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  1. They would not take away your platinum, but your percentage would go down below 100%
  2. It was good to boost Arkham Origins with you. Thanks for the help. Look forward to boosting more in the future.

    1. FFHannibal


      Likewise 😄

  3. I did the spiked room puzzle on my second try by following someone's advice and NOT KICKING the box whatsoever! I just pulled the box and dragged it to where it was somewhat close to the ledge and did my double jump. I even had a couple of seconds to spare. I got it on my second try!
  4. 17 seconds.
  5. This just happened to me today. I'm glad that I saw this post first or I would've freaked out big time. Changed the password on the website and everything is fine now.
  6. I agree. That BS IF trophy took me 10 months to get. I'm ok with the 85 million trophy but think that it should've been a gold. It's a really long ass grind.
  7. I bought this game today and the first thing I'm working on is the multiplayer. It's really fun!
  8. I FINALLY got this thing today! After like 11 months of Ultimate team! Granted, I didn't buy lots of packs until around January or February but man! I really don't want to have to go through this again!
  9. Cool, so I look at how the developers of Frobisher says and Tearaway have been implementing the camera on the Vita to do cool things in their games so that's why I see it as an opportunity for creativity. I guess the key point is that it has to be a natural thing and not something forced into games (such as move controlled FIFA 13 for example)
  10. Making a big GTA 4 push for the platinum. Anyone wanna join on multiplayer?

    1. DJ_MOUSEY


      Would do pal but not online at the moment, might be on tonight though. Feel free to add me :D

    2. Lower7896


      Ok will do. Thanks!

  11. Those Gold managers were the first things I bought. I bought silver ones and bronze ones too, as long as they added towards the 50% contract bonus.
  12. I was able to do the dribble skill challenge with Ronaldo. It is fairly forgiving and it took me about an hour or practice but I finally got it!
  13. I've been trying to get this thing for months on end. I've got the platinums for the last two games but I don't think it's gonna happen for me this year. I refuse to fall for EA's money grubbing tactics so I've earned all my coins the hard way. Luckily this month, most informs are silver MLS players so I'm making my final big push. I've sold all my big name players and buying a bunch of silver premium packs. If I don't get it after I've spent all my coins, I'm calling it a year.
  14. I was actually curious and excited to see what kind of new technology, apps, or features might have been possible with the PS Camera but now because most people probably won't buy it, it'll probably be left by the wayside but out of curiosity, what would it take, what kind of new ideas or special features would persuade you to spend the $60 bucks on the Camera?