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  1. Amen, the physics are WAY off.... atleast at Mass Races..... Such a shame since you'll be playing these for atleast 11 hours (game time) if you want that Plat! There's just no logic about those bumpy physics either... @ certain times you'll be a ghost passing each & every player while @ the most important moments you'll get pushed out of boundaries... It feels like the game "Wants" you 2 miss that oh so important checkpoint! Don't get me wrong, had a blast with the game, but unlike Steep (which i still play from time 2 time) i won't be looking back after the Plat....
  2. Last update for PC vs PS5 trophy progression. If you finished NM & HELL on PC you just have to kill baal on console (on said difficulty) 2 earn the Trophies; "It wasn't all a bad dream" & "Is it warm in here or was that you?" If you've earned more than 1 million coins on PC, just drop them on the floor and pick them up 2 earn; "Deep Pockets" &" Mr. Money Bags" Conclusion; you can safely play the game on PC and backtrack most of the trophies on PS5 for the all of the harder trophies. Trophies with special requirements (kill / socket / upgrades) should be done on PS5, item farming is totally possible on PC though.
  3. Afraid hardly any1 is able 2 confirm this at this point... i do know my counters keep rising in between lvling on PC vs PS5
  4. More testing will be done in the upcoming week. Update 4: Did most of my quests on PC and trophy popped right after finishing the last quest on PS5. Update 5: Got most of my WP's on PC, got my last few on PS5 but the trophy didn't pop instantly, had 2 revisit all my wp's on the same character, got the trophy halfway trough! So far all of my earned trophies are done by playing on PC first and backtracking the last few requirements on PS5!
  5. Same forumpost also states some trophies actually pop after killing bosses / lvling up. Went from Normal 2 Hell on PC, gonna check it out 2night! Update: Even though i cleared all bosses once on PC the trophy for each act popped after defeating the boss of said act. So use your WP's and defeat them all on normal! (Cheap trophy's with my 85 soso!) Update 2: Trophy progression for "Completed Grimoire" bumped up as soon as i did 1 off my unfinished questst. So clear all quests (apart from 1) on PC, make sure 2 do the last quest on PS4/PS5 & it should be yours. Update 3: Lvling up also bumps up your trophy progress... So it seems you can aquire lvl 98 safely while playing on whatever platform you feel like. Just make sure you keep a sliver left and lvl from 98 to 99 on the PS4 / PS5 systems!
  6. Tbh.. boilgog is giving me a headache.. it's like hunting Tyrants all over again (2+ hours alrdy) Just a few more mons (boilgog included) 2 finish my database! Edit: Platinum in 46 hours so it's doable!
  7. Unfortunately, farming and patience (A LOT!) is key... Just got Tikala after 2 straight days of running arround the same patch of grass... Gl!
  8. Fixed it! Finally managed to get the darn plat... The fix = simple, reinstall your game and REMOVE all of your save files. For some reason the old save files are able to corrupt any new worlds, even the 1ns you started after the update. The bad news... You have to stay idle 30+ hours all over again in any " new " random world. Hope this helps you out m8. Still wondering how Mournblade managed to downgrade his update file. As far as i can tell that shouldn't be possible with the digital downloads...
  9. Wish i could do that, the digital version comes fully patched though ;( Seems 2 me that i still have to get the physical game to get this horrid trophy....
  10. Same problem here m8.... 40 hours in and it's still not popping... Started 2 new worlds already and even reinstalled the whole damn game... It's getting pretty ridicoulus idd...
  11. Hello to all of you! The game has been out for almost a week now so i'd like to know what y'all think of it? Is it a keeper and will you be playing this for the coming months? Or is it a big no no and will you move on with the upcoming heavy hitters (uncharted/doom & overwatch)? Are you suprised by the sales numbers & do you think this game will last longer than games like Evolve? Glad to hear some thoughts!
  12. I've had the exact same problem. Underneath your PS4 there are 2 "rubber stands" where you place your PS4 on. One of these rubber thingys is right underneath your Eject button. Pull it out just a little and the problem will be solved. For some reason it keeps the pressure on your eject button which seems to be the problemn for you aswell. Doing this will NOT seize your warranty. Hope it helps (sorry for the bad english... native language = dutch)
  13. Borderlands, great game and you already have the online trophies!
  14. Driveclub! The launch was downright awful but after update 28376 it seems to be a real GEM imo.
  15. Seems like you love yourself some DBZ so i'd say DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi since you are SO close!