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  1. On XB1 I can confirm that having the radio sending out signals will draw enemies and make attacks happen more often.. Once you level your base up you will start getting attacked by the zombie guys and deathclaws. Once they start, raider attacks decrease. It's easiest to get the raider attacks out of the way early, so you don't have to worry about them getting mixed in with other attacks.
  2. Skate 2 and 3 were never officially shut down- only the 1st game was. The servers were just a horrible broken mess- Looks like EA fixed 'em up- I assume in preparation for a Skate 4 announcement.
  3. Please cite your source for this shutdown. Capcom has like...one game on any living system that's been shut down. Hell, MvC and UMvC on PS3 are still up and running just fine. Not surprised it's difficult to match up, Capcom does that on purpose for ranked fights.
  4. You just need 2 for co-op as well
  5. I'm literally doing it right now on the xbox 360, just checked my computer between wins. So yes, you can. Just have your second account retire as soon as the race starts, complete the 1st lap, and you will get the win. I've literally never seen a copy of this game on PS3, good luck!
  6. It's a standalone. I just finished the XB1 version today, and it honestly was a lot of fun....on the PS3 and 360 I completed it 100%- all the stuff beyond "completion" and I plan to do that again.....2 more times
  7. Holy cow, had never noticed that. WTF!
  8. It's not like they were hard or anything. The way they worked was pretty stupid, but they weren't hard.
  9. Just noticed this today. RIP, it was an outstanding program IMO. I just re-subbed in March, so I have 22 months to go.
  10. Nothing indicates it has to be real $$/ Not sure why you would even assume that...many games have trophies for purchasing items through the in-store game (Like rolltide said...using in game currency.
  11. No, it's long gone.
  12. You don't really need boosting contracts, just play regular ones...Most are fairly easy, especially the lower level ones. You may not meet all the criteria, but you still make good $. Even if you just get 100K per contract, you only have to do 10.
  13. It's free on XB1 and PC for NA...I haven't checked PS4 since I have the season pass....but I don't see why it would be free on only 2 of 3 platforms.
  14. Remember COD Modern Warfare remastered? it was a download, but you still needed the AW game disc to play it. That was some shady crap. They could do it that way, but my hope is that it's a separate download...that won't require the original game disc. As Klart said though, the rest of the DLC will certainly require the disc.
  15. Homefront wasn't even a Gamespy shutdown though, it was shut down by THQ well over a year earlier. Most Gamespy shutdowns only effect the PS3 version of the game...Homefront is dead on all platforms, and was before Gamespy was gone.