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  1. #39 Gray fox is my pup - Stories: The Path of Destinies This game was actually really fun!
  2. Around mid-2009 I wanted to create a name that I could use for multiple save files across games I played, and K9_Rage sounded cool to me without it sounding too cheesy. Later that year, I managed to create a PSN account and decided to add "_Mastr" to it, maybe because just "K9_Rage" was already taken, but I thought adding the last bit was cool at the time. By the time I got a PS3 the following year (on my birthday), I regretted the "Mastr" part of the tag, but ultimately grew into it and didn't mind it as much anymore. 8 years and 39 platinum trophies later I'm still stickin' with it!
  3. #38: Transcendence - WipEout Omega Collection At least there was no Bling Brigade this time!
  4. Personally I like physical copies of console games and digital copies of PC games, but where I see the trends going from here are in favor of digital. I don't believe physical copies will be phased out completely for another while, at least another generation or so, but as cloud systems and distribution of digital copies continue to progress, it's only a matter of time before physical copies become something special instead of the norm. I might do some research on it and see if my thoughts on this changes, but as a semi-casual gamer like myself, I see myself leaning towards digital over physical (especially with PC games, because Steam,UPlay, Blizzard app, etc.).
  5. I'm thinking about joining the contest, but either way, good luck to everyone that joins!
  6. As of right now, I'm at 1,291. I don't see this number going anywhere below 1,000 anytime soon.
  7. I've only played this game for the PC, but I did get one glitched trophy on the first game. It just happened to be the one where you have to get platinum on all story events, but the achievement in the game itself got bugged, thus barring me from the trophy.I feel like this game launched kind of messily, so I wouldn't be surprised if I hear more people experience similar issues.
  8. I've never played the game, so I have no thoughts on that, but, if it's a game you truly love, I don't see why you shouldn't go ahead and go for it again! I'd say wait until you're really craving the game again before playing it so it feels less like a chore and more like genuine fun.
  9. Hats off to you, man. I actually took a couple intro classes to video game design back in high school, and I even did some classes specifically on character design and animation, but I ultimately didn't pursue it by the time I started college. I might consider downloading this game and possibly streaming it as well, and if I do, I'll let you know what my thoughts are on it. Not necessarily the type of game I'm too experienced with, but I'm sure I'll have fun playing it either way. 🍻
  10. # 37: One More for the Road - Project CARS I actually got this trophy some days ago, but I was actually surprised I managed to do it. I paced this trophy over the course of a couple years; the first time I played this game was back in Leap Year 2016, and I found the learning curve of this game pretty adaptive to the game's difficulty. Once I learned how to keep my car from spinning out as much (mind you, I played most of the game without most assists), going through the seasons wasn't very difficult. What was difficult, mostly, was getting myself to tune in to the community events, knowing I wouldn't have all the time in the world to do 20 different events. Thankfully, I managed to get it only recently, and the 500 fans took a while to get as well. Some of these trophies are a pain, especially the one where you needed to go through a long road going no faster than 50 km/h. There was also the 24 hour thing too... pretty sure I slept through most of it thanks to the bot doing the race for me. Overall, I'm pretty content with adding this to my platinum collection. I unlocked the online podium trophy by accident when I got lucky and found someone willing to join a lobby I joined (initially for a boosting session, but it didn't go through), and that one race was what I needed to unlock the trophy and the platinum. I actually had to double-take to make sure I wasn't daydreaming. 😂
  11. Nothing's better in life than eating an icicle and kicking ass.
  12. Here's mine. Location: Chillin' in bed while the TV screen is right there. There's also my desk where I have two monitors for PC gaming or watching videos (or both). In either case, I like the lights off, but the desk lamp on, as the color of the walls (coffee brown) really gives off a nice ambiance in every hour of the clock without it being too dark or too bright. Clothing: Loose shorts I can sleep in, and perhaps a shirt too. Friends or solo play: Preferably while voice chatting with friends, even if I'm playing something single player. PSN Messages? Sure, but again, I prefer voice chat. Grind or sail through story? Depends on the game, or if I'm going for trophies. Snacks: Sour gummy worms have been a recent favorite snack, but there's also cookies, brownies, and even cereal. Beverages: Water, sometimes an alcoholic beverage, sometimes sodas, but water is where it's at.
  13. It would be a nice feature to add, but this is something that's been talked about for years, and as if this post it hasn't happened yet. People are mentioning the possibility of it coming sometime this year or next year, but unless I see full proof of it coming in the future, I wouldn't count on it. I'd say make a new account if you don't have a lot of trophies, but in the case of others (like me) who have a lot of trophies... eh, I've grown into my PSN name to where I don't want to alter it in any way anymore. (Someone already took K9_Rage, so that's not happening lmao)
  14. Noble Achievement - inFAMOUS First Light Collect all trophies Soon I'm gonna get a bunch of bronze trophies from LBP3