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  1. Hi all, I'm currently playing NFS: Heat to get the platinum, so I would love to join some 50 LVL crew in order to contribute my points in the process and also get the trophy at the same time. PSN: Thommasz Thanks
  2. Yeah, I hear you... that's the reason I'm not playing on Switch. But once in a while, there are games I get obsessed over and want to do everything in them.
  3. Mission complete 🏆
  4. Speaking of mad respect... DMC5, Vanquish, and Wolfenstein II platinum? Suddenly Cuphead S-rank feels like a walk in a park
  5. Ok, main game done all bosses (S-rank) and pacifist runs bellow 2 mins (except for Dice he is bellow 4). Now I can say that Cala Maria is up there with Wally Warbles. Primarily because of the last phase and randomness of freeze vs. obstacles. Seems more about luck than other fights.
  6. I have Isle 1, 2 & Hell done. The 3rd Isle is only missing Cala Maria for now. The most reps for me were Hilda Berg and Wally Warbles (I would say within 30 restarts). The rest of the bosses went down within 10-15 restarts, some even 5. From the DLC bosses, I have S for The Howling Aces (probably the easiest to S-rank) and Chef Saltbaker - the rest will come after Isle 3. Playing with Ms. Chalice makes it more doable IMO.
  7. Not for the trophy but you can get a special Ms. Chalice costume (filter in the menu) by beating all the original bosses with her. Even on the easy difficulty. The cactus character near the campfire will give you the reward eventually.
  8. I adore Cuphead, and since I already achieved 100% on trophies, the decision to go after all s-ranks followed quickly. Is anyone also obsessed enough to undertake this calling? Sidenote: While trying a few bosses with Chalice, I noticed that time doesn't matter with this character. I finished two bosses with time over 2 min (white text, not gold) and still got an s-rank. Not sure if bug or a feature but the OCD part of me is still going after the "proper" way. Current progress: Island 1 and 2 are done... heading to the 3rd one.
  9. Probably late to the "party," but I noticed that if you stay away from the center of the boss (the area with the eye) and stick to the edges of the screen or at least the lower part, the eyeball will not spawn. I finished the level yesterday on my third "insane" try.
  10. Hi there, before jumping to the game again on PS5, I'd like to ask if someone can give me a "taxi service" on my ps4 permadeath save. My psn is @Thommasz - I can try to give you an accolade (PS5 feature) as a reward
  11. Congrats, man it's a great overview of what to expect - I'm about to try it tonight. Seems stressful, but after 100% on both Joe Dangers and Cuphead, I kind of know what to expect when it comes to focusing and emotions
  12. Yes! A recent update changed the 10,000 miles trophy! Now it's only 1,000 👏
  13. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla First ever platinum, on PS3 was AC:II Firs platinum on PS4 was AC: Black Flag My 100th platinum will be AC: Oddysey So the AC series has a special meaning for me in the gaming "career".
  14. Furi has "speed run" trophy and overall it feels more stressful. Cuphead is hard but with instant restart, it's just about how fast you can learn the patterns. Personally I would say that Furi was harder but maybe it's caused by the "difficulty hype" around Cuphead. Don't get me wrong, IT IS HARD but the way people talk about it like one of the hardest games ever raised the expectations for me and I was surprised in a positive way. If they would add S-rank all bosses trophy, it would be a different story for sure. I'm a bit worried to see DLC trophy list... this can easily be one of the additions.
  15. Going after all A+ was actually the hardest on my first run (I abandoned that on Isle III - specifically on Rumor Honeybottoms - beehive level)... as soon as I switched to the mode "I'm happy with A- now to get the plat and focus on S-ranks after" the game became more accessible for sure! But given the initial mode, Grim Matchstick was certainly a challenge. Also, I figured that going after every boss just with the default shots and not adjusting "loud out" based on suggestions was another crucial mistake that made my life unnecessary harder