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  1. Why should they spend money fixing a trophy when they have no financial incentive to do so? They are a business after all
  2. Have you tried ebay? there's a few copies on there
  3. Subjective to taste really. I prefer the western OST, but the japanese one is good too the FDS version of simon's quest has an awful soundtrack though
  4. well it's not like these games are hard, minus maybe CV3. If the password screen is still in there, you could skip to the final level of every game and just beat it for each of the trophies
  5. The japanese versions are easier, and have more favorable continue checkpoints
  6. Pretty disappointed the list is so easy, was hoping for something actual hard to do
  7. You've played the game before in 2014 The message to transfer your stats only pops up ONCE, and only once. Since you've already played the multiplayer on it back in march of 2014, you already had the popup You'll have to redo everything from scratch
  8. It is possible to instantly kill the boss of stage 2 with a well timed grenade throw the same frame he spawns
  9. All of the ones in the upcoming anniversary collection have all had western releases. The only one that didn't was rondo of blood, until the psp remake
  10. Both should be flagged since both have impossible timestamps. Favoritism sets a really bad precedent on here
  11. Nice tech demo for something that will never come out
  12. You can still easily buy them online, their prices haven't increased that much compared to elemental gearbolt
  13. I'd delete my whole list for shits and giggles
  14. Not a sequel, takes place in the same exact time frame as 4, more of a side story than anything. Still the same argument
  15. Not even fes or golden which at the time were different platforms or incapable of dlc. However, they've done the same thing with Shin Megami Tensei IV on the 3ds with Apocalypse which is also a 3ds enhanced release. The 3ds is perfectly capable of dlc, but they chose to re-release the game as it's not just a simple dlc job, but a large chunk of brand new content