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  1. Nothing's better in life than eating an icicle and kicking ass.
  2. Here's mine. Location: Chillin' in bed while the TV screen is right there. There's also my desk where I have two monitors for PC gaming or watching videos (or both). In either case, I like the lights off, but the desk lamp on, as the color of the walls (coffee brown) really gives off a nice ambiance in every hour of the clock without it being too dark or too bright. Clothing: Loose shorts I can sleep in, and perhaps a shirt too. Friends or solo play: Preferably while voice chatting with friends, even if I'm playing something single player. PSN Messages? Sure, but again, I prefer voice chat. Grind or sail through story? Depends on the game, or if I'm going for trophies. Snacks: Sour gummy worms have been a recent favorite snack, but there's also cookies, brownies, and even cereal. Beverages: Water, sometimes an alcoholic beverage, sometimes sodas, but water is where it's at.
  3. It would be a nice feature to add, but this is something that's been talked about for years, and as if this post it hasn't happened yet. People are mentioning the possibility of it coming sometime this year or next year, but unless I see full proof of it coming in the future, I wouldn't count on it. I'd say make a new account if you don't have a lot of trophies, but in the case of others (like me) who have a lot of trophies... eh, I've grown into my PSN name to where I don't want to alter it in any way anymore. (Someone already took K9_Rage, so that's not happening lmao)
  4. Noble Achievement - inFAMOUS First Light Collect all trophies Soon I'm gonna get a bunch of bronze trophies from LBP3
  5. Arrested for not giving me a positive Yelp review.
  6. Nah bro, I ain't tryin' to get shot.
  7. Don't fuck with me, bro
  8. I'm not someone who particularly cares about having an 100% trophy profile, or getting the platinum trophy for every game I play, but the times I do care about getting the platinum trophy is when I get bothered by unobtainable trophies. The only time that bothers me, though, is if I'm playing a game where servers are still online, but what makes them unobtainable for me is how a trophy glitches on me. This happened to me on 3 different instances: 1. Midnight Club: Los Angeles (created a new save file and that somehow fixed it) 2. TEKKEN 6 (and I suck at fighting games lmao) 3. The CREW (an achievement in-game bugged that prevented the trophy from unlocking. In this case, it was getting platinum rank in ALL story events...) Usually it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but I get over it over time.
  9. As of right now, I only saw 15 events that I did in the past, but I did five other events before that and got the trophy. I was afraid I wasn't going to get it because of an issue where I exceeded aa GB of data in my save file? Every time I did a community event it would always tell me something along the lines of "we couldn't save your ghost time because you exceeded the 1 GB limit in your save file. Would you like to try again?" and it would keep popping up, so I declined. They still counted, and my times were still on the leaderboards, so I'm glad that's finally out of the way.
  10. As of right now, there's enough events to get the Community Ambassador trophy, but I'll be surprised if they add any more once those are done. I just happened to get that trophy earlier this week because I did them on and off for the last couple years.
  11. Recommended their favorite series to me. They should try out Midnight Club, since it's my favorite series
  12. Bumping my super old, crusty trophy checklist. I'm gonna have to give it a HUGE overhaul in the near future. ALL OF THIS STUFF IS SUPER OLD LMAO For reference, I have 36 platinum trophies now; last time I touched this checklist (all I did was change my age, I'm not 15 anymore ) was waaaaay back in 2011. Geez. I'll have to create a format that's suitable for me before I add/change anything meaningful here, so look out for future updates. 👍
  13. Should guide me to the DMC series