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  1. You don't. It is your fault, you started the game 5 years ago, so you had plenty of time to get them. IMO, If you hack trophies, your entire account becomes invalid. Once someone has hacked a trophy, I don't consider a single other one legitimate. And no, you don't deserve an update that unlocks the trophies automatically, no matter how easy they were.
  2. And hopefully PSN as well.
  3. I'm pretty sure you need 4 for the basic online stuff.
  4. Man I could understand if the guy asked for help with a few trophies (Which I still think is bad...if you can't get em, you can't get em IMO) but to ask you to go from 0% to 100%? Why did he even buy the game?? That said, his def lowballed you if you were to consider it, based on time...as others have pointed out.
  5. Try finding a random playing that game and you may understand a bit better. It was dead day 1. It's not your typical online type game, so it never had any players.
  6. I'm aware of the possibility the games will be undownloadable. Hasn't happened yet though. I actually haven't downloaded it because my PC is too old to ply the game...sad, I know. I must have got it in a bundle, because I wouldn't have purchased it alone. FYI Fable 3 isn't rare. You can still get game codes on Amazon (That will redeem though steam)...the DLC is another story though. https://www.amazon.com/Fable-III-Online-Game-Code/dp/B00AR03O8I/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=fable%2B3%2Bpc&qid=1562912526&s=gateway&sr=8-1&th=1
  7. Are you sure you owned it on Steam? I can't see it being removed for you but still there for me....I don't think I've ever heard of games being removed from Steam accounts before either (unless it was obtained illegitimately I guess.)
  8. Minecraft Story Mode is still in my steam library (Not Downloaded) Download starts no problem.
  9. My PS4 won't even let use a 2nd external HD with my 1st one unplugged. it says I already have external storage, and to use that. Also, my PS4 said I was out of room with 110 GB left.... Edit: I once had to uninstall 90GB worth of games to DL a 6-7GB DLC....iy said in needed like 500MB more free space to DL it….
  10. I DL'ed Scott Pilgrim on my ps3 on June 2nd, so that still works just fine. I'm pretty sure Too Human will still DL as well, it does on the XB1 anyway.
  11. There is 501 days, 19 hours left on the current live event. Likely safe until that's over.
  12. Back to the Future is all gone, unavailable for purchase.
  13. I've found at least some Codemasters DLC only works for the person who bought it (Dirt 3 and Showdown for sure....maybe Grid 2 and autosport?...but I can't recall 100% on those) I haven't come across any others. Edit: I've never tried on PS4 though.
  14. That said, the Collection is all on disc anyway, no episodes to download.
  15. This game triggers Broflakes and homophobes? I look forward to playing it.
  16. So you probably shouldn't bring it up then.
  17. Yes, they have to be installed from inside the game itself. Edit- it does tell you in game if they are installed. just click on Episodes...it will say installed or not installed....
  18. Defensive mode will be great for those that don't like to deal with trolls, and kill challenges. https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360022898254/RDR2-Title-Update-1-09-Notes-PS4-Xbox-One?_ga=2.102092225.1782248985.1557838376-925563754.1557420114
  19. I can check on mine when I get home- I still have the disc somewhere....I'll see what it will allow me to start to DL (I'm in the US) this wont be for another 8 hours or so though.
  20. Not GOT, but I literally played Telltale Batman PS3 last week. I have the season pass disc, and didn't DL any episode until I was ready to play them. So, I was able to DL 4 episodes last week from the disc. If Batman works fine, GOT should as well. FYI with both there is no code, the disc is access to the episodes in the store.
  21. Namco rarely shuts down servers...and when they have, they have always given ample notice. Just because there is a hiccup one day doesn't mean the game has been shut down.
  22. You are correct. You do also need 3 for the multi-kills, but a lot of it can be done w/ just 2.
  23. You're right, my mistake. The XP still shouldn't be capped when deranking though....I guess I could be wrong.
  24. It's been a few years since I did this on the 360, but the deranking didn't take me anywhere close to 39-50 hours. Maybe 2? There is no 1500XP limit for deranking like there is for ranking up, so you aren't limited by that. All told, according to the in game clock to took me 69 hours to do it all, and that was with some random games much goofing around to kill the boredom of the grind.
  25. That needed a serious trigger warning I guess.