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  1. I would go for it but I would definitely suggest you buy a second PS3 for self boosting. You will only have to do minimal boosting with other people then. You can get an old PS3 for the price of a new game nowadays.
  2. When are they changing the Tomb Raider games to Tomb Raider shadow of, and Tomb Raider rise of.
  3. @Evil_Joker88 I just purchased Brothers: a tale of 2 sons on PSN sale for £3.74 so ignore the Back to the Future entry. Thanks.
  4. Only a couple of hours. I was playing Far Cry 2 online earlier.
  5. Same issue on PS3.
  6. As stated above, they’re much the same as each other. The only one I particularly didn’t like was the Lego Movie Video game. I never played the second one, lol. I seem to remember the earlier ones had harder races in them. The flying races seemed very tricky to control, but maybe that’s because I’m too old, lol.
  7. Please can i update my list. I have added a couple and changed a couple for better ones. I have 8 Ultra rare platinums in my list. (Percentage rates as at 19th July 2021) #UniteInSpeed - Driveclub (4.89%) 100% - Quest Of Dungeons Alienated - Alienation Buzz’s New Best Friend - Buzz Quiz TV (4.38%) Complete all other trophies - The Saboteur Don’t Ruin The Moment - Uncharted The Lost Legacy Earn Them All! - Assassin’s Creed Origins Full Moon - The Wolf Among Us Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy - Gran Turismo 6 Halls of Valhalla - Mad Max It can’t be for nothing - The Last Of Us (4.28%) Julius Caesar - Assassins Creed Liberation Killing with Style! - 101 Ways To Die Legend of the West - Red Dead Redemption (3.26%) Master Assassin - Assassin’s Creed 3 NFS Hot Pursuit Elite - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit One Last Time - Uncharted 4 Platinum Trophy - Need For Speed The Run (2.81%) Quite Big - Epic Word Search Collection Race Star - F1 Race Stars (4.30%) Scorched Savior - Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Taking A Liberty - GTA IV (0.93%) Ultimate Vault Hunter - Borderlands 3 Virtuoso - Rocket League Winner Takes All - Just cause 2 X You ARE the Wheelman - Driver San Francisco (2.67%) Z
  8. Hello. Please add my list. Looks like I've got a few to work on. 4 Elements HD Amy Back to the Future - Episode 1 Contrast Datura Eat Them! Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Gone Home HiQ Ace Infamous: Festival of Blood J K Linger in Shadows Machinarium Never Alone O Playstation Home Q R Space Invaders Infinity Gene The Unfinished Swan Unmechanical Extended Valiant Hearts: The Great War W X Y Z
  9. Literally just bought PS4 version of Plague Tale, would of waited had I’d known.
  10. Sorry to ask a probably stupid question, but boosting with 3 consoles, do you need 3 screens as well or do you switch between the consoles one at a time.
  11. Hi. Re-starting the DLC does work. I must of played about 4 hours just fast travelling around, quitting to main menu and more fast travelling with nothing happening. When I started from scratch literally the first two vending machines give me the last ones I was waiting for. I’m pretty sure I just selected ‘Endgame’ from the main menu. I didn’t delete my save, I just backed it up. Then the game put me back in the Directors office, I ran straight to the lift and restarted the DLC. Good luck.
  12. Took me a few minutes to find an old game with only 1 DLC pack, but I found Gran Turismo 6 which only ever had 1 pack and it is titled as ‘DLC pack number 1’.
  13. I had a similar issue with the musician. Fell in the water by the waterfall and the cargo got destroyed. The mission respawned at his shelter a couple of hours later.
  14. Damn. Was hoping for Last of us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima !
  15. I voted DLC trophies, especially when a game has trophies drop on a game you finished 4 years ago, looking at you GTA5.