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  1. 700 hours and u call it shit ? if it was me i would have stopped ages ago if i play games for that long then they cant be shit really for this this is a game that the platinum can be goten by just playing its gonna stay for a long time so just enjoy it and take breaks and come back thats what i do just but thats just me X) what ever floats ur boat
  2. was really looking forward to this cant belive how they manage to fuk it up somehow :/
  3. this looks great also love all the golds youll get aswell
  4. Would rather earn them legitimately but if it takes too long i might just get some. Time will tell i supose X)
  5. yup i found it i my store aswell finnly and yea will prob buy aswell ^^
  6. wow good job EU... wonder why on earth they could not release😓 it here anyway at least now i know thanks :/
  7. Omg this is awesome never thought this would happend doenst matter if its not console am getting it 100% 😁 loved all the others expect the the last one they made X)
  8. Well its definitely not on the EU store yet WW release my ass...
  9. I can also confirm that it worked for me 1st try so thats another thump up
  10. its bugged either it pops or not i didnt get mine to pop up before round 30+ even tho i started killing with it around early 10 rounds its just about when the game wants u to unlock it sadly but if reach 40 or so just restart and try again i will come sooner or later its like 50/50 or so for it to pop or so so just keep swinging that axe this area looks like to be the ebst place to it so juist keeo doing it here hope it helps
  11. Yeah and we are soon in march sigh...
  12. #85 Singstar 0,46% for EU Enjoyment: 4/10 Difficulty: 5/10 \ its a really grinding game not really that hard just takes alot of time to do would not really recommend it tho since you have to buy songs (camera if you dont have one) to get the trophy still a fun game to play with your friends but gets really boring when your just going to grind the same song over and over again most of the guides are outdated so its a bit harder to find the right one
  13. Got the platinum when i was lvl 180 played 200 hours most because of the proof of concord farming and some other things Really awesome game for sure
  14. #69 Call of Duty Black Ops 3 I am so proud of this and it was a hell of a ride but glad i finally got it wanna thanks my friends for helping me out with the hard parts
  15. right now iam going for TombRaider