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  1. My Companion Cube is stuck underneath the map. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  2. Having the same problem on PS5 EU version. Upgrade trophies not working.
  3. That at least worked for me but of course risk of autopopping. I guess if ensure you have no save data. It can't auto pop
  4. Have you installed the PS4 version on the PS5?
  5. It should have been fixed now Digital users should be able to download it for free now.
  6. IT'S FREE FOR ALL DIGITAL USERS NOW!!! To those who have bought it Digitally on PS4. It is meant to be free on PS5 too. Devs are sorting this out with Sony right now.
  7. Homefront 1. It was an amazing online game. There was a trophy to complete every single online challenge - if you don't know, it was like CoD/BF style challenges - get 200 kills with X weapon. This also included killstreaks, vehicle kills, equipment etc. To put it in perspective, you need to get a 10 kill streak with every weapon and for the camo and 200 kills to "expert" it. I did every single challenge online apart from one. It was 6am and decided to finish it tomorrow for the platinum. I woke up the next day to see that THQ went bankrupt and shut the servers. One challenge left. Ever since then, I ALWAYS look at the trophy lists, and plan out the online first to get them done ASAP so this never happens again.
  8. No. If you've done them all on S rank, just play once more and it should pop. Other trophies require a further action to pop, so if you don't have a save for VoS difficulty, you'll need to do it again. Shooting windows, knifing an arrow, killing minibosses and all the other misc trophies require to do again. The collectibles did not pop for me either, even when re collecting them on a transferred save file. May need a fresh file to pop trophy.
  9. They did a handy job of it.
  10. I've SSS ranked all but Village II (That's at SS). Done them all now. Zero reward for SSS. RIP The first 4 levels are super easy to do. Use the Skorpion (VZ91) and sell everything else towards upgrading it. You can even sell your First Aid Kits as it's quite hard to even let any enemies get remotely close. Pick up abilities for the pistol and damage and you cannot lose. As for the other 4, practice makes perfect. Max out the pistol damage and fire rate, choose how much you want on the other stats. I chose to spend money on pipe bombs compared to the walkthrough buying stats. It's all about what works for you. I followed these routes. Hope that helps.
  11. Can confirm. Basically it requires 1.5 more playthroughs after the transfer.
  12. Yes and no. I will attempt to 100% my games as I've spent money on it and want to experience every penny out of it. DLCs I disregard. I'm not going to chase around all my games DLCs to keep 100%, that'll cost a lot of money too. However, if it has no great value to me then I will debate whether it is worth my efforts versus the reward. Latest example - SSS on Mercenaries on RE8. I'm doing them but not targeting for SSS, just SS because there is a reward tied to it. Adding in the extra effort for nothing in return isn't worth it.
  13. No problem. Try to get Firepower or Feet and work hard to survive. IMO it is really RNG and dislike it.
  14. RoF camp by Wonderfizz in Die Maschine
  15. Easiest Zombie trophies to date IMO. Takes no time at all to do the Easter Eggs and the rest are misc zombie trophies. DOA3 on the other hand is stupidly difficult, the amount of input versus reward is awful, even Treyarch don't really care as you don't even get XP in DOA3. As @LeavingGoodbye said, Advanced mode isn't a easy feat to do. At the time of writing, I have done it once on PS4 and now trying for PS5, Round 61 to the Boss heavily relies on RNG to help you win the last area. EDIT: Done it on PS4 and PS5 but it honestly half skill and half luck.