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  1. Hey! How does the event medals work? They disappear after the event is done, right? And what if I give such medal to my troop before the event is finished?
  2. Hey! Since the latest update you can see your trophy progress in game. You can see it in challenges in Save the World mode. Finally!
  3. It started working, before the tab won't load for me at all with some error. Thank you.
  4. Is this possible to get a familiar with EU account?
  5. And how to check what are the faction troops? It's not intuitive for me..
  6. Hey! In Faction Renown tab there is "Best Delve using the Faction's team". What does it mean and how to get it? Thanks!
  7. Hey, Is there any possibility to hide some games from gaming sessions? If not, it would be so helpful! I see a lot of gaming sessions for the games I already did.
  8. OMG.. I missed it! So waiting for next one..
  9. The diamond addict just popped for me and no gold.. Anyone had any troubles getting it? What to do for it to pop?
  10. The guide states: "The progress towards learning a move is only saved if you win a battle." My doubt was that: if I kill opponent once for example, but lose the whole battle do I get progress from that one kill or none at all.
  11. When do the progress count while in PVP? Do I have to win whole match or just kill an oponent to have some little progress towards it?
  12. And how are you trying to do it? It popped for me without any problems after 3 brawl of the week matches.
  13. What exactly this trophy wants us to do? I did collect more than 1000 caps for sure by now, from missions and those packs with cards, and it did not pop.
  14. Any tips where to find them?
  15. I remember similar trophy in Helldivers - kill 100 000 enemies. Rubberbanding was there also suggested and there - it was ok. You could do it solo. But here you can't. Can you see the difference? Trophy guides are not ideal. Not everything stated there is the way to go. Besides - in trophy guide you can read you can get banned for doing so - so it's kinda obvious it's not the recommended way.