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  1. Final Fantasy XIII-2, still need to play that one after I played FFXIII
  2. Ok, so almost 3 years later I decided to update my checklist lol, there's alot of new trophies added but what do you expect in the span of 3 years. Almost reaching 100 Platinum trophies now..
  3. Platinum #75 Ninja Gaiden S2, one of my hardest platinum trophy so far ;)

  4. Do you even collect?
  5. Bastet Anubis Ma'at Isis
  6. Lol, funny video
  7. A: Thoth B: Hapi C: Tefnut Anubis E: Ra F: Ma'at G: Horus H: Isis
  8. Goodluck
  9. RIP Robin Williams.

    1. ThyBolloxx
    2. Masamune


      Yeah, I just seen that on the news :(

  10. Late gratz on dat mortal kombat trophy. Seems like you had the dedication after all
  11. Nice list and i see you have some games left to complete so keep going Goodluck.
  12. Edit: #52 Crysis 3 Difficulty: 7 Fun Rating: 6 #53 LittleBigPlanet Difficulty: 5 Fun Rating: 8,5
  13. LittleBigPlanet Platinum #53 ^_^

    1. Waffle-Sensei
    2. GIennb


      well done looking farward to lbp 3 :-)

  14. Wow, this looks pretty fun.
  15. 52th Platinum: Crysis 3