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  1. Stop stalking me u weirdos 

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      @PostalDudeRus now that’s interesting, never wished for it tho

  2. You sure? Cuz for me they put me back right to the highest round/area I’ve reached solo. other wise they would’ve put me at 60+ if it’s not solo based.
  3. It’s only the highest round achieved solo, so trios don’t count. True, but that’s the point of trophies in general. They make you invest your time in something even if you don’t play/like and it’s up to you to get it or just leave it. this is like how they outplayed us on blackout when they gave the multiplayer characters trophy away without even trying to get them. Guess my next black ops game I’ll wait patiently until they make things easier instead of trying :DD
  4. Yep, put me in 40s since I don’t play solo that much. Still, a lot easier now so gg.
  5. Cool, way to kill off the plat’s most difficult trophy and make it a 4/10.
  6. Only mods can see which trophies are flagged if I’m not wrong. just wait till CRT arrives and replies back.
  7. Did you give it a try? You don’t have to kill all the squad by yourself, you only have to kill the last squad member alive. It’s not that difficult, and incase you still didn’t play it yet, it’s not a BR, more like Battlefield V, you can spawn as many as you like, and revive others etc...
  8. Here’s an advice for anyone trying to finish the campaign: Finish all of it without quitting from the campaign! I had to restart some missions and do them again, even after I have completed the campaign on veteran the trophy didn’t pop up, so I had to do some more replaying. Luckily it showed which missions did not count for the veteran trophy. just trust me on this, and if you happen to miss anything mission related, don’t quit and go back to that mission as it might glitch your save data or you might have to finish the whole mission. minor spoilers included:
  9. Can’t you do any upgrade? Not necessarily a perk and pop the trophy up?
  10. 76.6 gb digital
  11. So far, the only way to do it is to finish round 64
  12. I’ll call 3arc and make them delete both the trophy and the mode for you 👍
  13. Well, if we had to finish round 64 on dead ops, it’ll be a solid 10 for me. I’d rather do BO4 again than deal with this honestly...
  14. slightly? I'd say the difficulty would drop to 7 if that's the case...
  15. Big League whitelist when??? </3