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  1. It’s fine if you spend gil, it doesn’t have to be X gils in your current possession.
  2. Just finished the neutral route and the pacifist route in Undertale on the switch.

    Why the fuck did I not play this game when it was out?  

  3. I know a few cases were the guy wasn’t famous at all, but their flag got lifted, and their case was even worse than this one. The only difference was that their profile was completely clean. meanwhile, most ppl here don’t likr RD4, and there were past flags, but having someone claiming that they also encountered the glitch four years ago is something to be considered and is strong imo, unless RD4 can travel back in time, then surely he wouldn’t help the guy that reported him Half of these posts are ppl who are salty and hate the top players, while a few of them actually care about taking this seriously.
  4. Sarcasm
  5. They must have also used CFW.
  6. That’s not the main point of this thread, stop bringing pointless stuff to the dispute and focus on what’s actually going on right now. If it was confirmed that a Vita glitch like this exists, then I don’t understand why half of these comments are so against him returning. I’m not defending anyone, but I don’t think @B1rvine would share something wrong unless he took sometime to look into it and confirm it.
  7. Update: I contacted the support team, they told me to do the requirements again in another ver. After 30 losses it finally popped up in NA ver and I was able to sync it through the rest of the versions. so don’t worry if your stats show that you had more than a 100 losses, it can still be triggered again fortunately. Although I doubt anyone else got the same glitch I had.
  8. I lost 20 matches on NA alone already, will go for 50 losses soon. Any suggestions as to what to do? I’m trying different things already.
  9. Yeah I know, I hope it’s not glitched, rn I’m trying to lose 50 times in NA version, even though my stats show that I’ve lost more than a hundred times. Would really suck to see this glitched since I might get the plat after 2 days
  10. Anyone else isn’t getting the “Lose 50 matches” auto popped? I tried on three different regions with no luck, signed out many times. I even had a friend to go into my account and try but the trophy still didn’t pop up. I lost more than 100 matches, I already got it days ago in EU ver.
  11. Seems that people get these during their hard playthrough judging from the timestamps of most of them.
  12. We almost got everything we need, now do a trophy progression tracker 🥺
  13. Your list is a complete mess. There was never a glitch that would auto pop trophies in DMC V, only save files would do that. I’m also curious about your 1000 enemies trophy, do the enemies at the ending credit count for it?
  14. >Decides to go for Fortnite plat.


    >Remembers a lot of games are coming.

    >Remembers lots of anime and tv shows are coming out.

    >Spring semester is killing his time.


    >Decides to drop this shitty game.

    1. Nighcisama


      *Looks at the 999 hours estimated grind time in the guide

      Hmm, I wonder why someone wouldn't want to get that platinum🤓

    2. DarkAnimaa


      @Nighcisama well, it’s not the first time for me to farm 999 hours on a plat, but this time I’m really busy lol

  15. That’s unfortunate, thought I’d hop back to bo2’s zombies playing public matches.