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  1. That's in the base game. The OP has stated multiple times he wants to know about the DLC. Seems like it's been answered already.
  2. It's now showing properly here too! Thanks! https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10829-quar-infernal-machines
  3. Quar: Infernal Machines (NA) synched to my PS4 tonight. It sorta synched here, but just shows as "Unknown (17804)"
  4. Just a heads up, the game synched to my PS4 trophy list tonight. It currently shows as "Unknown" on my trophy list here though.
  5. Hehe, holy crap....didn't even see the date on your post, I assumed it was recent since it's a recently bumped topic. Yeah, it's still up- sorry about that!
  6. Find someone who has them that will drop or dupe them for you.
  7. I haven't heard of it glitching. Maps 1-7 are the base game, 8-11 are the DLC. the DLC maps are extremely tough solo (Would take hours each), unless you are using/being helped by a character with modded weapons/armor. They were originally designed to be 8 player co-op maps. Where have you heard the servers are closing this month?
  8. I believe there is only 1 GOTY edition, the "Velvet" edition simply comes with a statue and some other goodies. I have the regular GOTY on Xbox, and the Velvet on PS3, and they are exactly the same version. Yes, they include the needed DLC.
  9. Atrocious vehicle handling is a ubisoft trademark.
  10. Glad there is an alternate that works, but the requirements haven't changed, it's just buggy I think. Tonight I was at 62 blueprints, bought 2 weapons (I'd bought 3 earlier) and it popped for me (I've never touched immersive mode). from talking to people playing the game, i think there is a lot of confusion about what weapons you buy. A lot of people are tring to just buy the weapons you are offered up on the 1st screen, you need to buy 5 weapons from the unlocked blueprints page.
  11. He's a new member, give him a break.... pretty sad you will make a point to bring this up in 6 years.
  12. I did only faction support missions and it popped no prob.
  13. This game does glitch a lot like that. You may have to quit out and start from the last save. IDL if that's before or after the Behemoth, but the game does save fairly frequently. I've come across problems like this maybe 3-4 times. I've never had to do too much after restarting.
  14. If you want to level up AFK there is a method. If you have wolves blood in you, wolves can't hurt you. Find a couple out in the wild to attack you, and walk away from your controller. You can level up both light and heavy armor this way.