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  1. Need for Speed (2015) is riving me insane. I'm so glad I'm done with the bulk of the base game content as this is, with no exaggeration, my least favorite racing game of all time. And that's coming from a fan of Need for Speed. NFS may have the best visual package in the game to date, but it also has the worst car selection, worst world design, worst car AI, worst cop AI, worst excuse for a story, worst physics engine, worst online policy and worst content selection of any racing game I've ever played. I could write a 3 page paper single-spaced on why I hate it so much. The second I get that Platinum this game is getting Yeeted straight off my hard drive.

    1. The Chosen Undead

      The Chosen Undead

      I got it on sale for $5 and it was still a waste of money