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  1. We just got 2 new trophies: I Believe in a Higher Power – Reach Kingdom Power level 15 in 5 Kingdoms Social Climber – Get a total of 300 Social Items (Emoji Packs, Portraits, or Titles)
  2. No, it's not working for me.
  3. Hey all! There is some event in the game right now (The unfair seas) and the reward for login in today - week 2 day 2 - (I do not know if you can collect items for previous days) is a shiny item. So if you have trouble finding one like me, log in and collect it today
  4. Hey, Yes, you can share 2 of your units (there are two slots on the right for it) - just chose the best 2 of your team and place them there. Damage is dealt separately for each fight - you and your partner fight at the same time, so it's possible that you win and he lose - it that case opponent team lose health for one fight and you lose it in the second one.
  5. As in the title - if you start the other region version of the game it links to your account and the trophies auto pop.
  6. Does the Challenger trophy work for you? I just got Expert Challenger, but still no Challenger.
  7. Duos are MM - there are both casual and ranking games, like in solo mode. I tried ranking today and won second match. People there do not understand how it works at lowest ranks (you can share 2 of your troops for example), so if you are lucky enough to get partner who gets it your chances are good. I think with a friend it would be very easy - at least at this point in time.
  8. There is no limit to the trophies they can add? For me there still is a long way to 30k
  9. I guess you can fill the Shrine, but you can't use offers for filling it up till the next week.
  10. I have played it yesterday and both kill trophies and ones for rocket time and rocketball goals do count in matches against bots. I think coins will too, but I just did not collect enough yet.
  11. I just got both Super and Supreme spice after completing event variant adventure. EU version of the game.
  12. There are new trophies added in this DLC! I did not know it's possible.
  13. Where can I find Gargantaur - this week's troop to kill from the campaign?
  14. I have now "Hunting Abynissia" quest - defeat Abynissia in any battle. Where can I find her to fight? Where can I check where to find specific enemies?
  15. What is "Slide-Charged Signature Attacks" and "Dash-jumping into a Ground Pound Attack"?