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  1. After 100-105 rounds, I got a grand total of 0 wins, y'all are insane! 😅
  2. Seems like it'll involve a lot of grinding based on the trophies, thoughts? Also how does everyone like this anime?
  3. I would love to see a Dragon Ball Z Collection, including the Tenkaichi series
  4. Super sorry for the late replies everyone, but THANKS for the welcomes and greetings
  5. Hello PSNP kinda new to this forum thing and the whole site a gamer who likes to enjoy his games and not 100% everything just for the trophies, lol that can be a drag sometimes..however i do try to get 100% the games i really, really like and enjoy or if someone wants to compete or something..but yea just doin an introduction
  6. My very first anime was DBZ and its like one of my all time favorites...but then came naruto, wat im currently watchin...its AWESOME
  7. I actually just did it today ...and I didnt play this game for like a month...that dairy bastard (cow) costume is the best...spam that and the puzzles arent too hard..good luck, u'll be fine