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  1. Ziggurat is a good game for an ultra rare Z. Fun game if you like dungeon crawlers and not too difficult if you take advantage of saving your progress on a usb stick.
  2. @SiC nice one. Thanks for the heads up, got all 3 cars now.
  3. Fun little game to play in between going for gold medals in RDR2.
  4. Still not able to sell cars by the looks of it.
  5. If your predictions are still appearing on time, when do you think the Ferrari will appear next?
  6. same, lol.
  7. I have won a car and 2 car parts recently, only ever received the smallest cash prize up until then. The parts are worse than the small cash prizes though, unless you have that particular car.
  8. I think the point is about playing the game twice, getting 2 games for the money, not just auto popping the trophies but earning them again.
  9. I’ve never been able to connect via Wi-Fi, always had to use an Ethernet cable, can’t figure out why. But I’ve not had any dropping issues.
  10. Hey. If anybody is looking for a X title, then Xenon Racer is currently 90% off in the U.K store at only £2.49.
  11. I never played GT Sport because I don’t really like online racing but this list doesn't look too bad. The only thing I really want is the return of Midfield Raceway. Absolutely loved this track back in the day.
  12. @Matrim_Drasgen Please can I add Z to my list, just completed Ziggurat which is ultra rare. Ziggurat Champion - Ziggurat (4.25%) I need to change my D to an ultra rare title as well. Destruction Incarnate - Quantum Theory (1.19%) Also I just noticed my W has just become ultra rare recently. Winner Takes All - Just cause 2 (4.99%) That should make 11 ultra rare now. Just need an X now but not sure what to go for. Thank you.
  13. Definitely need this. Made a huge difference on the final map. I finally managed to clear them all solo, so it is possible, just requires a few practice runs, lol. I would say the 4th map is quite easy as you can stand in the water fountains to keep cool, it’s quite open so the La Varita + Triador Supremo work really well.
  14. Same happened to me on this map. I let the device explode and restarted from the checkpoint. Thought it was gonna do it again but a few enemies were just slow to spawn. There is definitely a lot of bugs in this game, getting very frustrating.
  15. I think it would be impossible without the shooting from behind cover trick that the first three games had.