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  1. It’s not as hard as you think it is, just requires patience and getting used to lightning strikes
  2. Everything 100% in the above list except for XIV
  3. This is a better answer than the dumb “play the game” response. thanks for the help!
  4. Game has hackers (wall hacks especially), turning off cross-play doesn’t find you a match. oh btw this is a website for *digital trophy hunters* game is enjoyable but playing against hackers is really annoying
  5. I agree with this, the game on first playthrough tend to feel like this is a 9/10 but after u get used to everything so it becomes way easier. I came here reading the forums because I miss this game and also Rogue Legacy 2 is out today on Xbox and PC, hope we get a ps4/5 release date soon!
  6. I think I know why it’s not unlocked. I counted the default online rank title 😓 for In the Nick of Time, I used to either play as emperor or any fast character. Lock into different opponents and wait for them to hit so you can interrupt them, I’d target magicians. You need to do 5 interruptions if I’m not wrong in a single game. You can check if you fulfilled it or not by pressing square during score screen and see allied saved points. If I remember correctly, 60 points means you interrupted 5 attacks.
  7. I got 50 titles but the trophy did not pop, am I missing something? I know Manikins don't count for bought characters, but all my other titles add up to 50. do dlc characters count towards this?
  8. It’s not that much of a difference, instead of boosting yourself in coop, you join random lobbies and hope players can do fast runs. No mobile/steam progression required. Not to mention the coop event rn is beginner friendly and has lots of enemies, so now would be a good time to 100% this.
  9. coop, enriched droplet zone. also there's a coop event going on for 14 days called "Power-Up Coop". After you clear it for the first time you can do 5x runs, button is found on bottom of screen when you join a room. I personally farmed droplet zone on extreme with my main account on phone to boost it for my psn account. you can farm PVP using orbs.
  10. their list look fine to me, in what way were they cheating? If it’s auto-pop at the beginning, demo data carries over.
  11. It’s not really that grindy, I expected them to put get 1000 characters, have 10 characters at max transcendence / link slot level 20, acquire 365 login days or something close to it considering the nature of the game. This list is disappointing for those who play the game a lot, but for those who don’t, 100% can be achieved in 3 hours.
  12. you want people to play an abandoned game filled with hackers that can potentially get you flagged for casually trying to enjoy it? heck I can't even connect online anymore because I changed my PSN ID name, I guess this can easily be fixed by changing my name back but still not worth it unless there is a workaround for big leagues.
  13. Don't understand why this can't happen. I am ready to do every trophy out there in the game. Stream myself playing league and winning 10 games and get the league trophy last by trying to join lobbies and find someone to auto pop it along with the platinum. If you think about it reasonably, anyone who can get every trophy in the game is more than capable of doing league trophy legit. No offense but "Not fulfilling the requirement" is the dumbest excuse that can be made. I also don't care if this gets whitelisted as long as it's not a flag, at least it stays on my profile and I can finally complete CoD franchise.
  14. as far as I know, there isn't any censoring for TYBW arc 😉 Animation wise, Lost agent arc easily tops Arrancar's. Not sure if you actually saw the last animated arc, but it even shows a lot of character development especially for Ichigo. I wouldn't say the series fell rapidly when it's only 2 arcs after the Arrancar's and the final one being the best imo.
  15. Thanks, I still hate the fact that we gotta get those cards but it is what it is. Yesterday I luckily got the card I needed from the long level 50 MSQ dgn despite playing the game for years and never getting it before. This is going to be painful RNG wise but I’m up for it. Least thing is leave tournament cards and wait till new cards drop