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  1. Spec Ops has a cult following and is well known on dedicated gaming sites, but most casual gamers have long since forgotten it.
  2. I actually thing The Saboteur was my favorite game from the last gen. I 2nd Far Cry 2, a lot of people skip it because of it's online trophies (Which suck ass) but I love the campaign. I haven't had internet on my consoles for about 2 weeks so I've been replaying the campaign. Its not perfect (Enemies repopulate quickly, see you from 1k yards, and fast travel sucks) but it really was great for its time. On I haven't seen mentioned that I LOVED was Alpha Protocol.
  3. I thought people here hated exclusives (When MS has them) now you guys are drooling?
  4. If the guide says anything about specific people at specific places, ignore it. It's kinda randomized. Some depends on who you pick to play, but even than it can change around.
  5. NFS The Run still carries full lobbies on weekends. At least PSN Kept them up for the Day, Xbox deliested the DLC right away, so people didn't have until the end of the day to buy them. Honestly though, anyone here who really wanted them likely bought them during the PS3 store shutdown fiasco.
  6. Level 50 has always been the highest level trophy. Like da noob said, you have to be super high for the gegendary dragon to appear though.
  7. The trophy IS for upgrading 10 weapons fully. An intermark is say, from level 2 to 3, not all the little upgrades you have to do to to make that happen. I can see how it can confusing, but it's not glitched if you have to do 10.
  8. Mine was like this for quite awhile. For over a year, I couldn't sync trophies on (PS3) PSN because no matter what...my progress never gets past 12%. Luckily it randomly started syncing again at lower levels, so I usually stop it at 10% and they all sync up just fine. I haven't seen it hit 100% in yeaaars, lol
  9. I have the update Spyro version on XB1/// I was surprised when I put it in, and the whole thing was playable without so much as a patch. So, not shocked it was done on PS4 as well. On mine, there is literally no difference (I have it packed up right now so i can't check the insert) but it even still says "Content download required" on the box still, even though none is needed. I know that's not PS4, but I don't think they bothered changing anything with the "updated" release. Edit to address the above- Can't check date either, lol. Hopefully you are correct and there is a way to tell.
  10. They aren't nearly as sturdy as DS3's. If a DS4 is plugged in an falls off your leg, the connection port is (in my case) always damaged...meaning it will never charge up again. I've lost several DS4's that way. If a DS3 is plugged in and falls off your leg, you pick it back up and no problems. DS4's are way too fragile.
  11. I was thinking it might be something like that. Thank you both!
  12. On LBP1, there is nothing anywhere that even says community levels. I've watched videos that show it on the menu, but mine doesn't even have it greyed out...there is just just nothing there. Is it an option that unlocks later in the game? I've only played a level or two so far in the SP game. For LBP2, the option is there, but it's greyed out. I could connect online, but not to the Comm levels. You are probably right- working on it. I tried both versions of LBP 3 (After making my last post) and both worked just fine.
  13. I was able to get the trophy for sharing a picture today, and all my DLC levels (Incl Move) are available....but community levels are nowhere to be found in LBP 1 or 2 (The option is there on LBP2, but it is not selectable). Sad Sackboy face
  14. It was a genuine question. I haven't played the PS3 version in years, so I was literally unaware that it behaved differently than the other versions. I have no idea where you got "aggressive" from or why you got so defensive, but maybe you are a little more sensitive than most....I'll be sure to be super overly polite and careful not to offend you from now on. But hey, you responded with the "same respect" by not answering the (honest) question and stalking my profile in an attempt to invalidate my input. Two wrongs make a right, even if it's only a perceived wrong...right?
  15. You tell me to do "A little research next time", but throw shade on me when I asked you a legitimate question to begin all this BS. Nice. Cleggworth gave me more info than you did, with less attitude and stalking.