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Hello, and welcome to my forum page! I'm the Chosen Undead, obviously 😘


I've been gaming since I was very young - in fact, some of my earliest memories are of trying and failing to beat the original Super Mario Bros. on a grubby old NES. To this day, I still struggle with that game. I was raised on Nintendo platforms, many of which I still own, and only graduated to Sony when my PS3 system (a 120GB Slim model) was given to me as a gift shortly after my birthday in 2012. Ever since I got my PS3, my other consoles have been more or less collecting dust, or are in use solely as a charging station for my PS3 controllers. I currently own an N64, a Wii, a Game Boy Advance SP, two Game Boy Colors, a GameCube, a DS Lite, a 3DS, and of course, my trusty PS3 and PS4. I'm kinda into trophy collecting, but I won't buy a game just for the trophies, and I know when to give up and admit that a game has defeated me, or is simply too boring to bother getting all the trophies on. I've recently leaned towards playing what I want rather than what has trophies to earn.


I'm also really into music. My favorite genre is most definitely Indie, specifically chill indie. I have a lot of favorite artists including Talos, Novo Amor, Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Aquilo. I get most of my music from Pandora. I've always thought digital music composition was interesting, but I'm not skilled enough not enough to actually try and do it myself. Despite how much I like music, I absolutely can't focus on more than one thing at a time, so I have to save it for when I'm not busy.


I used to write game guides. I have released Guides for 8 full games and 9 individual DLC packs. You can find all my guides linked up above. While I no longer actively write guides, I do intend to provide maintenance edits to the ones I've already written. I really did enjoy writing the guides I did, as it gave me a way to prevent other gamers from having difficulties with games that I may have run into. I usually at least will attempt to get a trophy before I write a guide for it, so my content stayed more informative and less like copy/pasted tips from other people. My average score on my guides is around 4.5 out of 5 Stars.


I'm a moderator and data collection agent for the PSNP Song Vote. You can find more content about that via my labor of love, the Song Vote Database.


I think that's a pretty good crash course on what I like and what I do. If you have any questions, please do feel free to send me a pm. I try to check my inbox when I can, but sending me a message on PSN is probably faster if I'm being honest.


Thanks for reading! :lol: