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  1. We don't allow individual boosting threads here, set up a Gaming Session. Parker
  2. Perfectly fine, I have an AMD CPU with my Nvidia 3090 GPU and have had no issues whatsoever. Parker
  3. I was just about the link to that thread. OP, did you have two-step verification on your account? Parker
  4. As said, if you come across a session like that then PM a mod with a link to the session and we'll take care of it. Parker
  5. Do whatever think you'll enjoy. I have a very low completion percentage but it doesn't bother me at all, I look at my profile as my gaming history and see no reason to play games I don't enjoy just to get trophies. Of course, if a major part of your gaming enjoyment is trophies and having a high completion percentage, then starting a new profile may be a good option for you. Parker
  6. He didn't say the games are terrible, he said he thinks they are terrible. While I don't agree with his opinion, he has every right to have that opinion. I'd absolutely love for this rumor to be true, and it would undoubtedly make Sony/Konami a ton of money, but I just don't see it happening. I'd love to be wrong, though. If the previous games were completely remade with a control scheme like The Phantom Pain, I'd be ecstatic, that game plays amazing and is such a joy to control. Parker
  7. Send a PM to a mod, keep your drama off the forums. Parker
  8. Nothing. I get the sentiment, but the reality of it is, if I really wanted to play a particular game then I would've played it two generations ago when it came out. This is just one more reason why I prefer physical games, too. Parker
  9. After years and years of saying I was going to build a PC, I finally did it. This is probably the most important part... Parker
  10. EA. They seem to have a habit of buying studios that have made amazing games and then milking that studio until they eventually close down. Parker
  11. He is a Chow named Chauncy, he will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Parker
  12. Gentlemen, please keep the tread on topic. I understand some people want to joke around and be sarcastic, but for a lot of people, sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internet. A lot of people use this thread for information on actual server closures, if the thread is full of misinformation then it becomes kind of pointless, doesn't it? Thank you, Parker
  13. Welp, this is getting locked until I have the time to go back and go through some of the reports. Happy Father's day everyone! Parker
  14. Beat you by less than a minute. Parker