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  1. I hear ya, I only have one trophy from years ago, but I don't have room for the game on my HD lol
  2. You don't need ESO plus, and you aren't SOL. If you buy "ESO: Greymoor upgrade" (Currently 8.99) you only get Greymoor. If you buy "Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor" (Currently 14.99) you get the base game, and ALL previous upgrades. So for 14.99 you get the base game, Morrowind, Elsweyr, Summerset and Greymoor. (Even if you don't need the base game, it's a great deal since you missed the previous upgrades) I realize that's in the US and you are in the UK, but the prices should be similar if it's on sale there. Every "new" version has come out with an edition that has all the previous editions included, or a simple upgrade option for owners of the previous editions.
  3. Newsworthy has been unobtainable since last summer.
  4. I know this is old, but for anyone reading this....yes, you can do the level 30 glitch 1st. It is quicker to do it that way, since to are only deranking once (from 1 to 30) instead of 21 times (20 to 30).
  5. There was just a patch today to update the TOS. I think it's safe, this game still has a pretty active player base.
  6. No, you can do it all as soon as you go through the tutorial. Makes no difference when you do it.
  7. Servers were shut down in April 2013 i believe. All the other MX vs ATV games are still online though, only this one was shut down.
  8. Yes, as long as you own the game.
  9. I got my 1st win tonight, and I'm #14 on the weekly leaderboard. The top guys are level 110-200...so yeah. This is the only UFC game playable online on the PS3 , so not a total surprise (There are a lot of people that still only play ps3/360)
  10. Hacked. Look at their NFS shift- all the DLC was done in less than a minute. Since they are all grindy, you *could* coordinate them to unlock them fairly close together, but you would need to do at least 1 race for each trophy, not possible in 40 seconds or so. Also Shift 2, 1 DLC done in 9 seconds, and one done (again) in under a minute. Shoot, at 1st glance, The Shift look legit, done in 2 years. However, 95% of the trophies for each were unlocked in under 10 minutes, with 2-3 "unlocked" in 2018 to make it look legit if you don't look at the trophies themselves. Shift 2 has most of the badges unlocked seconds apart, and driver levels 20-50 unlocked seconds apart. I'll report those gamest those games. Fifa is spread out and you can't report a game for less than 3 bad trophies. IDK enough about Fifa to know appropriate times/orders so i can't report that one but maybe someone else can. Edit: The Fifa trophy is off the leaderboards.
  11. If you want to find someone not registered on the site, you can type their name on the front page and hit update user, that will scan them in. I think that's what your asking about anyway?
  12. Yeah, this was a crap bump.
  13. It was what, an 18GB patch? They must have done a lot more than remove Predator.
  14. Sadly, this is the state of gaming now. Most, if not all, major releases need to be patched pretty quickly. That said, I don't think anyone who is excited to play a game day one "deserves" a broke, buggy mess. They should expect it at this point, but they don't deserve it.