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  1. Seems like a normal business meeting.
  2. Dogs think you are god. Cats wait around for you to acknowledge that they are gods.

  3. It's the disc version and the only one that does it
  4. Sry if this was brought up already but I couldn't find anything on it but do you have any games that you think should have trophies added to it? I have 2 now that don't Folklore and Oblivion. I know they're older games but it wouldn't be that hard to add some I dont think. Folklore could have some cool ones like Finishing chapters, then the game Getting max level Collecting all souls(or ID's as their called) then one for getting them to max level Story parts like figureing out who did this or what that ones true intention were lol it could even have some of those random funny ones you see sometimes like when the stuffed deer head on the wall starts talking to you,I thought that was funny and many others. And Oblivion could have just as many as Skyrim does I'm sure I dunno I think it would be cool
  5. From what I own it's Dante's Inferno. Omg I just suck at that drove me crazy and I had to quit.
  6. Um I don't understand what's going on but everytime I try to play borderlands the fan goes crazy and doesn't stop. The ps3 even vibrates sometimes but this doesn't happen with any other game I try. Has anyone heard of something like this before?
  7. Only 5? lol its hard to choose 1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2. Dragon Age: Origins 3. Final Fantasy 9 4. Silent Hill 2 5. Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
  8. lol oh I played kingdom hearts and loved it. I didn't really get a chance to play the 2nd one though I havn't goten around to bioshock infinite either yet. Ugh my schedule is kinda nuts right now and I barely have time for the games I have now but I'll most likely be getting it sometime. And um I'm just north of Toronto right now in that wierd border area where if you walk 10mins north or east you end up in a differently named town...but technicaly its North York even though I get mail sometimes and it says a dif town on it..its really weird
  9. Hey guys I was just wondering what your fav boss theme is. lol the one that really get you into that "you are so going down, Rawr!" type of feeling. Mine is probably FFXIII's main boss one. Not the first one you hear although i like that one to but the one after that. I just love how it builds up and gets me pumped up like i could destroy anything. It doesnt even really need to be a boss theme just any music that's memorable to you.
  10. Ty everyone I actually have Oblivion now and I do like it even if it's a bit theres just so much to explore and do its crazy.
  11. Good morning everyone(or evening for some of you) Hope you're doing well I found out about this site last night and it seems cool so I thought I'd say hi. So um hi I'm from Ontario Canada and been playing games since I was little lol thx to my cousins pretty much dragging me into it. The first system that I could call mine was playstation I mostly play rpg's cause I like games with good stories that I can be a part of and I'm obsessed with leveling and improving my character,lol it's like bad, I loove Bioware games(Dragon Age, Mass Effect) their def my fav company right now I wish they had more games on if they do that I dont know about pls let me know. I so hope DA3 comes out soon I can't wait for that I like other stuff to like some shooters and action types as long as they can keep me interested enough to keep going like Borderlands and also I like creepy games like Bioshock,oh Bioshock you seriusly freaked me the hell out sometimes,but it was anyway I could keep going on forever but I should stop. Ok take care
  12. Gabriel Belmont
  13. Folklore for sure, which is a shame cause it's actually really good. I loved the story and art style in it and it's cool how you have to move the controller to capture souls and stuff