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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of games. Must of taken ages just to write it all out. Good luck. Personally I would next go for Just Cause 2. A great fun blow everything up game. Wouldn’t bother with 3 or 4 if I’m honest. I would suggest also, unless you have already started, that you play the PS4 versions of the Bioshock games as they removed all the multiplayer component along with the trophies. Plus, always remember, if you’re not having fun, what’s the fecking point.
  2. I got the plat 9 years ago and have very fond memories of the game. Really wish it got a PS4 remaster as would definitely plat again.
  3. Hi, Please add, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Many thanks.
  4. I never managed to get the plat for GT5, unfortunately above my skill level. GT6 was a lot easier. The plat wasn’t a problem at all. The DLC was the hardest part but as I managed it eventually I would say you would find it a walk in the park. By the way I used a controller for both games.
  5. I would go for it but I would definitely suggest you buy a second PS3 for self boosting. You will only have to do minimal boosting with other people then. You can get an old PS3 for the price of a new game nowadays.
  6. When are they changing the Tomb Raider games to Tomb Raider shadow of, and Tomb Raider rise of.
  7. @Evil_Joker88 I just purchased Brothers: a tale of 2 sons on PSN sale for £3.74 so ignore the Back to the Future entry. Thanks.
  8. Only a couple of hours. I was playing Far Cry 2 online earlier.
  9. Same issue on PS3.
  10. As stated above, they’re much the same as each other. The only one I particularly didn’t like was the Lego Movie Video game. I never played the second one, lol. I seem to remember the earlier ones had harder races in them. The flying races seemed very tricky to control, but maybe that’s because I’m too old, lol.
  11. Please can i update my list. I have added a couple and changed a couple for better ones. I have 8 Ultra rare platinums in my list. (Percentage rates as at 19th July 2021) #UniteInSpeed - Driveclub (4.89%) 100% - Quest Of Dungeons Alienated - Alienation Buzz’s New Best Friend - Buzz Quiz TV (4.38%) Complete all other trophies - The Saboteur Don’t Ruin The Moment - Uncharted The Lost Legacy Earn Them All! - Assassin’s Creed Origins Full Moon - The Wolf Among Us Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy - Gran Turismo 6 Halls of Valhalla - Mad Max It can’t be for nothing - The Last Of Us (4.28%) Julius Caesar - Assassins Creed Liberation Killing with Style! - 101 Ways To Die Legend of the West - Red Dead Redemption (3.26%) Master Assassin - Assassin’s Creed 3 NFS Hot Pursuit Elite - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit One Last Time - Uncharted 4 Platinum Trophy - Need For Speed The Run (2.81%) Quite Big - Epic Word Search Collection Race Star - F1 Race Stars (4.30%) Scorched Savior - Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Taking A Liberty - GTA IV (0.93%) Ultimate Vault Hunter - Borderlands 3 Virtuoso - Rocket League Winner Takes All - Just cause 2 X You ARE the Wheelman - Driver San Francisco (2.67%) Z
  12. Hello. Please add my list. Looks like I've got a few to work on. 4 Elements HD Amy Back to the Future - Episode 1 Contrast Datura Eat Them! Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Gone Home HiQ Ace Infamous: Festival of Blood J K Linger in Shadows Machinarium Never Alone O Playstation Home Q R Space Invaders Infinity Gene The Unfinished Swan Unmechanical Extended Valiant Hearts: The Great War W X Y Z
  13. Literally just bought PS4 version of Plague Tale, would of waited had I’d known.
  14. Hi, has anybody yet achieved the Tonnage trophy with the free Playstaion Plus version of the game. Other than the grind to level up its the only trophy that I need and I can't see how it can be done. The point to point races in India are very twisty and slow. I also beat the time with the Zonda point to point Tour event and that never popped the trophy either. It's very frustrating as there doesn't seem to be a stat for average mph, so I don't know how close I am to cracking it. If anyone has managed it yet please let me know how.
  15. Sorry to ask a probably stupid question, but boosting with 3 consoles, do you need 3 screens as well or do you switch between the consoles one at a time.
  16. Hi. Re-starting the DLC does work. I must of played about 4 hours just fast travelling around, quitting to main menu and more fast travelling with nothing happening. When I started from scratch literally the first two vending machines give me the last ones I was waiting for. I’m pretty sure I just selected ‘Endgame’ from the main menu. I didn’t delete my save, I just backed it up. Then the game put me back in the Directors office, I ran straight to the lift and restarted the DLC. Good luck.
  17. Took me a few minutes to find an old game with only 1 DLC pack, but I found Gran Turismo 6 which only ever had 1 pack and it is titled as ‘DLC pack number 1’.
  18. I had a similar issue with the musician. Fell in the water by the waterfall and the cargo got destroyed. The mission respawned at his shelter a couple of hours later.
  19. Damn. Was hoping for Last of us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima !
  20. I voted DLC trophies, especially when a game has trophies drop on a game you finished 4 years ago, looking at you GTA5.
  21. Hi. I did the Wastelanders originally with my main character at level 100 and I also found it a bit tough, with loads of enemies that I was pretty much fighting on my own. My second run though I did for the foundation and found it a much easier play through. The enemies were leveled down and there was also a lot fewer of them. I got through this run a lot quicker than my original play through.
  22. I have a similar problem with Becketts story. My PS4 crashed during the final mission and now can't continue. Beckett just keeps giving me small talk and won't restart the mission.
  23. I believe we should be able to delete lists within a limit, say less than 10% or with a list of less than 5 trophies popped. There must be thousands of games on people's lists that they give up on within an hour for one reason or another. It will only be a small proportion of gamers that would be interested though as I guess the vast majority of gamers are not trophy hunters and don't care what trophies they have. People deleting unfinished lists would make trophies/Platinums less rare too which would upset ultra rare hunters.
  24. The last game I bought on release was Read Dead 2 and instantly regretted it, even though I loved the first one. Probably only game I will buy on release in the future is Far Cry. That being said I absolutely loved The Last of Us and have 100% on both the PS3 and the PS4 versions. I have been excited for the second instalment but I think I'm gonna wait and get it as a PS5 purchase, all being well.
  25. I'm pretty sure you have to kill yourself or be killed rather than just restarting the checkpoint.