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  1. Not without knowing someone that has it
  2. Since there's no custom firmware on the ps4 that can go online, there's no hackers. You probably ran into a guy that used a lag switch. If the guy didn't have a ps plus symbol next to his name, it just means he doesn't have ps plus on that account. You can play online on any account as long as one of them on your ps4 has plus.
  3. Man cata was straight up garbage, I'd say either it or pandaria were the worst expansions. I still love burning crusade and lich king content though
  4. Yes, on digital PS Plus titles, you hit the option button and select information, it will show when the item expires. It only works on the digital titles
  5. Press the options button on the installed game and hit information. It will show start date, and the date it expires.
  6. They were expensive due to the memory on them, not due to the niche of them. Chips were expensive back then, and the higher the memory, the more they cost.
  7. Any smartphone should have the capability to turn itself into a hotspot. Also there's no way to edit timestamps on ps4 trophies, afaik the only cfw for the system is on a much older firmware that can't go online
  8. The only thing that can be done is to sync the trophies on the original ps4 you earned them on, as it would fix your timestamps. Even though your grandparents have no internet, you can use a cell phone to tether to the ps4 and act as an internet connection to sync the system with.
  9. I think that only happens if the account has been detected to use excessive CFW. You'll have to wait for a mod to chime in however.
  10. It unlocked for me after playing every song on every difficulty the 6th time
  11. Whiteboyz wit attitude: too white too 'tude
  12. I'd recommend persona 5
  13. I remember when funcoland was selling that ps1 dragonball GT game for over 200 dollars
  14. FF7 was selling for crazy prices shortly after release up until 2008 or so. 4 figures for misprint copies, was crazy.
  15. Compared to other neo geo releases? No. It is an uncommon cart. Metal slug 1 and 2 are the really rare ones Edit: kizuna encounter for Europe is the rarest neo game, only 5 known copies exist, not sure how expensive it would be if one of the owners decided to sell