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  1. In the days of abundant 5 minute Plats, I find it off this game gets a complaint. At least you have to actually play it, lol
  2. Damn, there are some angry little people here. Several posts in a row with bitter hostility. LOL, too funny. Like Norphair said, move on. not worth having a heart attack over a silly digital trophy.
  3. Delisted doesn't mean removed from existence, just removed from the store. While there may be an example or two, I've never heard of codes not working because something was delisted. I've redeemed codes YEARS after delistings.
  4. Why? They don't owe anyone anything. If someone hasn't purchased them one of the 20 times they have been on sale (And still wants them) they will pay full price....knowing that it's their last chance to get them.
  5. ] My games have always updated to when I resubbed to PS+, been that way for a decade.
  6. I have nothing to add to this discussion. I just wanted to give you a shout out for calling people chuds, LOL
  7. You probably did lose it, as soon as it's developed you are added to a list of nuclear armed targets, which puts you right at the top of the list that people want to infiltrate and steal. You usually want to coordinate it so that you are online as soon as development finishes to disarm it.
  8. If you are past the point of no return...you can still return by joining someone else's game (As long as they aren't past the point of no return as well, lol)
  9. I'll never support this Dev, putting out TWO season passes on release date is too much IMO. That's clearly their focus.
  10. I grew up in the 8-16 bit era (More 8 bit). I generally enjoy retro games, but still can't stand theirs for the most part (Personal opinion of course)
  11. The VIP passes for F1 2011 and 2012 have been delietsed for years. If the codes are no longer good, IDK how long that has been the case.
  12. I dunno, even their piss easy games are all horrible piles of shit. I can't see why one being more difficult would be any different, outside of now being pain in the ass shit. Yes, I have a couple of their games on my profile, but I wouldn't call any of them "good"
  13. He never said he's unable to, he clearly states he doesn't know how to.
  14. You can join with 0%, but you have to have the game synched to your profile here.
  15. Played a little more last night, I actually was #1 on the weekly leaderboards, but that quickly changed. I ran into 2 die hards, one level 150ish, and one level 200. Another thing that keeps the PS3 so active when it comes to some of these older games is the free online gameplay. No other console, outside of the Wii-U allows free online gaming (And the Wii-U doesn't have many games with online play AND servers still up)