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  1. Hundreds and hundreds of games in my backlog. I don't feel any need to upgrade right now. If there are any great Xmas time deals I'll bite, but if not...I can wait another year or two (or three or four) before I upgrade. There isn't anything about the PS4 that makes me say "no" I just need to work on my PS3/360 stuff 1st lol.
  2. I feel sad that there are people who only enjoy gaming because of the trophies. Trophies are an awesome bonus, but I know I plan on playing my games past their "expiration date" I'd game with or without trophies/achievements/whatever. I amost prefer it...weeds out the people who only play games to inflate their trophy numbers. Also, I love the guy that said without trophies, playing games is a waste of time. Um...trophies aren't a waste of time than? Seems silly that imaginary trophies validate ones hobby. I honestly think Sony will support the PS3 for some time. Maybe not 20 years, but I can see 10. I know this won't go over well with more than a few people, but I wouldn't even mind it if (at some point) PS+ became necessary...if it will keep the PS3 up and running online longer!
  3. All my 0% games show up just fine....and I have quite a few, lol
  4. Thanks Dreakon!
  5. I'd love Red Alert 3: Uprising- Please and thank you Sorry no avatar pic, and I don't post a ton.... My Origin ID is Floorkiller, so you can see I'm real,
  6. That's how did it on 360- start a game solo and quit out when it started. Worked perfectly fine.
  7. Sounds cool- look forward to it, and I sure hope it does have trophies.
  8. It would be ridiculously unfair if that were the case....I can't believe people are still making threads about this after all these years. I do agree that 0%'s should be removable, lol
  9. Not only do you have to be there from the start, you have to be in the lobby before it starts. If you join after it leaves the lobby, but before the game starts...it won't count.
  10. Those games are so old, you have had plenty of time to get the online trophies. Removing those requirements would be a slap in the face to those that actually did them. I'm kinda sad to see CoJ go down, because I had hoped to do the co-op some day. I won't have time before the server shutdown. Oh well, I did the 2 online ones that could be solo'd tonight.
  11. Spaghetti Westerns. Now give me my toast
  12. You won't lose the save data from the DLC, but depending on the game, you may have an issue with it working properly if you don't reinstall the DLC with the game.
  13. I'm getting the message about online services being currently unavailable. I'm assuming this means they really are gone now.
  14. Looks like the online servers are completely down now. The only option you have to play is via a LAN connection, and you won't get trophies for that.
  15. 39 here...soon to be 40. Just got back into gaming shortly after my 36th birthday, so I have a lot of catching up to do still, lol. I kinda prefer gaming with people my age because we have been around long enough to know what's important in life! I work with teenagers, and they always seem shocked that I'm into gaming Edit: Not moving onto PS4 anytime soon I'm afraid. I have well over 17K unearned trophies on my PS3 (Don't even get me started on my 360) Unfortunately I really don't have much time to game...so that backlog should last me until all servers and such are shut down, haha. Honestly, If I could get 1/2 of those in my lifetime I'd be pretty stoked. I don't do the long grinds, or stress over ultra hard difficulties. I do have trouble letting go of collectables however...
  16. From ages 18-36 (1992-2010). I had other priorities in life
  17. All I know is that as soon as I'm observing/tailing someone, they stop whatever they are doing and come looking for me...I guess that would explain it.
  18. June 30th I believe.
  19. Rockstar has made it very clear that GTA4 and RDR servers are not going down.
  20. I stand corrected, you are not the only one. Some assholes are happy to see servers go down, when they already have their trophies..
  21. Yes, you are. I never like hearing about any server going down. Sounds like you were your own problem- You didn't need to do any of that. I don't do "grinds" if they aren't fun...but yeah, I understand about people becoming hounds haha. I keep getting requests for FEAR 2...which I won't grind. Also, Rockstar has stated that Red Dead and GTA 4 will not be going down, and that Midnight Club will go down June 30...another month from now.
  22. I believe Gamespy has been extended to June 30
  23. Mine had the mask
  24. The only thing that really irritates me is that if someone hacks you, you lose your current objective (Because finding them becomes your objective), Twice, I've been on the way to Convoy markers when I was hacked, and both times the Convoys disappeared. Neither have re-appeared In my world so I'm stuck at 16/18 done. I'm hoping they appear again later. If you disable your internet, you can play without getting hacked, or losing notoriety. The game will simple not be able to connect to the server. That's what I'm doing from now on. (I have some good notoriety because I killed the hackers 2 of the 3 times I was invaded) Edit: Played all day today, and neither Convoy re-appeared I just play this now with my Ethernet unplugged. Edit Edit: The last 2 finally re-appeared. I had remembered where one was, but it just wouldn't appear. It finally did!
  25. Di- Trials are still up I'm into some FEAR 2 MP, but I'm not into doing the full grind. If you want an extra person to help with the few hour trophies...I'm in.