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  1. Bungie's track record on keeping trophies obtainable as the game evolves has been pretty good so far. My guess is they'll change it from completing the Forsaken story to completing the story for any season. That's generic enough it'll be doable no matter what happens in the future. But that's just a guess. The safest thing to do is just complete the Forsaken story while it's still available. If you haven't bought the DLC yet, Bungie already announced the Forsaken story will be going free-to-play starting on 7 December. So everyone currently playing will have the opportunity to get that trophy before the Forsaken campaign is vaulted in February.
  2. That’s actually a very helpful response. They told you about a workaround for one of the two missing jobs (which is more than the other recent responses posted here), and suggested a way to bring the job without a workaround to the attention of people who may be able to do something about it. A well-worded and polite description of the problem with parachuting jobs sent via that link, as opposed to an angry rant that puts the focus on annoying customer service rather than the issue, may do some good.
  3. There were four exotic weapon quests from Forsaken: Ace of Spades, The Chaperone, Malfeasance, and Wishender. The Ace of Spades quest has been vaulted because it involved destinations that have been vaulted. The Chaperone quest got reissued or something when Beyond Light launched, as I had it pop up again for all three of my characters despite doing it back when Forsaken first came out. So it may not count any longer. If it does count, it's the fastest of those four quests to complete. The quests for Malfeasance and Wishender are still in the game. They're both somewhat lengthy. If the newer Hawkmoon quest from two seasons ago counts, that'd be ideal since it's still current content and also isn't all that lengthy.
  4. For Dark Age Arsenal, only Gambit weapons that were around when Forsaken first launched will count. Those weapons are: Hazard of the Cast - Auto Rifle Bygones - Pulse Rifle Trust - Hand Cannon Distant Relation - Scout Rifle Pillager - SMG Parcel of Stardust - Shotgun Dreaded Venture - Sniper Rifle Bad Omens - Rocket Launcher Malfeasance - Exotic Hand Cannon All of those have been sunset except for Malfeasance and Bad Omens. So you'll be using a sunset weapon in your energy slot, and unless you've got Malfeasance a sunset weapon in your kinetic slot. That isn't really a problem if you're not invading or trying to kill the enemy invader, since power level isn't going to matter for add clear and Primeval damage. Unless you've got one of those sunset kinetic or energy weapons in your vault, however, they don't drop any longer. Drifter still has both Bygones (kinetic) and Trust (energy) available to buy directly from him, so without any of the other weapons handy those are your only options. Which isn't really a problem, as Bygones and Trust are both solid weapons. You may have to reset your Infamy rank once or twice before you're able to buy all of those weapons from Drifter. I don't remember if that's necessary.
  5. Correct, only seals that were around when Forsaken launched count for that trophy. There are four qualifying seals still in the game: Cursebreaker (Dreaming City), Rivensbane (Last Wish raid), Unbroken (Crucible), and Dredgen (Gambit). Cursebreaker requires the Horror's Least auto rifle for the badge, which only drops from The Corrupted as a nightfall. It's not in the nightfall rotation this season, so the seal won't be obtainable until that strike is in the nightfall rotation again. Rivensbane requires your entire fireteam to go flawless in the Last Wish raid. Not easy. Unbroken isn't hard to get if you're good at PvP, but it'll take a minimum of three seasons because one of the triumphs requires you to get to a certain rank in Glory (Competitive playlist) in three different seasons. Most people go for Dredgen because it's doable in a single season and doesn't require a ton of skill. Just lots and lots (AND LOTS) of playing Gambit.
  6. Ubisoft completely revamped the Uplay system last fall. They autocompleted all challenges and unlocked all rewards for all of their games that had been released prior to the revamp. Going forward, only games released after the revamp (Watch Dogs: Legion was one of the first) will have challenges to complete and rewards to purchase.
  7. Playing on Permadeath gets you both trophies when you reach the center of the galaxy. It’s basically a stackable game difficulty that works like beating Uncharted on hard and also getting the trophies for beating it on normal and easy.
  8. It’s possible, but will require a lot of playtime. More playtime than if you had the latest DLC (Beyond Light) or the season pass, since those things make available additional powerful/pinnacle rewards (and additional bounties for leveling up the seasonal artifact). Older DLCs don’t have powerful/pinnacle drops any longer, so wouldn’t help with leveling. You still get the seasonal artifact without buying the season pass. So if you play enough in a season, you can get a high enough power bonus to mitigate having very few sources of pinnacle drops. Next season the power caps are only going up 10 points. So a pinnacle cap of 1320 and a powerful cap of 1310. If things stay the same for the GM nightfall, you’d need a power level of 1335 to be able to enter the activity. So if you only got to the powerful cap, you’d need +25 from the seasonal artifact to attempt a GM nightfall. That’s a lot.
  9. You don’t need the Forsaken DLC for the platinum, just for 100%. Note that with the Leviathan raid being vaulted when Beyond Light launched last year, the two trophies for that raid have changed. Instead of completing the raid on normal and prestige, you instead have to complete a nightfall on master and grandmaster. You’ll need to play a lot in a season to be high enough to do a grandmaster nightfall. This season, it required power level 1325 to enter the activity. Since power is going up by ten points next season, it should be power level 1335 then.
  10. Only seals that were around when Forsaken launched will ding that trophy, so that means Gambit, Crucible, or Last Wish out of the currently available seals.
  11. It should have been Warden of Nothing last week, but Bungie put the new Proving Grounds strike in then as the nightfall instead. And it’s Fallen SABER this week, which was the one after Warden of Nothing in the rotation. With four more weeks left in the season, I’m expecting we don’t see Warden of Nothing again before it ends. if that’s the case, you’ll have to wait to see what strikes are in the nightfall rotation next season when it starts on 11 May. Warden of Nothing, Broodhold, The Hollowed Lair, and The Corrupted are the four Forsaken strikes.
  12. All of the cooperative trophies, and two of the three competitive trophies (Duelist and Gemologist), can be done with only two people. But one competitive trophy (Ruthless) requires four people to start a match in that game mode.
  13. No one is saying that the ascendant challenges are going away this year. The Secret Victories emblem and the Destinations: Forsaken badge will both still be obtainable on 10 November. What people are saying is that anyone wanting the Destination seal, who doesn’t already have it, needs to have already started working on the ascendant challenges for the Secret Victories emblem. It takes a minimum of six weeks to get that emblem, so there isn’t enough time to start on it now.
  14. As Footballnut says, it’s 99% farming/collecting things. But one of the collectibles requires you to complete the Morgeth encounter in the Last Wish raid, since you can’t backtrack to that corrupted egg from the Vault encounter. Luckily, Morgeth isn’t a difficult encounter. But it does mean you’ll need 5 other people to get it, instead of just 2 other people for things like Shattered Throne or The Corrupted nightfall (need to farm the pulse rifle from that nightfall for the badge).
  15. EDZ and Nessus are staying for now, so In A Flash won’t be affected with what’s going to be vaulted next month. Considering that Dredgen is by far the most common title, I wouldn’t say that Seal the Deal is getting any harder. Dredgen was already the most common title even before they removed the badge requirement a while back, so it’s easier now than ever. No need to farm for meatball kills over and over again hoping to get lucky and have the sparrow/ship drop.