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  1. If it's all on disc and locked behind a code, it's a FAIL. If you don't think so, you companies control you. Also, while a lot of people play online...this game has  very, very robust SP offerings. For trophies, I believe only 2 require multiple players, with only another 2 needing an online connection (I could be wrong, but the trophies ARE dominantly SP)


  2. 10 minutes ago, TheSledgeAce said:

    Live events still up?



    Well, you could always look at the recent winners of the trophies. If you did that, you would notice people were still earning them yesterday. 


  3. This happened to me on my 1st PS4...kind of. trophies would only pop if it were within 15 or so min of me turning the system on, and only one would pop per session (Meaning if I wanted 2 trophies I had to shut down and start the system up again). Also, every time I would log into neverwinter....all the trophies i had previously earned would re-pop (meaning every trophy had the same screenshot). I tried everything i could think of....what ultimately solved the problem was getting a new PS4....


    Edit: This was several years ago, so had nothing to do with the new update. 


  4. 24 minutes ago, dzstrpc said:

    I believe Rainbow Six Siege is ''free'' also. I've never played it but got 13/13 rewards.

    Can also confirm that your PS3 games are included. Never played Splinter Cell Blacklist but got 3/3 rewards.



    OK, I thought so on Siege buy wasn't sure. I don't believe those are the same rewards it had before, but I hadn't played in so long I wasn't positive. I did notice AC Unity lost most of it's rewards (Went from 30+ to 4) and the side scrolling AC games went down to 2 a game (Used to have 6 each I think).Thanks for the confirmation on PS3


  5. 1 minute ago, dzstrpc said:

    Noticed this to. Bad thing is you're now locked out of unlocking the ''Show me the money'' badge in all the games you got rewards unlocked for free.

    As a completionist that kind of bugs me, that I can't unlock all badges.

    Talked to ubi support about it, and they said the club is undergoing changes until the 28th, when Ubi Connect launches.

    Also AC Odyssey and Steep now says ''Rewards unavailable'' if I login to the club and app.

    Guess we'll have to wait til 28th to see if things are corrected or not.



    Odyssey and Steep are having that issue across all platforms. I'm assuming they are transitioning the listed games over the next week, and those may be the 1st 2. All the others currently work (Ive never started hyperscape so i can't verify that one).


  6. Just a FYI to anyone that may care, all rewards from the Uplay/Ubisoft Club are now free for all games on PS4, except the following:


    AC Odyssey

    For Honor




    Rainbow Siege

    The Division 2



    ALL rewards in all other games are now 100% free. No more meeting the requirements, etc. You don't even need to go into the ubisoft club and unlock them, they all unlock as soon as you log into the game. The Division, Wildlands, all the Far Cry games, Watch Dogs 1 &2, Hasbro games, The Crew 1 &2, Trials, Rayman, all the Just Dance games etc. 


    This also applies to XB1 and PC. haven't tested on PS3 or 360, but Ive heard it applies there too (For the games that Uplay still works on, which is limited). I'll follow up on those later






  7. I don't know about Playstation 4, but it was removed from the XB1 store some time ago, and they did give a heads up beforehand (I assume it went down on PS4 at the same time). Funny thing is, it's still available digitally on Xbox 360. 


    Edit: It was delisted on XB1 Jan 1, 2019


  8. 14 minutes ago, MidnightDragon said:

    Try earning another one and see if that fixes it. Also, try rebuilding your database. Hoping your profile hasn't been corrupted. :( 



    Thanks! I bought a new game today, so I installed it and synched up the 0%, and it got my trophies from yesterday to stick (And also updated my trophy level to the new system)


  9. Still stuck on 29. Just got a plat and didn't add to my % even though it's synching successfully (So it says) It's really not because I updated here and it's not here either. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon...


  10. Sigh. Mine hasn't changed over yet, but I just got an easy plat and the while it says the trophis synched- my % didn't go up and my plat number didn't change. Hasn't synched on here either. Wonder if that's related?


    Edit: Did a force synch, amf it's still not updating properly (Even though it again appeared to be successful). Also noticed my dummy account has been updated, but not mine. About 20% of my friends list is still on the old system too. 


  11. 6 hours ago, Darling Baphomet said:

    Great month for PS Now!


    We're getting Days Gone, MediEvilFriday the 13thTrine 4: The Nightmare Prince, RAD, and MX vs ATV All Out.


    Interestingly, only Days Gone is temporary, expiring on January 5th, 2021. The rest will be on the service (theoretically) permanently. Highly recommend anyone who likes open world games check out Days Gone - it starts off slow, but has become one of my favorite games of the generation. RAD is pretty fun too.





    Good Games. 


  12. RUSE is P2P, Burnout is server based- RUSE will be up as long as PSN is. Uplay is disabled, that's what the server shutdown did. Id Batman still up? I know they finally shut it down on Xbox a few weeks ago.