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  1. When I finally got all the artifacts and the trophy didn't pop, I tried putting all the artifacts on all of my characters and it didn't change a thing. I have all the fire lit in the room and nothing changed.
  2. I had to go to the final boss on my 3rd run to get all my weapons to lv10 And yes all your upgrades stay for every challenge mode that you want to do. I basically can go for another run with all my weapons upgrade to max
  3. Fastest achievers for Unmechanical (ps3) 1h20 tied with the 11 and 12 And 14th first achievers for Borderlands 2 (ps4) 37th fastest achievers with 4 days 5 hours
  4. Green box = 100% You need to get all the Accolades in the mission.
  5. Yeah I like it too, i just didn't want my trophies to be on the same date and hour just because i used my cross save. First thing I'll do is look for Michael Mamaril and Jimmy Jenkins
  6. I already have the platinium on my PS3, if i use my old save with the Cross-save thing will the trophies just pop or i need to get them all again ?