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  1. I have not played the game in a while, I actually want to play it now.
  2. I have not played life is strange yet but Borderlands Is a must play!
  3. I am hyped!
  4. Never mind, I did it, it was just me being an idiot, thank you for your response though.
  5. Hi, I am going through all my decorations on black ops 3 and I need 7 more fabrication points to get another decoration, when I beaten the game on realistic I was getting a lot of fabrication points but when I went to go and spend them, it said that I have none and I was getting 5 fabrications points a mission, 2 for veteran and 3 for realistic. I just need 7 more. I don't know if it is a glitch or if I am missing something. Can someone please help?
  6. I did it solo and word of advice do not do it solo, some mission can be really hard,some mission were easier than I expected while others were insane. Do it with some friends it will help a lot. I also recommend using a sniper.
  7. Just waiting for the ps4 version.
  8. I am hyped, I remember when I was little me and my brother would just consistently play battlefront 2 and 1, It was one of our favourite ps2 games. I played a lot of the beta and I really enjoyed it, I am very excited!
  9. Thanks bro! I am going to attempt realistic tomorrow, I will definitely use this.
  10. I would like to know as well, but I am assuming that the accolades are the decorations because I have not seen anything in the game labelled as decorations.
  11. It did not work for me, can someone help. I did everything step by step and when I got to chapter select it says I'm playing on crushing. I did it twice.
  12. Dude, we play them for the amazing stories they tell, and the trophies as well.
  13. The easiest way to get this trophy is when you are going for your collectibles do NOT fast travel, use a carriage to work on the trophy while working on the collectibles and once you get all collectibles you should not be that far off the trophy. Then watch this This is by far the quickest method. I did it this morning.
  14. As always they do look awesome!
  15. Mortal Kombat is the only game I have played out of the three and I have to say it is amazing, Very fun story, good online and the platinum is not that hard tbh. But like I said I have not played the other two.