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  1. Actually, it's never become unobtainable after just one season.
  2. Unless something has changed (And with 2K you never know) Another Day another Win should be obtainable during the 2018-2019 season. They have always been obtainable the following season.
  3. OOOH, gotcha. No, you do not need to do those for the achiever trophy. However, the can make your life easier
  4. What, specifically, is the "team quest"?
  5. It includes all the quests in the main game, there are no specific team quests...all can be done by yourself. Probably recommended to do them solo your 1st play through, to avoid glitches. Edit: If you mean main quests that you do with the AI team, then yes,...it does include those
  6. You can still download them anytime. I did notice the games were released on current consoles 7/28/16....it looks like it was delisted 2 days short of the 2 year mark.
  7. I had the same thing happen to me on the XB1 version, I dropped down to do another side op, and got confused because I dropped down right into side op 150....I cleared everyone out...but stopped before picking up the file...realizing what it was. There are 2 things you can do. You CAN abort the mission, taking you back to the helicopter. I didn't do this, but when I was getting frustrated during mission 45 I did see that it was an option. No fulton to worry about, it's in the main menu. Honestly, probably it's easiest thing to do. You can also request specific supply drops behind the palace. if you need a new weapon, better armor, etc. This does waste a little more time though, which can make things tougher.
  8. I may try that (That's something I'd been thinking of, just haven't done) but really, there are people with more trophies earned than I have unearned. Can't help you with your question...but I actually have not tried this. I'm going to try it this afternoon sometime and hope it works. Thank you
  9. Thanks for the response. My trophies are set to offline mode, though I have tried online as well. Mine gets to 10-12% slowly, than loses connection to the PSN server, or simply states an error occurred. Again, my PlayStation has done this for years, but now, no matter how many times I try to sync it, it won't make it to PSN (Previously, If I did it 2-3 times it would still fail, but would end up syncing with PSN) My new HD synced just fine for the 1st month, than stopped. So, 2 months before new HD- no sync at all. New HD sync fine 1 month- 3 months since, only able to snyc once, overnight. My trophies have refused to sync for 5 of that last 6 months. Even if I sync them for hours on end. I've been very busy, so I would work on it every other Sat or so to try to figure it out. About a week and a half ago, some time freed up so I'm trying to resolve this. At this point, there is nothing I can do that I haven't tried...that why I was hoping someone here had something similar happen and be able to offer advice. I've tried everything that came up when I googled the problem, multiple times over. There are people here with tens of thousands of trophies, and way more games than me. Do they have these problems?
  10. I have a decent connection. Everything I do is wired, I've never even set up Wi-Fi on my PS3 lol. I live alone, with nothing else running (Except my PC, but that's never been an issue before, and it's usually in hibernation) I usually have it at the other end of the house, but I brought it down here today and have it (Them, one at a time) directly hooked up to my modem. That the thing though...it did that for years, failing...but Sony (And PSNP) would still get the data after a couple attempts. Starting in 2018, it all stopped, except for the few weeks after I put in a brand new HD, and one night this month. I've literally let it synch over and over for 3 and 4 hours at a time, and nothing sychs up (did this probably 1-2 times a month, outside of march when it was working OK again)...Keep in mind I only have a few 0% "pending" Today I tried my main ps3 for 4 hours. Only my profile on that PS3. Nothing. Loaded up my 2nd ps3, rebuilt that database, and tried synching for 2+ hours, nothing. My 2nd profile on that ps3 synchs up just fine.
  11. So, back around New Years, my PS3 seemingly lost the ability to synch trophies. For years, it was slow...but after about @20 min of synching, it would match up with PSN (It would still say it failed, but after 3-4 times it would show up server side). I tried all the stuff I could find on the internet, rebuilding the database, etc. Nothing worked. Finally, my Hard drive took a giant dump, and I lost all my games, dlc etc (I had many saves on cloud though). So, in March I finally replaced the HD with a brand new one- because I really wanted to knock out some of the KZ2 trophies before the server shutdown. Through march, everything seemed OK. Come April...and I can no longer synch up with PSN. Since The end of march, my PS3 had only synched one time, an overnight synch in early June. (All I did was add a bunch of 0%'s). So here is my problem, I have a PS3 with a brand new hard drive, 99% of which is empty because I haven't re-DL'ed anything. It can't synch trophies at all. I just spent 4 hours synching today...nothing. It's only synched 1 time (Overnight) in the last 3 months, I've left in to synch overnight since, saves will update, patch applied to games Ive added...but no trophies. I pulled out my barely used 2nd console. I can't synch up there either. Ex, Killzone still shows at 16%. I rebuilt it's database today, and spent a couple hours trying to synch, nothing. When it would synch back in the day, it would get to 10-12% than fail (But like I said, after a couple times it would synch) April/May it would get to 94% and fail, never synching. Ever since the overnight synch it's back to 10-12% but won't synch even after several hours of trying. My PS4 also has had serious trophy issues. I could only earn one at a time, before having to shut down the system...start again, earn another etc. (If I "earned" more than one in a sitting...they wouldn't pop. I was doing Neverwinter at the time, so If I accidently "earned" a 2nd trophy, I would have to shut down, restart, and earn it again (Kill one more giant, grab one more piece of lore, etc) I finally gave up and bought a new PS4. Since them, I've had no problems with the PS4....but can't so anything with either PS3. Am I completely done with the ability to earn PS3 trophies and have them synch up? A new HD and trying my second console indicate that buying another PS3 wouldn't work. Has anyone ever heard of any trophy problems this extreme? Anything I might have missed trying?
  12. On XB1 I can confirm that having the radio sending out signals will draw enemies and make attacks happen more often.. Once you level your base up you will start getting attacked by the zombie guys and deathclaws. Once they start, raider attacks decrease. It's easiest to get the raider attacks out of the way early, so you don't have to worry about them getting mixed in with other attacks.
  13. Skate 2 and 3 were never officially shut down- only the 1st game was. The servers were just a horrible broken mess- Looks like EA fixed 'em up- I assume in preparation for a Skate 4 announcement.
  14. Please cite your source for this shutdown. Capcom has like...one game on any living system that's been shut down. Hell, MvC and UMvC on PS3 are still up and running just fine. Not surprised it's difficult to match up, Capcom does that on purpose for ranked fights.