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  1. ps1 , metal gear
  2. I bought Akane Operation Mayonnaise, so easy game .
  3. I just bought a Japanese psn card. do you know of any game with easy trophies?
  4. jesus , is because the game has a cloud and you can share ,cross the trophies. take a look
  5. so in which stores do bought the third sound shapes ??
  6. Dr Mayus , I know you paste that link for one reason ,but the post says next year. sorry , I will delete mine anyway.
  7. sorry , I didn't know someone has the subject about platinums goal first , I am new here and I don't know how delete a post . help.
  8. how many do you think you can get this year ? or how many do you want to go for ? I have 14 plat now and I want to try to get at least 40.
  9. so easy plat, I got it 4 times , two in my account and 2 i friends account . is better to play it on ps3
  10. I played Far cry Blood Dragon,I think this game is worthy of a platinum and not just a %100. so , do you feel the same for other game?
  11. Maybe. You have good eyes .
  12. I don't know I don't know
  13. I have ps4 , but not games for now , which game do you recommended ?
  14. in my case this is the ugliest one