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  1. Persona 4 Ar Tonelico 2 Melody of Metafalica Twisted Metal Black Tales of the Abyss Everquest Online Adventures Frontiers
  2. Create a session
  3. Can't check right now, doing the backup utility on my ps3
  4. It only backs up the entire drive
  5. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: BATTLEFIELD RECORD U.C.0081 Gundam Versus
  6. Yeah, for some reason the physical LRG release of Bon Appetit uses the JP list, instead of the worldwide one
  7. Never got any updates
  8. Deception 4 shares a list with ps3 so even if it had trophies that require messages(it doesn't) it would still be obtainable.
  9. Likely a regional thing, this is from the store today. Also you didn't note in your OP that it is only purchasable dlc with trophies, that's why I mentioned minecraft. May want to update that
  10. The Chrono Phantasma dlc is cross buy with the ps3 version Also missing is Minecraft, and Senran Kagura Bon Appetit
  11. Well they just lied to you, because updates are on their servers
  12. Don't own fist of the north star
  13. Can't download the update for Beatles Rock Band NA.
  14. Classic is available on xbox 360, and blood dragon is available on xbox 360 and steam
  15. Only thing I didn't really like about it was that zombies were gone entirely