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  1. When games are scheduled to shut down over a holiday weekend, they usually aren't taken down until it's a regular business day.
  2. It's real, I saw it announced on Xbox one a few months ago. Hopefully off Dreamcast, looooooved that game.
  3. Nice deflection. Look at yourself buddy, not me.
  4. Aren't you an edgy little thing, quoting a post that was resolved 6 months ago. Probably didn't even bother to read down. Seems you might need a little thicker skin yourself if you feel the need to make a useless comment on such an old convo
  5. Sadly, this is why these microtransactions won't go away anytime soon. Plenty of people spend hundreds of dollars hoping to get something good. 2K just made $100 off of you and didn't have to do anything.
  6. I delete all that stuff anyway so it doesn't matter to me (I didn't start off that way, I had to do something once to fix my PS4 and the walktrhough didn't mention that i should back up my screenshots, so I lost several years worth) Once those were lost, i gave up on them all together. It looked too weird having games that had photos for some trophies, but not for others. Edit: Heh, I remember when the PS4 would save the picture of the screen when the trophy popped, not when it was earned. I had several that were pics of my XMB or my trophy list....because they were delayed by like 30 seconds or more and I would check my list to see if it had popped and I didn't notice. Even though i eventually delete them now, I like it better the way it is now.
  7. Weren't the servers down for several months like 2 years ago? That should have been your notice to finish it if you really wanted to. The PS3 is soon to be 2 gens old. I'm surprised so many dedicated servers are still up.
  8. The Mexican Dream has just under 11K achievements.
  9. I can't imagine you would get flagged for that- I've had trophies glitch and not pop. Heck, I have a TELLTALE trophy that glitched, and luckily did pop after my 4th time playing through the chapter. Trophies glitch, it happens. That def wouldn't qualify as an impossible timestamp.
  10. Yes, Zombie of the year edition has the DLC included.
  11. Yep... because it was never released on XB1. The 360 version is back compat though.
  12. The SOCOM online community was the most toxic I've ever seen in my life.
  13. You need 3 for the medic trophy as well. The diamond glitch is pretty hard to mess up. Yes, it's worth it...it will save you a couple hundred hours of boosting. There is a 1500XP cap per round. level 20 is 250,000XP, level 30 is 1500000. With the glitch you only need to get to 250K. If you don't care how your trophy list looks, you can do the diamond glitch early. I think I de-ranked once I hit level 5.
  14. Most of the criticism I recall was because it launched with like...hundreds of cosmetic DLC's. That did not go over well, and turned people off from the game day 1. I've played it a bit, it's not a bad game at all IMO. probably gets repetative now that you can only play with bots though.
  15. That's how it works. I got Scott Pilgrim and on of the DLC's years after it was delisted, because Best Buy was still selling codes. i know they had one of the Little Big Planet DLC's up for years as well.