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  1. Since Sony has allowed street dates for all PS4 launch games and accessories to be broken I figured we may as well start this thread. As always, anything new you've picked up for your PS4, physical or digital, go ahead and post up in here. Here is what I picked up... I'll more than likely be picking up Battlefield 4 when it launches too. Parker
  2. We have a thread for your newest PlayStation 3 game so I figured we could use one for the Via as well. Physical as well as Digital copies are fine. My latest Vita purchase is Disgaea 3: Absense of Detention. Parker
  3. What is your absolute favorite game available on the PS3? Mine goes to Gran Turismo 5. I'm disappointed in a lot of things that are lacking, or broken in GT5, but the driving physics more than make up for anything else. I'm a huge racing fan, and play multiple PC racing simulation games (with GT Legends being my favorite) and GT5 is a huge step towards a proper simulation game on the consoles. The game really needs to be played with a wheel and all assists off to enjoy it to it's fullest. Driving around the Green Hell, and watching the beautiful day to night transitions is absolutely amazing. The dynamic weather is also another fantastic feature. I have very high hopes for GT6 and will continue to play GT5 daily. I have a Logitech G27 wheel, with a Thrustmaster T500RS on it's way now. I'll also be ordering an Obutto cockpit to mount everything to, and since the cockpit is so big and "ugly" the wife has allowed me to take one of the spare rooms just for my game room. Thank you Gran Turismo, I couldn't have done it without you. Also, if we're talking about PS3 specific franchises I'd change my vote to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I adore the first one but the second improved upon it in every way imaginable. I already have the Uncharted 3 Collector's Edition pre-ordered as well as the PlayStation Vita and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Parker
  4. As the title says, what games do you have pre-ordered? This applies to all systems and PC as well. As for me... PlayStation 4: Batman: Arkham Knight Destiny The Last of Us: Remastered Trials Fusion Wii U: Mario Kart 8 I probably have more than that but that is all I can remember off the top of my head. So guys, what games have you put money down on? Parker
  5. Since the PS3 version of the game was a very popular game to boost I am going to go ahead and assume the PS4 version will be too. If you have want to boost set up a Gaming Session and post the link here in this thread, it'd also be helpful to post what trophies you're going for, date, time and things like that. Parker
  6. Since Nintendo has bizarrely decided to use friend codes again with their new system I figured we should have a thread to share our codes and add each other. SW-8063-8156-7036 Parker
  7. Want to find a fellow PSNP member to join up with and tear through Pandora? Need someone to help you earn a specific trophy? If so, post in this thread will all relevant information (post a Gaming Session and the link here too) and you'll have some partners in no time. I'm looking for some co-op partners if anyone is interested, I'm playing as Zero and I just hit level 10 so I'm not too far into the game. If anyone wants to join my game, feel free to shoot me a friend request on PSN. I have a mic as well. Parker
  8. The PlayStation 4 is still a new system and more and more PSNP members seem to be getting one every day. For those of us who already have the system and a collection of games this thread is to recommend games you've enjoyed to new PS4 owners. For those who just bought or are about to buy the system, this thread should help you start out your collection with some fun games. 1. Project CARS - For those who enjoy a realistic racing game, a proper simulator, look no further than Project CARS. The game comes from the guys behind great sims like the GTR series and GT Legends (for PC) and you can definitely tell they have experience in the genre. They also had a handful of actual racing drivers work with the developers (the most famous being Ben Collins, AKA The Stig from Top Gear) to deliver the most realistic experience possible. I've gotta say, they have definitely achieved that too, there are sims out there with better physics but CARS is the best overall package, in my opinion. You have full race weekends with 30 minute practice sessions, qualifying sessions and the actual races. You can adjust AI difficulty, race length as well as a multitude of driving assists. Some PS4 gameplay... 2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - I haven't been able to sink my teeth into this one like I want to yet (because of Project CARS) but from the three or four hours I have played, the game is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are gorgeous, the story and characters are interesting and the voice acting isn't cringe worthy like many RPG's are. If you're looking for a game that will keep you entertained for possibly hundreds of hours, look no further. Review: 3. Wolfenstein: The New Order - If you like first person shooters then you owe it to yourself to pick this game up. The gunplay is extremely satisfying, the game looks and plays great and it actually has a fairly interesting story. This is more of an "old school" FPS than something like Call of Duty so it feels much more satisfying and there are plenty of secret rooms to be found, just like the original game. So fellow PS4 owners, what games would you recommend to someone who has just or is about to purchase their very own PS4? Parker
