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  1. Actually it looks like it was delisted. Some games keep their pages, esp if there is DLC/themes etc still for sale. Sorry if I may have given you false hope.
  2. Ive noticed the PS3 store has been taking a long time to load the purchase button. I'd open the store page and let it sit for a minute or two. The price/purchase option should load in eventually.
  3. What I mean is, why the fuck are you writing in white letters? If you want help, don't make people have to go out of their way to see what you are asking.
  4. If it's like every other ubisoft game that has this same issue, you should be able to reconnect once you are past the log in screen.
  5. Why do you say silver are more rare? I looked at about 15 profiles from people posting on this thread, and only 1 person besides you had more gold than silver. A majority had less than 1/2 as many golds. Ah, I see. Your profile is filled to the brim with spam games, and of the ones I looked at, many of them had more golds.
  6. Would his post have made any more sense if he said PS3? IDK what he's saying, doesn't seem like he's talking about this game...but hard to tell.
  7. Probably not a lawsuit, lol. I'd imagine it would be easy enough to get a refund...but still weird it's still for sale, those servers have been down like a decade.
  8. I you look Fifa 17, 18, and 19 are also scheduled to shut down (17 for both, 18 and 19 for ps3 only) Ironically, I was looking on the store last night and saw EA was still selling the online pass for Fifa 11 for $9.99
  9. It's not a pricing bug, THQ announced the price change (See top post)
  10. It's going to be a lot easier with a real person, not a 2nd console.
  11. This gives childish tantrums a whole new meaning...I mean, what the heck.
  12. When I saw that earlier, I was like...well that's a 1st.
  13. No, because you need 8 people/accounts to test it out. I'd be willing (I actually still need one of the map trophies which *should* still be obtainable), as well as a couple others, but I'm only 1 person/account.
  14. It was too early in the morning for me to LOL that much.