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  1. Apparently they're only platinum hunters, and not trophy hunters
  2. You can replay it, you just have to use a workaround 1) complete the first 5 skulls for the machine2) use the skull hacker fortune card and attempt the game (do not win)3) Exit and charge the MAD at the machine for skull 6 and play for the achievement. If you happen to lose the machine should continue to work. Just keep using a charged MAD shot for additional attempts like normal.
  3. Definitely have people like that on my friends list, always hear them going on and on about trophies, but never do they mention that they are having fun.
  4. Unfortunately I can't give an opinion on the dlc as I haven't played it yet. If you know someone with it, you could try share play to try it out? Edit: I do own the dlc, so if you can't find someone, i'm willing to use share play, but my connection isn't great
  5. Only for the switch according to the siliconera article.
  6. They don't typically list the storage of consoles with available space versus the max, as reserve varies over time due to updates.
  7. Not really that weird when it was just an Xbox 360 release at first until it later got ported to the ps3
  8. Gonna be less than that since the console will reserve space. Probably going to be more like 700 gigs
  9. Doesn't matter who did it, you're 100% responsible for your account and anything that happens to it
  10. People have been able to edit timestamps on the ps3 for a long time now. Why can't anyone ever just own up to getting caught
  11. Update that this is now being denied of a new game being announced " Sega started its TGS 2020 plans with the Sega Fan Meet-up 2020, and the first big announcement was actually Ayana Tsubaki denying a new Yakuza game will be announced during the SegaNama TGS 2020 special. She mentioned she misunderstood the event’s planning, and corrected herself as saying the “latest information of the Ryu Ga Gotoku series” will be revealed, just like what is written on the official schedule. Ayana Tsubaki (Twitter) is the regular MC of SegaNama, featuring Toshihiro Nagoshi, and she mentioned on Twitter a few hours ago a new Yakuza game would be revealed. Looks like it’s not happening now. She deleted her tweet as well."
  12. So how do you explain the normal and braindead trophies not stacking with morbid? Or how you earned those 2 after the platinum
  13. Your dead nation trophies are a mess, you earned an unmissable complete mission 6 trophy after you somehow finished mission 7 and 8. You also have 2 trophies from the base game earned after the platinum, looks like typical custom firmware usage. The lower difficulties stack as well so you should have earned Normal and Braindead after beating the game on morbid
  14. Just a warning if you decide to pick up skyrim VR, it is insanely blurry, not to the point of being unplayable, but still pretty bad. Resident Evil 7 has a VR option
  15. So you want to give Dino crisis to the same developers that already made the games?