  9. We don't allow individual boosting threads here, set up a Gaming Session. Parker
  10. Perfectly fine, I have an AMD CPU with my Nvidia 3090 GPU and have had no issues whatsoever. Parker
  11. I was just about the link to that thread. OP, did you have two-step verification on your account? Parker
  12. @Sly-Ripper I, along with a few others seem to have lost our lifetime premium memberships. @grimydawg___ is another one who lost his and I believe we both bought our memberships when you were still building this site, so I don't know if the length of our memberships has anything to do with it. @BlindMango do you know anything about it? Parker
  13. Want to join up with a fireteam for some Strike missions or some Crucible slaying? Whatever it is that you want to do, create a Gaming Session, post the link here as well as any other information that you think the potential fireteam members need to know. Parker
  14. You all know how it goes with these threads, discuss anything and everything regarding the game. Need help with a hard track? Working on an awesome custom track? Did you just score an awesome, no fault run on a super difficult track? Post here and we can share our successes and failures, if it is anything like the previous games, mostly failures. I can't wait for the game to come out. I've already paid off the physical version so I'll be at GameStop as soon as they open to get my hands on it. Trials was one of the best exclusive franchises on the Xbox 360 last generation so PlayStation guys have an awesome game series to look forward to this gen, I wish they would release it for our PS3 buddies too. Parker
  15. Hello my fellow PSNP forum community, Parker here. If you're a new member here, first of all I'd like to say welcome to the absolute best gaming forum you'll come across. We are a pretty tight knot community here but we're always more than happy to welcome productive members of the forums who enjoy conversing about video games, life and just about anything else we can think of. If you like games, which I imagine you do, you'll fit right in with the rest of us. Now, I know many of you are new to forums in general which is why I wanted to start this thread. One thing that is very annoying to the community is the constant duplicate threads that continue to be posted, generally by newer members. I understand you want to make yourself known here and that is very understandable, buy you have to realize the site has been here since 2011 so if you're thinking of making a thread about your favorite PS3 game, it is more than likely already made. Which brings me to my first point... Use The Search Function! If you start a duplicate thread this is probably the first thing you'll see someone say. It isn't because we are trying to be an asshole to new members, but we simply prefer to have all the conversation on one topic in one thread. That way we can share all our opinions with one another and be sure we can respond to everyone we want to. If the same thread crops up over and over we will have people responding to multiple threads about the same thing and not everyone will get their opinion heard. So, if you start a thread and someone links you to an existing thread about the same topic, don't be offended because that isn't the intent. Also, it is nice if you close your duplicate thread that way people won't continue to respond even after being linked to the appropriate one. Introductions & Forum Rules If you're new to PSNProfiles, you can introduce yourself in the Introductions subforum. It's a great way to tell something about yourself and basically anything goes here as long as it's not against the site's Forum Rules. These are important to know, because breaking the rules is a sure way to get warning points. Getting 5 warning points results in a permanent ban. Warning points will disappear a year after you've received it. Gaming Sessions! One of the best features about this website for trophy hunters or gamers just wanting to have fun with like minded gamers in the gaming sessions section we have here. If you want to boost some trophies before starting a thread how about you look here... If you don't see anything that pertains to you then feel free to create your own session and announce it on the forums via a status update. This is a fantastic feature and something that makes PSNP stand apart from the rest of the "competition." Posting Pictures! One thing many new forum members have a problem doing is posting pictures they have on the forum. There are a few ways to