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  1. That too. And the stickers trophy as well IIRC
  2. I get what you are trying to say, but the thing is that even players who play the trial ver. can unlock trophies as well. This is a huge mess since people that don’t own the expansions are still counted as a percentage to expansion trophies for the main game.
  3. If you’re looking for plat only, I’d definitely recommend doing the ee solo. Since the number of bosses you fight depends on the number of players in the game. steps are not that difficult once you know how to tackle them, and boss fight can be practiced. good luck!
  4. No, since it is determined by your save file, which is considered different versions of the game (PS4 ver and PS5 ver).
  5. As a survivor, it’s not letting us find any lobby at all. even if we were all on ps5’s is that normal?
  6. Was that when it was relevant? they’re pretty easy now, except for Shadowbringers dlc it may be considered difficult for new players so no worries if you were aiming for the plat.
  7. I have everything except for the collectibles.... It’s gonna take a looooooong time. And I am guessing you have to do all those savages again to unlock the trophies.
  8. pretty sure the main point is the rarity of the plat. Right now? it's a fucking joke.
  9. Stop stalking me u weirdos 

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      @PostalDudeRus now that’s interesting, never wished for it tho

  10. You sure? Cuz for me they put me back right to the highest round/area I’ve reached solo. other wise they would’ve put me at 60+ if it’s not solo based.
  11. It’s only the highest round achieved solo, so trios don’t count. True, but that’s the point of trophies in general. They make you invest your time in something even if you don’t play/like and it’s up to you to get it or just leave it. this is like how they outplayed us on blackout when they gave the multiplayer characters trophy away without even trying to get them. Guess my next black ops game I’ll wait patiently until they make things easier instead of trying :DD
  12. Yep, put me in 40s since I don’t play solo that much. Still, a lot easier now so gg.
  13. Cool, way to kill off the plat’s most difficult trophy and make it a 4/10.