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  1. My bad, sorry.
  2. It works well, thank you.
  3. I've read somewhere that if you have a radio tower, they will appear more often. But in that case, more dweller will come too ?
  4. Hello, I need this trophy and I'm stuck with only 12 raider's attack. Only deathclaws are coming to me because I've 145 dwellers. If I kick out a lot of them to go back to a low number ( with a save on USB before ), will the raider be there more often or is it too late and will I have to do another playtrough with only 30 dweller ?
  5. Thank you for this advice, I will hide this list, even if my 100 th, 150 th, 200 th, 250 th and 300th platinum will change ( bye bye The Last of Us, Batman Arkham Origins, The Evil Within, Tales of symphonia and Injustice 2 😓 ) Just a question, I try to hide it on ps4 and ps3 but the game is still here in my ps4 list, is this a question of time or an error of manipulation ?
  6. Well, I find that very offensing to be report seven years after with all the trophy I get now. Too bad.
  7. Well, I can prove that i'm able to have the platinum with teh ps4 version, I don't think there is save popup possible, but I don't want to have to do the challenge all over again, I remember it was a pain in the a**. My profile can prove that i'm not a cheater, I have numerous hard trophy.
  8. Well, I didn't do trophy at this time and did it legitimaly after. I d'ont want to hide them because it will change the order of my trophy ( the 100 th, 200 th ... platinum )
  9. linklbd Prototype Bad english sorry, a friend show me his save and I remember that the trophy pop seven years ago, before i try to platinum my game.
  10. Hello, I did this before the patch, so i'm a bit f***ed, I have two uncommon and two rare, if someone as 3 more items (uncommon or rare), I will give him my two other items ( rare or uncommon ) Thank you
  11. I have all the 4 platinum for the Kingdom Hearts series. Can't wait for the next one.