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  1. Dosaidon_17 F1 2020 Reason given by reporter: (Too Fast) Completing 15 races in about an hour is impossible. Disregard bragging rights trophy selected Third times the charm :), It is me again for the third time in 3 and a half years. During that time, I change my PSN-Name form "TrueDosaidon464" to "Dosaidon_17". If you are interested in the other disputes that got successfully lifted, you can review them here: Out of those 3 disputes, this particular one annoys me. Here is the trophy list in question: Reason why it should get lifted: I possess two PS4s and I bought the game digitally. Thus making boosting online trophies that only requires two people far more easy. For those of you, who have not played any Formula 1 game: When the race start, you can press the options button so the AI takes control over your car. You can change the difficulty of the AI to 110%. That means, they drive a lot quicker than I am capable of. Plus selecting the shortest track in the game, which is Japan (short) with its 35 seconds lap time and a 3 laps race. The only disadvantage in this method is, you cannot get the 10 clean races trophy which has to be done driving manually. That also explains why there is a greater gap between the "25 races" and the "50 races" trophy, as I did not pay much attention to the TV while the AIs were driving. Dear Mr. or Mrs. flagger: I am not mad at you, nor am I being mad to the moderator who approved this flag. But ... why out of all F1 games did you pick 2020? Isn´t 2019 way more attractive? You see why, when this flag gets lifted and I return for the leaderboards of F1 2019. And what about my second account, who has the same timestamps as I do. Why didn´t you flag that account too? Take a look here: Yours faithfully, Dosaidon_17
  2. Congrats on the yugi plat

  3. TrueDosaidon464 Grand Theft Auto V These games can be disputed:<br /> <br /> Grand Theft Auto V • Reason: these trophies are impossible to earn so close to each other. ============================================================================================================ Hi, it is me again TrueDosaidon464 with another false flag. My first flag was in the game "Shadow of the Collosus" which got resolved in lifting the flag. You can review this dispute This time it is GTAV, where I am/was the fastest 100% achiever since Christmas 2015. Unfortnately I can not see which trophies are flagged because the flag says "These trophies are impossible to earn so close to each other". I can only guess the flagger is refering to the online trophies including the Heists DLC. So here is my reason to be unflagged: I imported my character from the PS3 version. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. Is this against the rules? So you can flag Battlefield 4 for example for the same reason? I can provide any screenshot for GTAV aswell for Battlefield 4 (if nessessary) since these are the PS4 versions and I saved every screenshot I get from every PS4 game I have. In my last dispute, I adressed Persona 4 Arena as a game you might want to look into. You can see pretty quickly if you order this game by date that this list can´t be right. I have been following these disputes since I got flagged the first time and let me say this: Before someone is going to flag P4A, be sure that I didn´t - use a save - have any siblings - use CFW - visited a modded online lobby - play while I was not connected to the internet (that´s a hint) - play on two different PS3s I have nothing hide and I am not going to hide anything. I am no cheater and I earned all of my 17,000+ trophies legit. Greetings from Germany, Yours faithfully, TrueDosaidon464
  4. TrueDosaidon464 Shadow of the Colossus Shadow of the Colossus • Reason: Mighty Wander (stamina) was earned before Stalwart Wander (HP). Players can earn Stalwart Wander on the first playthrough compared to the ~4 playthroughs to earn Mighty Wander Even if avoiding the +HP fruit boosters, a player might max HP on their second playthrough -- a whole two playthroughs before maxing stamina. =========================================================================== Hello, First of all I would like to mention that I am not a native english speaker despite I am using an US account. So any mistakes in grammar or misunderstandings, please do not blame me. I will try my best to explain why I should be unflagged for this game. I´m from Germany by the way. As the flag above says, I am flagged for the game „Shadow of the Colossus“ for the trophy „Stalwart Wander“ (Max out HP bar) after earning „Mighty Wander“ (Max out stamina bar). I do not know who flagged me for this but this person stated a false reason: Both bars need exactly the same amount of colossi to be defeated and approximately the same amount of fruits / lizards to be collected. I knew at that time, in order to collect all fruits for the trophy „Cornucopia“, I need a maxed out stamina bar and I have to climb on top of the shrine to collect the last forbidden fruits. What I did was: I collected all of the lizards in my second playthrough of the game leaving the fruits completely ignored for the time being. After I received the trophy for a maxed out stamina bar, I started collecting all of the fruits in my fourth playthrough. And as I stated before, both bars need approximately the same amount of „EXP“ if you want to call like that. With the fruits uncollected the whole time playing this game I reached maximum stamina before maximum HP. As I am writing this text I looked up other disputes for this game, but unfortunately none of these were being flagged for the same reason as I do. I can ensure you I didn´t use any cheats or savegames for all of my 350+ games in my list. I can offer you a voice chat via PS4 for discussing this dispute or other games in my list more thoroughly because writing these texts is taking me too much time because I am not a native english speaker. I am very sure you look at all of my games trying to find more illegal earned trophies (hint: Persona 4 Arena for PS3 and BioShock Infinite from the BioShock Collection for PS4). I have nothing hide and I am not going to hide anything. I am no cheater and I earned all of my 15,000+ trophies legit. Greetings from Germany, Yours faithfully, TrueDosaidon464