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  1. In A Flash is currently bugged, but Show Me What You Got is also currently bugged. The trigger has changed for both of them, and Bungie overlooked the need to update the game to take into account the new triggers. They are aware of the problem with both trophies and will release a fix eventually. Lest Ye Be Judged is unobtainable until Trials of the Nine comes back. It won't be back until at least early December when season 5 starts, since Bungie said the mode will be gone for at least all of season 4 while they make changes to it.
  2. Prestige Leviathan is recommended 300 power. No DLC is required since 300 is the cap in the base game. Having to own DLC to do Prestige Leviathan was only a thing for like a week or so back when Curse of Osiris first came out. Bungie corrected it in short order after everyone complained.
  3. I bought Arkham Knight Premium Edition yesterday and now own every single thing in the store under Arkham Knight. That includes Scarecrow Nightmare Missions.
  4. Prestige Leviathan only has a recommended power of 300. You don't have to own any DLC to be high enough to do it.
  5. The old challenge system did count across multiple characters, but that was pretty much irrelevant as old challenges were simple to do and reset daily. For the new daily challenges, there's also a strike one. As well as Gambit if you own Forsaken. For the new weekly challenges, there are also ones from Ikora Rey for completing 20 bounties and the Vanguard for completing three heroic story missions. As well as Gambit if you own Forsaken. According to a poster on PST who just earned Challenges Accepted last night, challenges are tallied across all three characters. It appears that if you have the time to play on all three characters, you can get Challenge Accepted in a week.
  6. A guy on PST earned the Challenge Accepted trophy last night and said it popped after completing a challenge. He said the trophy counted his challenges cumulatively across all three characters. So apparently Bungie were aware enough to know they needed to update the trophy trigger for Challenge Accepted, but not aware enough to update the triggers for In A Flash or Show Me What You Got.... I was initially surprised on reading this, but in retrospect Bungie have been this inconsistent several times in the past.
  7. Ikora Rey's weekly challenge of completing 20 bounties didn't count any of the bounties I completed before Friday evening, well after completing the main Forsaken story. So it's also possible the tracking for Challenge Accepted is buggy regardless of what bounties you're completing.
  8. Most but not all. If a new player gets it within the first few days (multiple people did), then it's clearly not the new challenges triggering it since there simply aren't enough of them for a new player to get 30 done in one week. As to why you don't have it yet, I can think of several possibilities. Year one challenges didn't appear until you finished the campaign, so if you can get and complete bounties before that they may not count toward the 30. Only bounties for activities that existed in year one may count. That leaves out Clan, Eververse, Tangled Shore, Dreaming City, the random ones you can sometimes get from dismantling gear.... bounties from the year one planetary vendors, Shaxx, and Zavala may be it. The Crucible ones from Shaxx and strike ones from Zavala may not count at all since they offer five bounties and there used to be three challenges. Or those bounties may only count if turned in during the Crucible match or strike where they're completed. Or onlay bounties that correspond to something that was a year one challenge may count. One of the possible Mercury bounties is clear 7 areas in the Endless Forest, but that was never a year one challenge. Or they may have actually changed the trophy requirement to count up the new challenges and it's simply bugged for some people to pop early. I find that difficult to believe however, because if they'd planned to change that trophy they would surely have thought of changing the trophies for the Flashpoint and Crucible that aren't popping at all for anyone because the milestone mechanic was changed....
  9. I'm sure all the achievers on this page agree with your mistaken idea that it'll take a couple of weeks before anyone unlocks Challenge Accepted....
  10. Show Me What You Got has nothing to do with triumphs. It's not unlocking for anyone (unlike Fashion Statement, which is unlocking just fine for most people) because the way to get it no longer exists. Before Forsaken, you needed to complete Shaxx's weekly Call to Arms milestone. The milestone required you to kill approximately 100 opponents in Crucible. Now instead of the milestone there's a weekly challenge in the game director to complete 5 Crucible matches. Bungie need to update the game to have completion of that challenge be the new way to unlock the trophy, which will happen.... eventually. Probably around the same time they fix the Flashpoint trophy, which is similarly broken after that milestone also went away to be replaced with a challenge offered by the vendor on the Flashpoint planet.
  11. Masterwork cores before Forsaken only came from dismantling legendary weapons/armor that dropped already masterworked, which is purely random. You get 1-3 cores for dismantling a masterworked item. Now with Forsaken, Spider in the Tangled Shore also sells masterwork cores for legendary shards.
  12. The things you see that are now called "challenges" are either new additions to the game with Forsaken or used to be milestones before Forsaken. The Flashpoint "challenge" was a milestone. The weekly strike/crucible "challenges" were milestones. The daily strike/crucible "challenge" are new. They don't count toward the trophy Challenge Accepted. The things that USED to be called challenges before Forsaken, the things that used to count toward the trophy Challenge Accepted before Forsaken, are the things you used to see on your screen when you brought up your ghost on a planet, in a strike, in a crucible match, or in the raid. Kill 2 enemies in quick succession 10 times. Steal a pike and use it to kill 20 enemies. As a fireteam, generate 100 orbs of light. Capture 15 zones in Control. As a warlock, kill 5 enemies with Arc Soul. Bungie turned those things into bounties. What used to be the three daily challenges on each planet, you now buy as bounties from that planet's vendor. What used to be the three daily strike challenges are now five bounties you can buy from Zavala. What used to be the three daily Crucible challenges are now five bounties you can buy from Shaxx. If you want the trophy Challenge Accepted, buy and complete those bounties.
  13. You won't ever see a Class Relic drop in game if you use the Spark of Light (an option in the character menu this time around rather than an actual item). When you use the Spark, it not only bumps up your character level but also autocompletes the main story missions and automatically unlocks all the subclasses. A Class Relic won't drop for a subclass you've already unlocked. It's an oversight on Bungie's part, just another sign of how much of an afterthought trophies are to most developers. "Whoops, this change breaks how this trophy unlocks! Didn't think about that...." The game gets patched on a regular basis so it'll get fixed eventually. Probably sooner rather than later since it's obvious what the problem is. It's not a bugged trophy where they don't know why it isn't unlocking, like Student of History was in Destiny 1. That took Bungie a couple of months to figure out what was causing it to not unlock for some people. In this case, they know exactly why it isn't unlocking so the fix should be simple. Once they get around to it anyway.
  14. Challenges don't exist any longer. They've been replaced by the bounties you can get from Zavala for strikes, Shaxx for Crucible, the various planetary vendors (Devrim, Sloane, etc) for their respective planets, etc. Since the trophy Challenge Accepted is currently being unlocked, it appears that completing bounties is counting toward that trophy.
  15. I preordered the full year one collection, and then bought both TTK and RoI as they came out for a total of $70 for both of those expansions. $40 for TTK for owning all year one expansions, and then $30 for RoI for owning all year one expansions plus TTK. I'd check the store while logged in to see what the prices are for your account for TTK and RoI individually, since you already have the year one content. My guess is they haven't been discounted, which would make the complete collection at $60 the least expensive option to get it all.