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  1. Exactly, which is why PC is my simulation/strategy machine but not my main gaming platform for the previous reasons. It depends on how much you're willing to sacrifice for the sake of a specific thing. That's because timings matter. The highlighted part in your quote is the reason many people prefer consoles over PC. I would want to have a certain platform to play these games when they launch worldwide, not down the line. So far in my 20 years of gaming, I have missed 1 game that didn't come to my platform. Splinter Cell Conviction. As you expect by my name, GTA is one of my favourite series so I NEED to have a platform that will get me the next GTA and PC cannot guarantee that. There has been so many time where PC gets games later and as a "FOMO" I can't have that personally. Ah exactly, and on the flip side, if the game is already amazing does it warrant that the said game is more shiny? You experience the same everything but with more graphical fidelity. Does missing out on the fresh take of 95% of the game's pipeline warrant having more pixels? For me no. If I were to choose PC as my main platform (not side as I am currently) I need enough personal warrant to justify giving up the current console benefits and laying down at least 3 times the amount of money to make the swap and as long as the Industry puts PC platforms last, I can't see myself ever doing that. Yes absolutely. I can accept mistakes and tiny issues that may have missed QA. Stuff like B:AK and broken trophies on Mafia 2 is clear evidence of them not QA'ing and deserve backlash in which I commend the PC community for doing. But yes, I'm those "Too little, too late". Even how NMS is a great game, too late. Should have been there from the start, it took loss of money to motivate you to change so no sympathy from me. Agreed, well considering it's impossible to platinum I take there will be. Makes me feel I'm watching 2008 YT.
  2. I have but they aren't my thing. I specifically play strategy and simulation games (and other games when I play with friends on PC) on PC as they rarely come out for consoles. You're specifying livestreaming? Why? What has that got to do with games and its platform in general? Additionally you can easily live stream a console these days. They were examples of games that the masses buy and drive the industry forward. I regularly reference GTA since it is a world record flagship game and IP that single-handedly got 1 billion dollars in 3 days world record. And this was done by consoles alone since PC got it a year and a bit later. Which for me I find unacceptable. If I lay down serious money for a rig, I better expect the industry to deliver their end. Waiting around for sloppy seconds and paying more for that pleasure isn't my taste. The fact I platinumed GTA twice before PC got it is a joke. If I buy an 8K QLED TV and a brand new anticipated movie comes out but they have released it for cinema on 4K, you just wait until it comes out for 8K Bluray? What's the point? You NEED to experience it there and now, not years down the line when the media has been leaked out by then. It's about experiencing it fresh for me before getting 2nd hand data. The only thing that PC delivers is graphical fidelity over consoles. A game has so much more than that; narrative, gameplay, physics, audio and PC doesn't improve on that. Is it worth risking losing out on experiencing the whole package fresh for the sake of more pixels and frames? Is it worth having a inferior online experience full of hackers in that eco system? Is it worth gambling if it actually runs? For me no. The ONLY way I can see PC being a true competitor for me is if I am guaranteed to get every top game day 1 like its console counterparts and not be a port. Batman Arkham Knight for example. It is simply unacceptable. Console networks at least have ruling and can add pressure to publishers.
  3. This is the "complete package" as deemed by Hangar 13, who have not only managed to ruin the IP but to now ruin its predecessor.
  4. Weird flex but okay? At the same cost? And more importantly, the same value? Yeah, don't think so. On which 99% is greenlight, early access, money stealing, asset flipped shovelware. The actual greatest games are likely to appear on all systems. First party matters, PS dominates that time and time again. Third party - what's the benefits of 3rd party on PC when we hear PC ports being terrible constantly. How about the 1st fastest, critically acclaimed titles such as GTA. Am I guaranteed to get one of the most anticipated games to arrive to PC along with everyone else? No I'm not. In game. If I go on COD: PC - Hackers Console - Clear GTA: PC - Hackers Console - Clear PD2: PC - Hackers Console - Clear You get the jist. Point is, there are clear benefits to both platforms and advertising PC gaming is "superior" isn't one of them, cheif.
  5. I have no idea what everyone is talking about
  6. More boring posters? Could have added more magazines instead LMAO
  7. Get out and open it and run.
  8. Bearing in mind 2K is owned by Take Two and you know what they do to people who glitch in game GTA cash, let alone real products lol
  9. That's sucks considering they are charging for different versions despite if you already bought it. If you have already bought the definitive edition, is there no discount?
  10. Does that mean there's not another trophy list for Mafia 3?
  11. That's not due to the MTX. That is bad game design which is my personal issue. There is a huge skill gap because you are punished at low level and the higher you get, you more higher stuff you get so you get out classed. It's a race to get to rank 50 and then you wreck newbs.
  12. Yeah I get where you're coming from but there's a difference between making people conscious of a feature and telling people it is a bad game with bad MTXs. You have done the latter, providing evidence that is 2nd party which is factually wrong (coming from your conclusion in your OP) Yes, it could be abused in future but at the moment it's irrelevant, and thus this game effectively has no MTX effect. Let me put it this way, it would be no different than having a game without MTX then adding it at a later date. The only difference here is that there is a link to the PS Store now which has sparked this tread's existence. This wouldn't be an issue if there wasn't a PS Store link. This MTX at this very time are irrelevant.
  13. Been playing for a few days now. I've reached Rank 20 on all characters and MMs but 2 (That's a lot of gameplay for the record). I totally understand your concern and I am 100% behind people who are against MXTs. I hate them too. It typically waters down the game and makes it grindy and horrible. There are a few games out there in which do have MXTs but are useless (Ubisoft Games are a prime example) where it is a booster and actually doesn't affect the game at all. And at least in its current state, this is also the case. 100% of the game is earnable and in a very decent time. The only "grindy" boxes are the cosmetics ones which are purely there for longevity. I would like to point out the following: You can NOT buy lootboxes You can NOT buy the points out right You can NOT buy the skills out right You can NOT buy the cosmetics out right You can NOT use the points until you reach a certain level to unlock the set of next abilities/skills. You can NOT buy levels either. The gaming industry is a total mess with milking its consumers and because it is so rampant, one would immediately assume MTX = bad. Which is understandable as I said. However you are in fact incorrect when spreading this information because you are taking second hand information and treating it as gospel. (Irony I know me writing). I have had extensive playthrough of the game and trust me it's irrelevant as of now. If they change things in the future, who knows.
  14. You buy RP boosters, not actual RP. Technically it's kinda P2W but seriously at least right now, there is zero reason to even care. Everything is earnable and in decent time.
  15. Yeah same here usually because I get them cheaper (discount) but with all the quarantine, I couldn't rely on it. Resistance is online so patches are needed haha