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  1. I downloaded it about a month ago but haven't played it yet
  2. Granted I went to a high school of 100 people, but high school was never that bad for me. I had one douche that went out of his way to harass me in physical education but other than that high school was a breeze. Honestly I was just ready to get out of there after the first year and a half. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine.
  3. If you could only recommend me one FF game which one? And why?

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    2. Myers


      I rescend my comment then, my bad.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      thank you zad... but really its a great game. What YoshiP had done with FFXIVarr is amzing. The world is lively (real players!!) Did not you always wanted to encounter "real" players in all those previous FF games? a whole real community in a FF world! how awesome is that. I think getting to play a FF game with others would be the best. of course now we have a subscription fee to play, some might get turn off by it...but for all the contents and coming updates/dlcs. it is...

    4. NERVergoproxy


      guess... all the other part of my message got cut off... lame.

  4. Gotta love Captain and Coke Although my country roots make me more likely to choose a beer.
  5. Because women are NEVER made fun of on the internet, right?
  6. Obviously Bud Selig is involved here I just know it.
  7. I like the lower price but at the same time it'd be nice to see what developer could have done with the camera if every user had it..
  8. That's not even milking, that's just wasting their time and money developing it for two dying/dead platforms.
  9. There have been a ton of RPG's released for the PS3. Maybe you haven't noticed because the bigger releases haven't been RPG's, since the "casual" crowd is more into COD-like games.
  10. I had an old fatty fixed by Sony a couple of years ago to replace the bluray drive that went out and it was around $100 I believe.
  12. I will be sleeping in and probably spending the day with family and friends. Maybe even go boating on a lake close to us and watch the fireworks on the boat
  13. I haven't played 3 but the first two Uncharteds were awesome so I vote UC3!
  14. As a Patriots fan I don't find this funny I just don't understand how you can be so talented (and rich) and still choose to run around with the worthless scumbags of the world..