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  1. Hey everyone just wanted to ask a quick question on the score attack mode. Have you beaten it? If so what did you do to accomplish it? I have been thinking about getting the platinum for this game since I already have 61% of the trophies. Any info would be very helpful thanks
  2. Two days ago I've finished both journeys and I think it's safe to say that the MP is surprisingly enjoyable... HOWEVER I couldn't help but feel that they were quite a few things that were a bit frustrating. *Cough* Bow users *Cough* If you all wouldn't mind I would be happy to know what you think about the MP and what do you think could of been better, plus what REALLY pissed you off in it? Share you thoughts with me gamers
  3. Pretty much simple here...Just post your least favorite platinum and why My least favorite is The Walking Dead, mainly because it takes no skill what so ever, but I just wanted to boost up my platinum count Personally I think they were really lazy with the plat image, I's WAY too simple The Walking Dead
  4. Hi everyone I platinum Tales of Graces F a few weeks ago and I was just wondering...Which character made you feel less connected with? I for one couldn't stand the main character Asbel because he was always over dramatic about things that weren't even worth being dramatic about Let alone his voice too lol So I would like to know who's your least favorite character in Tales of Graces F?
  5. Hey everyone, I've been planing on heading for the platinum trophy in this awesome game and I just wanted to ask a quick question...Which blade is best to tackle the S rank trophy??? This has been bothering me quite some time now, because I'm not exactly sure which weapon to go with. If you have any points on this I would highly appreciate it
  6. I've been searching around in my profile, and I'm just wondering...How do you change your member title? Any help would be great
  7. Eastenders from BBC One...Why the hell am I still watching it? The stories are just downright bad But I can't help but watch cause if I don't I always end up missing something good after...
  8. It will always be Metal Gear Rising
  9. Currently doing AC Revelations, have 64% so far although the MP trophies really ruin the flow of my trophy earing
  10. Holy Wisdom in AC Revelations... Very simple and easy Plus you get an awesome armour after it too
  11. Fuck man...This is a hard question considering I love many games...But if I had to choose, I'd probably Pick Persona 4 Golden the dialogue is well done and it never gets old. Plus the gameplay offers alot of replay value...And lastly because it's Persona haha!
  12. Yeah from what I was looking at it doesn't exactly look straight forward...Although thanks for the link dood, I'll check this out once I get a copy of this
  13. Ohhhhh boy...Let's just hope it won't be terrible, I mean...Resident Evil revelations wasn't crap, it's just that the SP was kind of boring
  14. It really isn't that hard...Like everyone else said, play better lol No point in getting your knickers tied in a knot...
  15. Even though I currently don't own a PS4, my favourites will clearly be the following... 1. inFamous Second Son and First Light 2. Kingdom Hearts 3 3. Final Fantasy XV 4. Shadow of Mordor 5. AC Unity 6. Far Cry 4 7. Dying Light 8. Destiny
  16. I plan on buying this once I receive my PS4 it looks absolutely crazy! Don't understand why it got some negative feedback Looks fun as hell haha lol
  17. I'm guessing it's going to be just as easy as Second Son...Either way this game is going to be fantastic! Hope they make more stand alone titles
  18. Not much to choose from sadly but if I had to decide, I'd say AC4...You got a good amount of progress there so why not?
  19. Get a PS4...Time to move on my friend
  20. Personally I enjoy trophy hunting if I plat the games I actually enjoy However I think it all comes down to your preference with your play style
  21. Ahhh oh well...It's still going to be a blast in the end Glad it's an exclusive too haha
  22. PSN ID: DEVILKIDGAME15 System: PS3...Will have a PS4 in the next week or so I only accept requests from other plat hunters...If you have at least 40 I'll accept a blank request
  23. Platinum #70 Duke Nukem Forever Savior of the Universe! Ok ok ok guys...I fully understand that this game received a great amount of negative feedback, but strangely...I kinda enjoyed it...Am I weird for that??? Look don't get me wrong the graphics are REALLY out dated and all but that didn't excatly stopped me from liking the gameplay slightly. I probably enjoyed the game for it's stupid cheesy themes, at the end of the day that's just me It was easy to get into, colllecting everything wasn't a huge issue either... Couldn't stand that stupid air hockey trophy though, controls were beyond broken Level design was absolutely poor, so I found myself trying to figure out if I was heading in the right derection or not Insane mode was not easy...That's why getting ALL of the ego boosts is a MUST! Above all...That ending was really *expletive deleted*, the moment Duke said "I'm not dead and I'm coming back for more" I said to the screen no you're not mate! Anyway that's all I got to say for this plat soooooo thanks for reading people! Platinum #71 Batman Arkham Origins Couldn't get a proper image guys Platinum Now doing this plat was not an easy task...This is definitely and without a doubt THE hardest Batman game to plat! Even though I am a fan of the Arkham games, this was probably the weakest one in the series as in story wise which was quite the disappointment... :\ No offence to the brilliant voice acting of all the characters...Well...Mainly Troy Baker's voice acting as The Joker haha Gameplay stayed strong as usual but didn't exactly offered anything new, but hey! At least it was still fun at the of the day Doing all of the Dark Knight challenges was a huge pain, oh and all of the ranked maps too lol HOWEVER...MP really takes the cake though Seriously...WTF were the developers thinking while they were creating this!? What was going through their thick heads? What part did they think it was completely necessary to add MP? I don't know man...That question will remain unanswered to all of us I guess :/ Overall I wasn't that impressed with Origins but I did enjoy it, so I was dedicated enough to get the plat haha...Anyway I can't wait for Arkham Knight! It's to going to be the shit!
  24. I always used mine at home...Never felt comfortable playing my devices in public lol
  25. I'm just about 6.0 ft and I'm slim