do it but I'll share the one I find to be the easiest. Open an account on or a similar website. Follow the instructions on there on how to upload them (very simple) and once the image you want to share is uploaded click on it. You will have a few options on the right of the screen under the "Links to share this photo" section. Looks like this... Click on and copy the IMG option, the very last option, and paste it into your reply in the forums and the picture will show up. Easy peasy, and it gets faster every time you do it. Trophy Card in your Signature! Another thing a lot of new members ask is how to get your trophy card in your signature. Here is how to do it... Go to the home tab at the top of the page and update your trophy card. It should look like this... Now click on the go to trophy card option and you'll see this... Copy the BBCode and then go to the forums. Click on your forum profile on the top right of the page. Click on Account Settings and after you do that click on "Signature." Once you're in there, paste the BBCode into the signature section and save it. If done correctly your trophy card will show up in your signature section and update along with your card. You won't have to redo this every time you earn a trophy as it will update automatically. How to add a poll to your thread! This is pretty simple, actually. You can do it when you first create the thread or you can edit it in later too. First, you need to click on the "Poll" tab on the top left portion of the screen. After that a page will appear where you can insert the poll question and answers. You'll also be able to select an option that will allow for multiple choices on the poll as well as an option to make votes publicly visible. You can also have multiple questions per poll as well, all you have to do is click the appropriate buttons. Edit: All the information below is from our awesome member Dragon-Archon on post #87 (page 5) so go give that post a like to thank him for all his hard work. Over the past few years I've noticed members asked questions about some of the site's functions. Seeing how I was also looking to do something special for post #10,000, writing a tutorial seemed fitting. So below are the questions I've encountered the most and also some other useful tidbits. Using the Editor! Quoting When posting on the forums, you may see something to reply to. In the bottom right corner of every post you'll see 2 buttons for quoting people: (MultiQuote) along with . The only difference between these is that the MultiQuote can be used to stock up to 10 quotes spread over different pages or even different threads and reply to them all. Using these will send a notification to the member whose post you've quoted (though this depends on their settings) and is generally a good way to make sure they see your reply. Embedding a Link When writing a text, there will be times when you want to add a link. It's possible to just paste the link and post it, but you can also embed one into a text (like the links to the Introductions and Forum Rules). To do that, type the text you want to use as a link. Afterwards select it and press the Link button in the toolbar (see image below), paste the link, and press "Ok". It's not just text that can be embedded with a link, this also works on images. In the upper-right corner of every post there's a number. If you right-click this number, it's possible to copy to URL to a post. This can be used to link to a specific post. Numbered/Bulleted List When summing up information, inserting a numbered or bulleted list can be very helpful. The numbered list will automatically add a new number when pressing Enter. Likewise it'll also remove a number when deleting the info. Spoiler Tag These tags are great to conceal Spoiler . To insert one simply type: . Announcement Posts In the Chat Box you can create announcement posts by starting with: /me. Profile Customization! Member Title This refers to the text above your avatar in forum posts. A member title can be changed after having at least 50 posts. To change it, go to your settings and it'll be in the general settings. Profile and Gaming Session Time Zones This site uses time zones to adjust the trophy timestamps and the starting time for gaming sessions. However, the time zone for both of these are adjusted separately. For the PSN Profile time zone go to My Settings and it'll be in the Profile Settings. You can also toggle the option for Daylight Savings Time on and off here. For the Gaming Session time zone you need to go to the Gaming Session tab and click on the "Settings" link at the top of the page. This is very important to do when using Gaming Sessions, because the starting time will change too. Trophy Cabinet It's possible to display trophies you've earned of your choice on the PSN Profile page in the Trophy Cabinet. To do that, go to any trophy you've earned and click on the image once. Afterwards you should see a list of first and last achievers. All the way to the right is a green button that says "Add to Cabinet". Clicking that will add a trophy to the cabinet. Note