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  1. This game does glitch a lot like that. You may have to quit out and start from the last save. IDL if that's before or after the Behemoth, but the game does save fairly frequently. I've come across problems like this maybe 3-4 times. I've never had to do too much after restarting.
  2. If you want to level up AFK there is a method. If you have wolves blood in you, wolves can't hurt you. Find a couple out in the wild to attack you, and walk away from your controller. You can level up both light and heavy armor this way.
  3. Very cool of you (I don't need it)
  4. Hands you a cookie.
  5. Ok, gotcha man. We all know hard it can be read intent over text. Apologies.
  6. OP probably would have appreciated the link without the snide comment.
  7. I feel there should be NO trophy manipulation on an account. Deleting, hacking to add, etc should all be off limits. You played a game, that's on you. I even think the ability to hide games that aren't 0% is deceitful. If you want to start a new account to make people think you are a better trophy hunter than you really are, power to ya.
  8. That's not really the irony here. If someone says Edumacated, it's intentional...like the poster before me stated.
  9. Edited: Will wait until someone has better info, sorry. That trophy isn't flagged on other sites, but nobody has earned it in a month.
  10. I'm pretty sure you need 4 people for the 1st game. 2nd game you only need 2 for the trophies.
  11. 2K isn't bringing back the servers for a years old sports game that's only purpose was to sell the next installment (Now also offline). You could do what Solid-Fisch did and hide it, but than would be dishonest about your completion %.
  12. Just to add for the history of the thread- In the definitive edition, enemies always scale with you. On the PS3 version you could chose that, or to play against enemies at the hosts level (Which was great if you were low level joining a high level game...for XP)
  13. Oh wow, I had no idea. I remember NBA 2K18 being unable to synch for a year or so. I have THW Final Season (NA) digital, but haven't started it yet- hopefully the version that works (Should be).
  14. Bummer, thank you for the quick reply. You would think a low level developer like this would bend over backwards to win customers.
  15. I've always been tempted to try this out. Since I "purchased" it years ago, I may DL and play a some before shutdown. Not a compltionist so I'm not worried how time consuming the completion is. Between XB1 and here, no shortage of FTP games shutting down.
  16. Pretty sure he's asking about this one game specifically. Best to assume you are starting fresh. If they pop early, you know
  17. Man, this game. The 500 coins trophy didn't pop, and I didn't notice until after I got the 1200 coins trophy. Had to delete my save data and do it again. Boring, but at least it popped the 2nd time around.
  18. Hasn't this always been the case? That purchased DLC will only work with a disc from the same region as the DLC?
  19. Didn't see previous post. Beat me to it!
  20. Yeah, it was delisted in Jan 2016. Kinda surprised the servers hung on this long TBH. I'd like help
  21. I feel bad for the guy who has hoarded the belts for years. Now how will he get attention?
  22. Is that how it works? All the people who want platinums always do it within the first year?
  23. According to EA's service Page https://www.ea.com/service-updates/a-h EA SPORTS UFC - After five years of an incredible online community, the daily active playerbase in EA SPORTS UFC has reached a very low number and we can no longer ensure a quality online experience. As of December 2, 2019, the EA SPORTS UFC servers will be retired. After this date, you’ll still be able to play all offline modes on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  24. The reason Tony Hawk 5 was so rushed/bad is because they had to release it by the day the license expired. If they didn't renew, I can't see this happening.
  25. Multiplayer isn't down.