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  1. I wish. That would solve some of my current trophy problems. I've had to manually synch most of my ps4 trophies over the last week...they won't synch properly otherwise. Playing Telltale Walking Dead, I had to pop a few trophies 3 times before they would synch. I mean, the trophy would pop...but If I didn't immediately synch that individual trophy at the moment it pops, I'd have to pop it again because it wouldn't stick. I also had a problem with a couple not popping even after doing what I needed to a few times. At 1st I thought it was the game, but I logged into Neverwinter and 3 trophies I'd already earned "re-popped" They have the original timestamp, but the trophy image was that of my last log in. That really irks me.
  2. I don't have Voltron, but the rest can still be downloaded no problem. I even redeemed a code for SP's DLC a few months back...even though it was delisted I could still get it via the code. My impression this thread is supposed to be about games that you can no longer download, even if you've owned them previously.
  3. As far as I know, you can still DL it if you purchased it previously.
  4. You guys are lucky they left the prestige related trophies off of the PS3 list. Imagine prestiging 10 times on the hacked MP?
  5. Xbox version is still working just fine.
  6. I'm not sure about the validity of that timer....It's from a site not affiliated with anything to do with the game. It's past 5pm in California (Where I believe they are located) and that's generally close of business. Not to say that it isn't six for them, of course. I'm not playing it on PSN, but I'm trying to get done with what I can on Xbox. I have a handful of ach's I can get in the next few hours if it stays up past this supposed shut down time. I can absolutely see them pulling the plug earlier, but hoping it's a little bit longer than it looks like.
  7. Tomb Raider had one as well, for unlocking all the characters in MP. A patch removed the need for one of them, so you only had to reach level 60, instead of prestiging a number of times.
  8. I can't DL it either. I have the season disc on XB1 and was able to DL episode 5 no problem.
  9. Why hasn't anyone set up a petition for 7 day survivor in Dead Rising, LOL. That's 14 hours non-stop...one mistake....start over. If you don't have the time/skill to do it, live with the fact that you won't get it. I'll have a million trophies unearned because of both
  10. Did you read what you quoted? I no longer participate in sessions here, because of the nonsense that is so prevalent. I don't participate. No one is making me. It's my choice. Yes. What concequences do I want to see brought down on other people? Good boosting sessions? Reliable people?? Horrible things, I know. If you are implying I think people should be punished for excessive no shows/ruining sessions...yes, I do. That's never been a part of this site though, so like I said...I no longer participate. There are some really good boosters on here, don't get me wrong. However, some of us do really have hectic lives, and have limited time to game- it really sucks to have your time wasted (Again- I understand life happens...to everyone).
  11. Getting sidetracked with another game is no excuse. Don't sign up if you aren't going to try to make it. Yes, life happens- understandable- but the rate at which I see this happening here is silly. I quit participating in sessions here for the most part because this happened nearly every session (That requires more than 1 person).
  12. I honestly didn't know, I bought it when it came out, and haven't been on PSN a ton since. Bad practice I know!
  13. Yeah, I had the $25 season pass for Uncharted 4, so I guess that's it! Of course would have been nice to know before I got this disc
  14. I was looking on the Playstation deals last night in the PS store, and noticed this game was free. It's not PS+, but I did buy this disc version a couple days ago, if that makes a difference. Here is my receipt: UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy (Full Game) $0.00