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  1. I've been playing through the game recently and have also read about the glitched trophies. I decided to take my chances and got both of them without any issues. As far as I can tell they've been patched. The trinkets one unlocked as soon as I returned to the hamlet after aquiring the last shambler trinket, while the goals one unlocked during the mission results screen as soon as my abomination reached lvl 6. It seem like you only need to complete the roster goals, I still had one boss to beat when I got the trophy. I played the whole game on the vita. I have it installed on my ps4 but, I'm almost certain I never played it there. I'm aware that this is a 2 year old topic, but guides still list these trophies as glitched so I thought I'd share my experience.
  2. It´s been a while so don´t take my word for it. Ghost are displayed after you set your new high score, and when you exit the challenge, or turn off ghosts they stop appearing until you set a new high score. You have to be within a certain range result wise to be able to see someone´s ghost. And sometimes they just don´t work, it´s weird
  3. I got it. Finally!!! Thank you op! I never deleted a game from my memory card faster. It´s a shame, I played through the wholle game with a firend on his xbox a few years back and had a blast. The single player levels are great, and the challegenges would be okay if there weren´t trophies attached to them. I usually research every game I buy to make sure there´s no bullshit involved, but because I already played the game and loved it, Origins as well, I bought this without a second thought. Setting up such a high bar for a single trophy that is not present in any other version of the game is ridiculous, especially since the vita version is most likely the one with the smallest playerbase. If it was at least 2% I would have had probably 10 diamond cups by now. The small playerbase, combined with the fact that there a people playing the game since launch made for the worst trophy hunting I ever had. I played this game from October to December every day, I could have had at least 3-4 other games completed in the time I wasted on this. This game almost single-handedly made me lose interest in trophies for quite some time now, and I don´t think I´ve ever been so mad at a developer over such a stupid reason. Even without the trophy aspect, whose idea was to replace almost half the levels in the game with murfy gimmicks? They removed perfectly playable and fun platforming levels, in a platforming game, for screen swiping fest with a braindead ai. Why so many of them? It´s gonna take a while before I buy another Ubisoft game. I bought Child of Light a while on a recomendation, but I just can´t start it because the Ubisoft logo pisses me of so much. Anyways congratulations on everyone who got this trophy today and that goes tenfold to those who got it legit. Also even though I was pretty pissed at the players hogging the top spots daily, it´s not their fault. They enjoy the game and wanna play it and that´s fine.
  4. Thats a bummer man. I remember seeing you pretty high up on the leaderboards a few times. I was also close a couple of times, never this close though. I´ve given up at this point, this trophy is bullshit. The only idea that I have is a thing another user here did a few weeks back, which is trying to organise a session with as many people as possible so at least there are more spots for diamond cups, to prevent these types of situations
  5. "Ubisoft servers are momentarily unavailable. Please retry later." Anybody else getting this message, I managed to get 555.99 and it said diamond but I cant access any online stuff for the last hour or so
  6. more often male, depends on the game i guess
  7. arkham asylum - cool game, but those challenges... metro last light - save file got corrupted while cleaning up trophies, all collectibles gone, havent played it since mortal kombat - online sucks, cant do 4 hit combos because of lag jak and daxter 1 - loved crash and spyro while growing up, ratchet was also amazing, had some fun with sly cooper games, so i decided check out jak and daxter hd collection. around 15 min in realized i hate the running speed, jump distance and height, spin attack lenght, etc. frustrated by thoose i was way less forgiving for the game not aging well, also some problems i heard were port related, ocassional mising sound effects for example. oh, and "secret ending" door requires 100 power cells, and the game has 101 of them, so i thought the last one is behind the door, and after a cutscene i would return to the game to get the remaining orbs. nope! i went through the door and got thrown out to the main menu, only to realize i havent saved in ages (ok that one is my fault, but still) i still cant belive how much that game pissed me of over the course of 2 days
  8. i think killzone 2 was the first one i played, not sure and because i didnt have a psn account at the time, there are no timestamps to prove it
  9. demons souls bioshock tekken tag tournament 2 metal gear rising revengeance
  10. mostly a bunch of ps1 games i missed out on devil may cry 4 and valkyria chronicles would be nice
  11. pretty much all of the above a better search engine would be nice
  12. well i havent played all of them but ctr is the one where i spent the most hours by far so yeah that one
  13. only buy new (new as in not used) i got my ps3 in late 2012 so most of the time i buy games that are few years old and pretty cheap basically im always a year or so behind (apart from the ps+ stuff)
  14. hmmm, would probably burn through games faster, but would stil try to beat most of them to completion