire page of comments because some people don't know how to discuss, debate or disagree without acting like children. Parker
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, let's try to stay on topic and leave politics out of this. If you want to create a thread solely about censorship go ahead and do so, but this thread is about this particular game. I've had quite a few reports on this thread but so far everything seems to be fairly civil, please keep it that way. Thank you, Parker
  13. Pumpkin Hill. 10 hours. Posted by the official Sonic the Hedgehog channel. Parker
  14. I don't personally use anything, but I have multiple friends who use Kontrolfreeks (there are multiple different kinds, you have to find one you like) with very positive results. I've also heard Gamer Grip is very helpful for gamers who get sweaty hands as well. Parker
  15. I've read that the first couple of hours are fairly slow, but it picks up the pace after that. I've only played about an hour and while it has been slow, I've been loving it. I think it is enjoyable to slow down and take in the environment and the world that the developers have built, so a couple of slow hours at the beginning doesn't bother me personally. Parker