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  1. Trump lost the popular vote...less people voted for him...but that's a whole different story.
  2. Most of the online can be done with bots (You can even set up 1 vs 1 games with another bot) You will need 1 other person for the trophies that say 2 or more human players required, but the rest can be done solo. You don't need more than one other person for anything. FYI One online trophy is potentially missable, so do it early on: "Level up on the game grid". If you max yourself to level 50 during the campaign, you won't be able to level up online (The game grid)
  3. Hi all. A patch was released for the game, and it's 100% playable right now. I can confirm, I am in a game with multiple people, and I *DO* have PS+. PlayStation 4 version.
  4. Yeah, it's $15 back if you spend over $100, not $15 back for every hundred you spend- at least that's how it's worked every other time they have done this promotion.
  5. Bulletstorm and Unreal are interesting cases. Both are on other platforms, only the PS3 versions are shut down- and both because they used gamespy.
  6. If Online support is pulled for PS3, it won't matter if you get trophies on a DNS server, because you would never be able to synch them to PSN.
  7. It doesn't matter if the DLC is delisted, as long as the code hasn't expired. Not long ago, I got a code for DLC on a game that had been delisted years before, and was able to download it just fine. Main issue would be making sure the code itself is still valid. (Sony would likely replace an unused expired code, but that's a hassle)
  8. Everyone's opinion is different. Far Cry 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and the game that brought me back into the gaming scene after an 18 year absence (Played it on PC, my 1st ever FPS....which led to me getting and Xbox 360, and than a PS3). I've played through the story quite a few times, it never fails to entertain. The trophies for online...those do suck though, and not something I'm going to bother with (Outside of what I've done) Did the grind on the 360....not gonna do it again.
  9. I got 3 trophies last night just for logging in- Customize a weapon, unlock 50 attachments, and unlock all original operators.
  10. Weird, I don't pay any tax on my PlayStation purchases, but do pay tax on my Xbox purchases. I just assumed PSN didn't charge tax (yet) for everyone.
  11. If you are going to mention Chromehounds, you should also mention that only the tutorials are still playable. It's a mostly online game with shutdown servers. You can still get 120/1000 Gamerscore I believe.
  12. While I'm not going for the trophy, I'd like to thank you for the selflessness you put forward over the past few weeks. The wear and tear on your PS3 was obviously a lot....and it's really cool that you helped people the way you did while you were able. True selflessness
  13. Agreed with you on that! Kane and Lynch also has a couple top the leaderboards ach's, but the game didn't have trophies...so it only effects 360 and GFWL.
  14. You clearly didn't play the last Friday the 13th game.....*shudders* Seriously, any game that uses players as hosts, and doesn't have host migration is shitty in my book.
  15. Just picked up Cars 3 today.