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  1. Good to know my $10 is going into the pocket of an oversensitive twat. C'ya
  2. Hmm, gonna check out some gameplay. I definitely love me some western-themed media
  3. I noticed you are from Brazil This only appears to be available on the European store. So hurry and make a EU account while you still can
  4. Just got on my EU account and it does appear to be free. Downloading it right now. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Just got my Wii U today ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HowIPendragon


      Smash was a small factor. What mainly convinced me was all the games it has and is going to have. This year's E3 just pushed me over the edge. Plus the free game code you get with Mario Kart 8 before expire before July 31st so, I felt I had to :P

    3. TheVader66


      Nice, even though I am Loyal to Playstation, I actually want a Wii U and I also think that Nintendo won this years E3

    4. HowIPendragon


      I agree. Sony was great but Nintendo just brought so much

  6. Oh my god, YES! That would be awesome
  7. Welp, it doesn't look like Chrom will be playable. Dammit I just hope they announce Bayonetta >.<
  8. Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us Pretty quick (maybe 5-6 hours each) and among the easiest out there. Edit: Woops, didn't realize this was a PS4 thread But these will be making their way to PS4 someday
  9. Do you FEEL IT?
  10. Sorry I wasn't being clear. By "all of them" I meant "every single soccer player" not just those on the Dutch team
  11. Call me crazy but, I'd say you're a bit biased Not saying he's the worst soccer player in the world (almost all of them are guilty of diving/faking/whatever) but no one would have respected them for winning the World Cup after that infamous mistake.
  12. This week's Flash sale brought mine up to an even 700 I'd venture to guess I directly purchased about 200 of them while the rest are either free DLC or free PS Plus content (games, avatars, themes, etc.)
  13. Good riddance Holland
  14. Not sure if this thread will get deleted, but this guy is in need of a new one being torn into him. This guy is CONSTANTLY lying and misinforming his viewership. Literally half of his videos are just anti-Sony, a few pro-Xbox and some others. And now he's made a video telling people to buy Destiny on their Xbones as a form of protest to "show Sony they messed up in investing so much money in a multiplatform game", yet when Microsoft pulls the timed exclusive DLC card for CoD, he's totally fine with it (go figure). Its literally the most pitiful thing I have ever seen. Just check out this video and you'll see why he is the absolute best (read: worst) example of what fanboyism does to gamers (regardless of preference) I realize this will give him views, but while you're there, give him a dislike and remind him what it is to be a real gamer
  15. Ehhh, that's really a matter of opinion. I personally didn't feel it broke any barriers at all, but it is by no means garbage. It is definitely a game I'll always remember (for good reasons), and that has to count for something. The story had its holes, as all stories do though. Even the Dark Knight wasn't as perfect a movie as most make it out to be. Back to the topic though, its kind of lame to see these new games getting re-released, but it doesn't hurt anyone so why complain?