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  1. Yeah, it was delisted in Jan 2016. Kinda surprised the servers hung on this long TBH. I'd like help
  2. I feel bad for the guy who has hoarded the belts for years. Now how will he get attention?
  3. Is that how it works? All the people who want platinums always do it within the first year?
  4. The reason Tony Hawk 5 was so rushed/bad is because they had to release it by the day the license expired. If they didn't renew, I can't see this happening.
  5. Multiplayer isn't down.
  6. Went ahead and bought it on Steam, PSN and Xbox. Defo support this!
  7. I see it just fine, 5th one down.
  8. Starsky and Hutch season one. The 3rd episode showed them playing PONG (Tabletop, in a bar). The episode aired in '75. Wonder how man, if any, movies/shows had video games in them before that?
  9. There was a season pass kinda thing, but it didn't last very long. The Trophy DLC are title updates, not purchasable DLC.
  10. The main game has different difficulty options, but the challenges are set.
  11. I think it's on PS4 as well. I've been denied downloading games (for not having enough space) despite having more than enough space.
  12. Black ops 3 is 150GB on my system (with DLC), so it's not really that surprising. I imagine it will get bigger with patches.
  13. I recently got it on XB1, played for nearly 2 hours and never saw anyone. Checked the recent players list....and 2 were in the world I was in over that 100 or so min. Kinda felt like my own private world, lol
  14. I no longer look at the sales page on the PS4 because I'm tired of weeding through EA access crap. I just check the individual sales page(s), or see what I want here and go directly to it.
  15. According to TT, there are half a dozen or so people that earned online trophies in 2019, as recently as 2 months ago.