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  1. A playthrough of the main story really does not take very long at all when you're skipping. 7 to 8 minutes or so.
  2. Popped for me when I finished the plague in Merhojed which put me over 80 there and everywhere else except the Monastery (which I've broken into but haven't reached in the questline). I wasn't really worried about having trouble with my reputation in the Monastery since, on this playthrough, I'm getting all the quests done, so I'm thinking that I'll probably be over 80 by the time that I leave there, but, hey, I'll take it.
  3. Oh, wow. That's a really good idea. After a couple days of trying I finally managed to defeat him yesterday (staggered him in the first phase and then again in the second phase, managed to finally kill him at the very end of that second stagger). But, oh man, that would have been very useful.
  4. Have you never platinumed a Ratchet and Clank game before? Because none of them have a trophy list like this. The other ones, if there's a Hard Mode, you have to replay the game on that Hard Mode and beat it. If there are Gold Bolts, and there pretty much always are, you gotta find all of them. All those cool weapons? You have to hit max level with every single one of them. But this game? You don't want to upgrade all the weapons? Don't worry because you don't need to. 25 Gold Bolts? Don't worry, you only need to find 5 of them. And sure, Ratchet has never been a particularly difficult franchise of games. Hard mode in Ratchet was still never that hard....but if it was there then you had to do it. If you were going to go for the Platinum still had to "go" for the Platinum trophy. If you want to just play the game, that's fine, but if you want to go for the Platinum, you gotta do everything. It's similar to The Last of Us Part 2 compared to The Last of Us. That second game? You could just play through that game on the easiest difficulty setting with accessibility options turned on to an extent that the game was nearly playing itself...and you could still get the Platinum trophy. And I'm of the opinion that that's not a good thing. It feels like they're using the ease of the Platinum trophy as a marketing tactic for the game (which is the kind of mentality that leads to garbage like My Name is Mayo, in my opinion). And I'm not saying that it makes the game bad. I have the game but I haven't played it yet, replatinuming FF7 Remake right now, but I'm sure it's as wonderful as I've heard it is. I'm sure it's an amazing game. It just has a bad trophy list.
  5. Completely agree. Exact same thing that I thought when they first released the trophy list. I'm all for games being more accessible, variable difficulty settings, that's great. But unless a game is designed that way, say, eg. Telltale games, you shouldn't get the Platinum trophy just for playing through the game. It's supposed to be an achievement.
  6. So if I'm using the Spectre weapons (which are only available in the store, right?), I basically have to spend money to also level up another weapon that I can then find and pick up in another playthrough?
  7. 40 hours or so (20 a piece) sounds about right, just be sure not to fail on the in-game missions where you have to select an objective (eg. score x amount of downs over the course of 3 matches) where you can lose up to 100% of your population. My first time through a multiplayer campaign on PS3, I wasn't paying attention, didn't think that it mattered, selected revives I think, which I usually would get plenty of, and had to start over from the very beginning when the whole population died in the last week. After that, I put it down and didn't touch it for 8 months until the Left Behind DLC came out; playing that made me want to replay the main game and I wouldn't let myself do it until I finished getting the Platinum. But anyway, don't lose your population, and yeah, the multiplayer DLC is easy enough to get along the way.
  8. Could say something like Shadow Warrior, which I got because it was on sale for so cheap but was thoroughly unimpressed with, really mediocre....... or if I'm talking about all PS4 games in general rather than specific PS4 games that I've played it could be I Am Mayo, which is just a garbage game and that also created a whole new genre of garbage games that only exist because they come with a simple platinum trophy (which devalues platinum trophies)..... or perhaps something like Surgeon Simulator or I am bread, where the point of the game is that the controls are terrible which inflates the difficulty...... or, even worse, the PSVR game Loading Human: Chapter One, where the point of the game wasn't that the controls were terrible, they just happened to be terrible and to the point that they made the game unplayable... but, in the end, I think I'd go with Mass Effect Andromeda. Because that one I was actually really looking forward to, once upon a time. It became clear that it was probably going to be disappointing a couple of weeks before its release, so, for me, the blow was softened, but....what a sad experience getting that game was. Getting a new Bioware game used to mean something, and now, it doesn't.
  9. Man Eater. Hadn't really ever heard of the game before it was a Plus game on PS5. Wasn't thinking that it was going to be anything special but I downloaded it because it wasn't too big, gave it a shot one Saturday morning. Within about 3 minutes, after I had killed and eaten my first human being, and there was all of the blood and the screaming in terror.....I was hooked. Game's hilarious. The narration is consistent and entertaining enough that you never get bored with just swimming around in silence, it sets up the journey of revenge against the villain in a really cool way, it's just a really fun experience. Wasn't expecting anything out of it and then I had it Platinumed in 4 days.
  10. I had, and had platinumed, the vanilla version of the game on PS4 and then rebought the game when the Ultimate edition was on sale in December for $20 so that I'd have the PS5 version when it came out and could replay it. It's great for everyone else that it launched as a free game on Plus for everyone else but.....I was kinda pissed.
  11. I have 8,822 unearned trophies as opposed to my 8,327 earned trophies, giving me a 45.5% completion. Honestly though, I don't see the point in prioritizing the completion rate. It's an interesting statistic but, beyond that, that's it. I mean, if you do, more power to you, but for me that would just lead to either playing games that you don't really want to play (because you need to keep that completion rate up even though you'd rather move on) and/or not giving games that you know you may or may not like a chance (because if you don't like it, you don't want to have to play it because you don't want it messing up your completion rate). And for me, an attitude like that would have kept me from giving the game Man Eater a chance recently. I started it not thinking that I was going to like it but was willing to give it a shot because it was free, and I was fully expecting to be done with it and wanting to move on within an hour or so, giving me more unearned trophies. If I cared about my completion rate, I wouldn't have done that. And, in this case, I would have ended up missing out because I greatly enjoyed the game. It's like platinuming an easy trash game, not because you like the game at all but because it's just an easy platinum and will increase that number. Just seems like it misses the point to me. But, like I said, if you care about it, more power to you.
  12. Never played these games, don't remember ever seeing or hearing about them even which is weird, but I definitely support this decision. Trophies are supposed to say that you're capable of doing something and that you've done it.
  13. You can like it or not, I thought it was pretty great while not being as phenomenal as the first one, but the game absolutely did very well commercially. That being said, their next game I'd like to see some new IP. A fantasy setting with their attention to detail, that could be really cool. Would really like to see them swing back around to the idea of having 2 teams though; seemed like it was pretty traumatic for the studio but if they could make it work and we get Naughty Dog games quicker, maybe one team works on the new IP and they other one makes a part 3, that would be very nice.
  14. I never played it on PS4 so I don't have that to compare it to but really a pretty smooth frame rate overall. I platinumed it and only noticed drops maybe 3 times.
  15. I think that they probably keep putting it on sale because it still sells. I think that it will eventually be a Plus game (either it or the remaster or both) but I don't think it's going to happen until closer to Spiderman 2.