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  1. Well, at least I got Pure Correspondence on Pure Chess out of the way on Vita.
  2. I'll check when I get home from work for LoS NA
  3. Crap, I was wanting to go through the dlc for Lords of Shadow 1... Most if not all my games updated except that one.
  4. Haven't touched IV in awhile. Got the online done asap. As for hardness, idk yet cause I'm still early in the story. Time consuming is possibly more accurate maybe?
  5. Dragon Quest XI.
  6. Honestly, it wasn't on my radar mostly because I didn't hear of it. I'm too focused on backlog as it is, as well as focusing on life stuff. Whether I get it or not, I'll see.
  7. Grindfests like Mortal Kombat (it isn't that I won't do it but just I worry about my system with trophies like that), I'm still working the Vita version in spurts. Online trophies like say trying a match isn't bad, but unnecessary multiplayer like Arkham Origins or luck like Uncharted... Just no. Other than that, usually I can manage... but my backlog is so big some games I'm forcing myself through.
  8. I have a physical copy, I can make room again.
  9. Wow... that's somewhat a disappointing way to finish. I had a better time with Barnabus and Herodotus's quests.
  10. What is it exactly, in terms of content or who the quest is about? I won't be able to play til after work but going out with my bro then so may as well know beforehand.
  11. While I'm curious on what that coming soon is (just recently bought Croft edition on store) I will be diving into this game once I'm eventually finished with Rise, er, or I will when I remember where I am in the story since it's been a couple years since I played until yesterday. So all the dlc is during story? Any particular order? Or is it just a 'help these people sporadically ' thing?
  12. I liked it. Then again I like the Isu lore. I admit it had the same problem for me as the main game where it had a bunch of errands and some of it felt... disjointed. I deal with one thing, then another but they don't seem connected even if they're supposed to be. Favorite realm is Atlantis because exploring an Isu city (even though it had the same objective as main game) seemed cool. I got tired of climbing in Elysium. Tartarus wasn't bad I suppose. Layla could be less bitchy sometimes, even without the staff. My question is in Origins, she said she wouldn't join the Assassins but still work with them. When did she change her mind?
  13. Cool. On the side, I'm trying to finish Uncharted 3 on PS3. Admittedly, considering my usual day to day of helping at a restaurant, I never have the time really. Also while the drive is there, it's less than it should be. Should have Wolverine finished in a week or so first run, then on to the hard mode to get the plat.
  14. I'm trying to work my way chronologically from when I got my systems, so I have X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend on Vita and on PS4 Lego Marvel 1 and Dust: An Elysian Tail. For Wolverine, thankfully, all I have to do is unlock and beat hard mode so I need to consider my next PS3 game.
  15. Neat. Hope you get your backlog done as best as possible. I'm trying to keep track of mine as well, specifically trying to focus on PS3 primarily with one Vita game and maybe two PS4 games per each PS3 game I complete, switching between each every so often.