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  1. Still a thing... You cannot earn trophies in ng+
  2. Ok so with no knowledge of this game i agreed to let my bro use my acc on his 2nd ps3 so he could self boost to get the online done . he said he could get me the online trophies too but I didn't know he'd use a USB method now I went to hidden games on ps4 and checkmarked this game but it still shows up on this site... How can i hide this to show up on leaderboards once again
  3. Comet crash I'm a huge fan of tower defense games so the most notable ps3 game without a platinum would have to be this
  4. This game made my decision to upgrade as well... Im gonna say it was worth it
  5. i cannot get this game to recognize my move controller... it blinks red green blue and white but says the sphere could not be detected by the ps EYE. Any suggestions?
  6. 16 hours left for a fight with Tanya as the boss. 1/13/21
  7. I'm going to try this. I have at least over 50 completed and have not gotten the 24 or 48 trophy.. But oddly I earned the 4 and 12 at the same time
  8. How do you get to the stats page that will say how many have been done
  9. No i found the ones that were buggy just stop running right as you hit the 7k mark or whichever trophy is bugging
  10. When I did this I got the 6 minute trophy but not the 10 minute one... Had to do a separate speed run to get that to pop
  11. I tried downloading this on my UK acc and it says I need ps plus... Any ideas?
  12. Share play lags it's easier to sign in on the account
  13. If anyone needs this trophy there is an invasion right now with kung Lao as the boss
  14. I have a white Arabian her name is Coco
  15. I have a download code for the vita version of final fantasy X-2 if anyone's interested send me a message with an offer
  16. I have a question, when I put my vita into sleep mode to charge it or just from boredom of this game it says disconnected from PSN, trophy progress and scores will not be updated.... Does anyone know if this messes up the trophy from popping?
  17. Has anyone earned this trophy BEFORE the grunt zapper trophy? I thought it was the other way around but this one popped for me lastnight and I still don't have the other and the ray gun is all i use
  18. PS plus made me get it, I started putting vita games in my download history from day 1 and I had I pretty decent collection by the time i actually got one and now I play it more than my ps3 and love it
  19. I kinda feel like I have to finish it lol I have a little over 10k and still haven't got 500 dodger kills. Dodgers are the ones that fly if I'm not wrong, also the 5k with the ray gun
  20. So is it safe to say u need over 30k for these or is this some kind of glitch
  21. I was going for this plat years ago switching between SP and long nights of grinding the MP when a sp trophy glitches and the only way to get it is to restart the game and get all the diamonds again... This is when I gave up
  22. Exactly what he said... Take the ds card from ur 3ds and put it in ur computer, get pics off it then plug ur vita in and copy them to it
  23. anyone know if i could create a euro account and us my us credit card to buy this?