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  1. I think the Arrow pack was quite fun
  2. Ahh okay So all the bricks get add to the forging bunch and then get "transfered" over when you use them to forge? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, but the ones I get for finishing levels etc are added to the forging bricks. How do I get the x/250?
  4. What's the difference between the Mithril bricks you use to forge items and the one where it is like x/250? Because when I finish a level it adds the bricks I get to the forging ones. Who to I get the ones for x/250?
  5. Right now I'm going for The LEGO Movie platinum I's just a really fun game
  6. I can't even connect to Smart As World, and there's nothing wrong with my internet.
  7. Got my first PS4 plat the other day, which was LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  8. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes It was a fun plat, though some of the air races were a little hard
  9. My levels and
  10. I really like my vita, and it has quite a few good games. There are a lot of rpg's that are being localized this year, so that are also some games I'm really looking forward to
  11. LEGO Marvel is pretty good It has a huge hub, with lots of stuf to do. Also Constrast. 100 % the game yesterday, and I really enjoyed. Especially because I got it free with plus
  12. This is my level Just leave a comment and I'll play yours too
  13. My level Just leave a comment when you have played it, and I'll do the same for you
  14. Yes, so if you have PS Plus be sure to put the free Vita and PS4 games on your download list
  15. Right now I'm going for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for the PS4. It is the game I bought with my PS4, so I thought I might aswell plat it