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  1. Eastenders from BBC One...Why the hell am I still watching it? The stories are just downright bad But I can't help but watch cause if I don't I always end up missing something good after...
  2. It will always be Metal Gear Rising
  3. Currently doing AC Revelations, have 64% so far although the MP trophies really ruin the flow of my trophy earing
  4. Holy Wisdom in AC Revelations... Very simple and easy Plus you get an awesome armour after it too
  5. Fuck man...This is a hard question considering I love many games...But if I had to choose, I'd probably Pick Persona 4 Golden the dialogue is well done and it never gets old. Plus the gameplay offers alot of replay value...And lastly because it's Persona haha!
  6. Yeah from what I was looking at it doesn't exactly look straight forward...Although thanks for the link dood, I'll check this out once I get a copy of this
  7. Ohhhhh boy...Let's just hope it won't be terrible, I mean...Resident Evil revelations wasn't crap, it's just that the SP was kind of boring
  8. It really isn't that hard...Like everyone else said, play better lol No point in getting your knickers tied in a knot...
  9. Even though I currently don't own a PS4, my favourites will clearly be the following... 1. inFamous Second Son and First Light 2. Kingdom Hearts 3 3. Final Fantasy XV 4. Shadow of Mordor 5. AC Unity 6. Far Cry 4 7. Dying Light 8. Destiny
  10. I plan on buying this once I receive my PS4 it looks absolutely crazy! Don't understand why it got some negative feedback Looks fun as hell haha lol
  11. I'm guessing it's going to be just as easy as Second Son...Either way this game is going to be fantastic! Hope they make more stand alone titles
  12. Not much to choose from sadly but if I had to decide, I'd say AC4...You got a good amount of progress there so why not?
  13. Get a PS4...Time to move on my friend
  14. Personally I enjoy trophy hunting if I plat the games I actually enjoy However I think it all comes down to your preference with your play style
  15. Ahhh oh well...It's still going to be a blast in the end Glad it's an exclusive too haha