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  1. Not on purpose. Anyway, I don't mind not been in the leaderboard, I never looked for that. I just wanted to make clear that I didn't obtain the trophy on purpose or by using hacks. It just happened playing online. The PS3 servers of GTAV are clearly unsupported, bugs and hackers are unfortunately common.
  2. I dont know in Black Ops II but in GTAV hackers can actually offer bounties because the feature is locked, not removed. If you call Lester you can see it in the menu that there is a little lock in the right that prevent you for using. but as I said, apart from the message that appeared in the screen there was no other effect that I could see. I just keep playing doing gang attacks and such when the trophy popped about an hour later.
  3. Neoiberian Grand Theft Auto V The reason I have the trophy is because some hacker offer a bounty for me (it said Unknown offer a bounty of 99.999.999 for you), but there wasn't any skull in the map and nobody seems to chase after me so I keep playing and some time later the trophy popped. If I understand it right, you reported me for achieving these trophy after some other that should have come sooner. Even if the feature would be working, there is nothing to make me achieve these sooner than other trophies if nobody offer a bounty for me or if I'm unavailable of surviving that much. Unfortunately I doesn't have any proof to claim these.
  4. Hi, I hope someone can help me with this: after several months of Chateau farming we've still miss some of the Incan treasures, the only thing we know for sure is that we cannot obtain them in Chateu Arena Coop. Is there any specific map or mode we need to play in order to obtain the last ones? We already have some of them but after more than a year of continuous playing we can't remember where and how we obtained them. Thank you and forgive my grammar, .