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  1. That said, the Collection is all on disc anyway, no episodes to download.
  2. This game triggers Broflakes and homophobes? I look forward to playing it.
  3. So you probably shouldn't bring it up then.
  4. Yes, they have to be installed from inside the game itself. Edit- it does tell you in game if they are installed. just click on Episodes...it will say installed or not installed....
  5. Defensive mode will be great for those that don't like to deal with trolls, and kill challenges. https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360022898254/RDR2-Title-Update-1-09-Notes-PS4-Xbox-One?_ga=2.102092225.1782248985.1557838376-925563754.1557420114
  6. I can check on mine when I get home- I still have the disc somewhere....I'll see what it will allow me to start to DL (I'm in the US) this wont be for another 8 hours or so though.
  7. Not GOT, but I literally played Telltale Batman PS3 last week. I have the season pass disc, and didn't DL any episode until I was ready to play them. So, I was able to DL 4 episodes last week from the disc. If Batman works fine, GOT should as well. FYI with both there is no code, the disc is access to the episodes in the store.
  8. Namco rarely shuts down servers...and when they have, they have always given ample notice. Just because there is a hiccup one day doesn't mean the game has been shut down.
  9. You are correct. You do also need 3 for the multi-kills, but a lot of it can be done w/ just 2.
  10. You're right, my mistake. The XP still shouldn't be capped when deranking though....I guess I could be wrong.
  11. It's been a few years since I did this on the 360, but the deranking didn't take me anywhere close to 39-50 hours. Maybe 2? There is no 1500XP limit for deranking like there is for ranking up, so you aren't limited by that. All told, according to the in game clock to took me 69 hours to do it all, and that was with some random games much goofing around to kill the boredom of the grind.
  12. That needed a serious trigger warning I guess.
  13. This is like Middle School...problem gets solved, and then some other kid comes along trying to start it up again...
  14. It's silly to play games from previous gens that you missed because you didn't play on that platform? I think that seems perfectly reasonable. This thread reeks of fanboyism.
  15. Blck Ops 3 (PS3) Socom confrontation (PS3) World of Tanks (Pretty much all FTP games really) Tom Clancy Rainbow six siege. ( O know there are training missions, but you need to be connected) Tom Clancy Division (Prob 2 as well) For Honor guess these aren't all PVP, but yeah. PUBG- Don't own it, but I assume
  16. I have to manually sync all mine, or wait until like 5am for my ps3 to do it automatically. Hell for the last year they wouldn't sync at all even when left online.
  17. I'm sure it's no.2. Not many (if any) games will let you play an unpatched game with a save made from a later version. I've personally never encountered no.1, except Jimmie Johnson on the PS3, but they have different trophy lists...so different save files.
  18. My PS3 has been fine synching since DLing the patch. I've even added more 0's w no issue...hopefully that continues. There are plenty of people with more games on their tag than me, and I don't buy 0's being any different.
  19. Deluxe edition is the normal version of the game, just comes with extra DLC. It's not some separate game.
  20. This patch Dl'ed no problem. Upon downloading it, I synched my trophies- took about 2 hours. Earned some more PS3 trophies today, synched in maybe a minute. I've only been able to synch my trophies twice in the last 14 months (Once after trying for a couple hours, and once after I got a new hard drive)- so i'm really, really hoping this patch allows me to get trophies on my PS3 again- I miss getting trophies on le PS3
  21. I really wish I could play my PS3...but both my consoles quit synching trophies over a year ago (I got one to synch once last year after giving it a new HD...but after the initial update...nothing)
  22. I always play the Ubi demos- you always get a uplay unlockable only available to people that play the beta. Well, I guess a lot of people don't care about that stuff..but I like em
  23. Yes, but they don't call it uplay anymore. Now it's Ubisoft Club. Same points, same rewards though.
  24. When you earn an achievement while connected to MS servers, the achievement is permanent the moment you earn it, unlike PSN. So yes, you are stuck with it. You can make a dummy account (to try out games), but you can't move progress/achievements from that over to your main account. If you play offline and earn an achievement, recovering your profile will delete it, as long as you don't connect to the xbox servers. Edit; As stated above, trueachievements is the best site for Xbox ach's out there.