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  1. It's real, it's caused by one of the capacitors on the power supply from one of the comments "The buzzing in a foil capacitor is down to electrostriction - which is movement of the insulating films caused by the electric field as it passes through the capacitor. It is harmless, apart from being annoying. If you wanted to reduce this buzz, you could replace your foil capacitor with one rated for a much higher voltage. A capacitor rated for a higher voltage will have thicker insulating films - which will need a higher force (voltage) to make them buzz. A higher rated film capacitor should, therefore, be quieter compared to a lower rated one capacitor under the same voltage conditions."
  2. It's safe to assume any game that has an online component will have toxic players on it
  3. Crazy that Persona 5 Royal was the highest rated metacritic release of 2020 and didn't receive a single award
  4. Boosting is no more legit than using a glitch, neither are intended by the developers.
  5. Your sword art lost song is also suspect unlocking the trophy for 1 million yuld as the 3rd trophy you got. Your naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 ps4 trophies are not possible either, you got the trophy for all titles nearly 3 hours before the trophy for collecting all of tonton's pearls. One of the required titles is unlocked after you return all of tonton's pearls.
  6. Looks like save file usage, you got the trophy for maxing all girls affinities, before getting the trophy for each of the individual girls. Your first trophy after the tutorial shouldn't be earning 100 million col either
  7. Psnp pulls trophy timestamps directly from the PSN servers, so those timestamps at the time in 2015 are the ones you had at the time.
  8. How has your timestamps changed since the wayback snapshot from june 28 2015?
  9. Not sure when this was flagged, but here's the only wayback save from 2015
  10. Pretty much all of the trophies in Stormrise
  11. Definitely don't miss dial up with AOL in the mid 90s, was awful
  12. Can users still play WiiWare games that they already purchased? Yes. The ability to re-download WiiWare and Virtual Console games will also stop at some point. We will announce specific details as that time approaches.
  13. Maybe their next game will just load up and immediately hit the credits
  14. Haven't played through the game personally, but this would let you access the bonus shop where you can buy trophies for the game
  15. The Wii eshop was shut down 2 years ago, you can no longer download anything off of it