that regular members can only add 3 trophies, while premium members have a limit of 10 trophies. To change the order of trophies in the cabinet, select "Edit". You should see something like the image below. Simply click on the 8 dots on the left side and drag the trophy up/down to change the order. Clicking on the delete buttons on the right side will remove a trophy from the cabinet. Managing Threads! Changing Thread Titles To change a title of your own thread, simply go edit the first post. Once you are in edit mode it'll be possible to change the title in the Topic Title section. Changing thread titles is also useful when creating an event and you want to update the status (For example: "Event has ended" or "No longer accepting participants"). (Un)Locking Threads This feature is exclusive for premium members only and can be used to claim more than one post in a row without anyone posting before you get them, which is useful when creating something like a checklist (more about that below). When you want more than one post, it's necessary to wait at least 30 minutes since the last post. Otherwise the posts will be merged together. To (un)lock threads, click on the Topic Moderation button near the top and then select "(un)lock" from the dropdown box. Note that if a mod locks a thread, you'll need their consent to unlock it or risk getting warning points. Checklist Checklists are great for keeping track of the backlog, obtained platinum trophies/100% completed games, milestones, and whatever else you want to add. While not necessary, members usually like to include something that refers to their username in the title, which gives a nice twist. A checklist can be created in the Trophy Checklists subforum. Posting Trophy Images This is something that's usually done in checklists, but also in threads like Most Recent Platinum and Post the Last Trophy you Earned. To post a trophy image: Go to the trophy list in the Games section or on your PSN Profile. Left-click on the trophy image you want to copy. Right-click the image and select "Copy". Go to the forum and paste it. Result: If you want a larger picture, repeat step 2 twice in a row (don't double click, click once and wait for the page to load then click again). Result: Links to Other Threads Members Often ask About Like the title says, below are some links to threads that new members seem to ask about when joining this site. Add PS4 Friends Looking for Vita Friends The Official PSNP Let's be Friends Thread What To Do When You Want To Boost A Trophy So, I hope that helps some of the newer members coming into the forums. If there is something you have a question with feel free to shoot me a PM or ask here and I'll do my best to answer you. Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your time here. Parker
  16. As said, if you come across a session like that then PM a mod with a link to the session and we'll take care of it. Parker
  17. Do whatever think you'll enjoy. I have a very low completion percentage but it doesn't bother me at all, I look at my profile as my gaming history and see no reason to play games I don't enjoy just to get trophies. Of course, if a major part of your gaming enjoyment is trophies and having a high completion percentage, then starting a new profile may be a good option for you. Parker
  18. He didn't say the games are terrible, he said he thinks they are terrible. While I don't agree with his opinion, he has every right to have that opinion. I'd absolutely love for this rumor to be true, and it would undoubtedly make Sony/Konami a ton of money, but I just don't see it happening. I'd love to be wrong, though. If the previous games were completely remade with a control scheme like The Phantom Pain, I'd be ecstatic, that game plays amazing and is such a joy to control. Parker
  19. Send a PM to a mod, keep your drama off the forums. Parker
  20. Nothing. I get the sentiment, but the reality of it is, if I really wanted to play a particular game then I would've played it two generations ago when it came out. This is just one more reason why I prefer physical games, too. Parker
  21. After years and years of saying I was going to build a PC, I finally did it. This is probably the most important part... Parker
  22. BDKSimba's thread got me thinking about something my wife may actually be able to get for me for this Christmas (no way do I trust her with truck parts) and I've got all the games I plan on buying until the Vita, so the next logical decision for me was a television upgrade. I'm thinking around 46" to 47" should be nice but what are the best sets for gaming? LED, LCD, Plasma? And which brands are the best? Sony, Samsung, LG, you get the picture. I've heard a few things about higher refresh rates making game controls lag a little bit, any truth to this? Thanks for any information, Parker
  23. EA. They seem to have a habit of buying studios that have made amazing games and then milking that studio until they eventually close down. Parker
  24. He is a Chow named Chauncy, he will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Parker