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  1. Sent you a request on PSN
  2. Need some assistance for base game. Was gonna finish it out with my trophy world from PS3 but one of my kids decided to play it on creative at some point. Need On a Rail, The End? and The End.
  3. This'll be a fun challenge to try while I'm stuck overseas. I've had my PS3 sense forever (07 lol) and didn't really start caring about trophies until about, oh two years ago. It'll be fun to go back and see what I can do with all those games with 1-5 trophies earned on them. Count me in. My goals in leaving games with D and C grades are simply games I no longer own and won't be repurchasing just to try and bump them up. E (start 12, current 12, goal 0) D (start 13, current 13, goal 5) C (start 6, current 6, goal 2) B (start 3, current 3, goal 1)
  4. I have this game in my backlog from a free PS+ download ages ago. I'll join it the fun, needed to figure out which game to clear out next anyway!
  5. Finally beat that damn challenge of the gods. Move me up to Titan please.
  6. Sign me up for Spartans. God of war 2 God of war 3 Chains of Olympus Ghost of Sparta Now to go back and finish that Godforsaken Challenge...
  7. Count me in for Disciple. ACII AC Revelations ACIII AC: Liberation HD Maybe this we push me to finish that damn MP grind in Brotherhood.