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  1. Two of my story missions bugged out on Dying Light 2, so I'll have to play the game again to get them. Turns out though that I also missed a side quest in order to get access to three collectibles. -_- The platinum will take me a little longer than I thought now. May have to wait until I finish playing Horizon: Forbidden West though.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      my entire game got the death loop bug so ill play it in april lol

  2. Finally got a PS5 and the first game I want to buy phyically for it is nowhere to be found in stores. These shortages are insane! Have to wait until Wednesday to play Dying Light 2, but it'll be worth the wait I guess. :/

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    2. kindajustin


      Oh me? I live near New York City. I don't even need a PS5 anymore as it would be pointless to get one given my personal circumstances now, but I did want one last year and will probably eventually want one again lol.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Hopefully the day will come where things are better.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      preorder = day 1 guarantee. Thats partly why i do it. idgaf about what it supports etc. 

  3. I had this issue when I played too, but a quick reload of a previous save fixed it for me.
  4. I had a few frame rate drops, but not bad enough to where it put a damper on my gameplay experience. Overall, it ran pretty smoothly!
  5. Kena: Bridge of Spirits was such an experience to play! The soundtrack and visuals were something else! What a beautiful little game! It was short, yes, but a joy to play! Plus, there is rumored DLC for it! I'm excited to see future projects from Ember Labs! Keeping my eye on these folks for sure!

  6. It's gonna hurt my soul to buy all of my future games digitally, but I want to be able to have PS5 upgrades when a PS5 becomes available to purchase. The collector in me is sad, but I'm not mission out on this years games because I'd rather buy a PS5 physical copy.I may still buy some physical copies later down the road, but right now, it's full on digital. But I just made my first big purchase in a while and I can't wait to play it at Midnight tonight. Tales of Arise is going to be such a good JRPG! I can't wait! :D

    1. funboy1246


      i hear ya, i've been digital only on ps4 for a while now and the transistion was....weird. like i almost felt dirty with every digital purchase. but it eventually passed....kind of

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      I prefer physical. If you're worried about a $10 upgrade fee, dont upgrade the game, just buy the ps5 version. MOST people dont play multiple versions. Some do but i prefer not to.


      i support physical. 

    3. zizimonster


      It certainly hurts my wallet the most if I hafta buy digital games at full price. :lol:

  7. First platinums of 2021:


    #56 Concrete Genie

    I was pleasantly surprised with this little indie title. It gave me serious Tim Burton's Coraline vibes, for some reason. Pretty enjoyable overall. :) 10/10


    #57: Human Fall Flat

    I actually had this game back in 2017, but stopped playing on and off due to other games coming out over the years. Finally got around to getting my last two trophies a few days ago. It's a pretty straightforward puzzle game, but man is it hard on the fingers. 7/10


    #58: Minecraft Dungeons

    I love this game a bit too much. lol The main issue I was having was a bugged trophy and trying for the life of me to get through Apocalypse mode. But I finally did it and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! I'm tempted to get the other DLCs, but with so much coming out this year, I will probably have to wait. 10/10

  8. It's hard to get excited for E3 this year when you don't have next gen consoles. :/

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      yes and no. I have a next gen. but im not excited for e3.

      if e3 doesnt knock it out of the park this year, they prob will be done. 


      Many big companies arent doing e3 anymore. It seems Nintendo will do a e3 direct which better have a switch pro, botw2, metroid prime 4, bayonetta 3, and SMT V, release dates/windows. Theyve been hyping most of those way too long. 


      Sony has been slowly doing random game breakdowns... HFW, they plan to show more soon around E3. maybe a GoW update. Ghostwire Tokyo, FF16 update perhaps tho i expect mid 2022..


      developers have as well with Far Cry 6 and Dying Light 2 being shown off.


      so really yeah e3 does have some surprises too, but im most hoping Elden Ring release date news. 


      i wouldn't be too concerned about it. 😊

      plus most of these games are also available on last gen as well.

    2. GT__Jedi


      Looking forward to E3 (did every year but last year, of course) and excited to hear it will be online - saves the travel.  Have next gen but still get excited to see what is coming out and seeing friends.  Doesn't really matter which gen the games are for, tbh.

  9. I literally only sat through that shit show to watch all of the new trailers. Although I was happy to see Ghost of Tsushima at least get one award tonight (2 if you count the already announced Player's Voice award) Ghost of Tsushim is my GotY for 2020. No one can change my mind otherwise.
    • Game of the Year is Ghost of Tsushima. Period.
    • Assassin's Creed Valhalla so far is really enjoyable, but not GoTY worthy compared to Odyssey.
    • Most Anticipated Game of next gen is Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West.


    Pretty great year from gaming overall considering the weird times we're living in right now, but I'm super excited for next year and playing on the next gen consoles. :)

    1. Cloudbahamut


      Nah. Final Fantasy VII Remake all the way.

  10. The overwhelming envy I feel for people that have a PS5 day one is immense! I want one so bad but money is super tight right now! I'm still getting AC: Valhalla this weekend though! To be honest, not much I want to play on the PS5 right now, so I will gladly wait. Can't wait for next gen gaming! :)

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      its only ACG who reported that and the guy isnt the greatest either.

    3. Dreakon13


      If it's any consolation, you probably wouldn't have one even if money weren't tight right now. ;) 

    4. kittygirl2010



      I figured as much since they sell within hours of restock. I still hope to get one by some time next year. That's when more games will start coming out. I'm mostly excited for Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. :) 

  11. I want to see a little more variety in any new trophies, but I definitely see them adding more chest related trophies. Which kinda bums me out because i'm still roughly 50 chests away from the 800 in Liyue. Add to that the fact that common chests respawn, but idk if the respawned ones count towards the total. ;/
  12. All of my lucky draws were near launch, haven't had much luck since then, but here are who I have so far. Note: I don't remember which banners I got each character in aside from obvious ones like Venti and Noelle. Noelle Fischl Xingqiu Bennett Xiangling Chongyun Razor QiQi Venti So far not bad, but there are other characters that I really want like Beidou, Jean, Keqing and Sucrose. Not to mention Klee and a few new characters coming in the 1.1 update. I'm a F2P player though, so I really have to watch my primogems.
  13. #55: Ghost of Tsushima!

    What a fantastic game! Probably the most fun I’ve had with a game in a very long time! Great story, breathtaking visuals, beautiful music and absolutely fun gameplay! I’m hoping for a spin-off sequel, but not a continuation of Jin’s story. His story ended in a very satisfactory way for me, in my opinion. Definitely my Game of the Year for 2020!

  14. I actually really enjoyed this game. I guess it may be because i'm a sucker for greek mythology, or the fact that it was my first Assassin's Creed. A tedious game, especially if you are going for the platinum, but not boring at all. In my opinion, anyway.