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  1. The grenade dropped for me from a story boss after killing it again
  2. There's one missable trophy regarding tiny tina
  3. @Sly Ripper Hello, its been almost 2 weeks is this issue getting fixed soon?
  4. it's not on challenge mode, there's an offline mode that let's you play against bots from what I've seen on the xbox forums it counts, donnu about the ps4 tho I'm testing it rn I need 200 more kills.
  5. Does killing bots counts towards the 1313 kills trophy? I got my 13 kills trophy on the bots but want to make sure that it wasn't a glitch or something.
  6. It’d at least take 10 mins considering loading times if it was done perfectly, either way op stated that it was unlocked at the same time which is impossible.
  7. Hello, after I have changed my name (old account was BASEL-_-KSA) I got a premium on my new account (DarkAnimaa) and I got a life time premium but it disappeared after I did the merge, please fix this asap and thanks in advance.
  8. The spawns are horrible in this game, one of the runs I had on the 3rd episode first chapter encountered 3 bulls and 3 lurkers before even reaching the first alarm (was playing solo) not to mention how sometimes as soon as you kill one lurker the other spawns out of nowhere and kill you. the biggest issue of all of this is the mp spawns first time I've ever seen a respawn worst than Cod lol you kill someone and he spawns right behind you
  9. Thanks man! I'm definitely picking this up asap 😁
  10. Does it count if I cleared all side quests in normal and the glitched side quest on True Vault Hunter Mode?
  11. This side quest can be glitched and lock you out of the trophy for all side quests. I think what happened to me was I killed the second lost legion courier twice since he can respawn, which resulted in me picking up 3 echo messages. is there any fixes for this kind of problem? Also, if anyone still hasn't done it in his normal playthrough can I tag along and see if it counts for me after doing it on someone's game?
  12. that's probably me, although there is a reason for such things 😁 I'd recommend going with a friend and if there is someone annoying just vote kick him. I usually do this when playing on Easy/Normal with a friend to level up our weapons so if this has happened to you on insane that guy is just an idiot honestly, again I don't recommend playing this alone you can find people here and play together it's way better than going alone imo.
  13. I got it more than 10 times yesterday when I was farming New York 3, same with my friend we were both farming solo
  14. I love to see developers making free contents to their games, but I’d highly suggest them to fix their shitty game first. wouldn’t want to get a blue screen every time or glitch out of the map because of a bull.
  15. lots of games are like that unfortunately, but I'm pretty sure you can level up in offline mode tho