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  1. Come one, come all, and pick up your wagon wages, get yourself 30 American dollars for 99.99 usd plus tax
  2. Castlevania Dracula X from the SNES/SFC would be an even better incentive, since aside from the virtual console hasn't seen a re-release
  3. This is the dump for known active patch version links, if it's not on here, it may no longer be available on EU servers , bear in mind the list is a WIP
  4. The first castlevania was ported to many home computers and had a remake on the ps1 as well
  5. The real question is for rondo, the pc engine cd version or the psp remake? I'd also like to see them do the saturn version of SoTN or at least add in the content from the saturn version
  6. I used the fireteams Reddit to find random to do the raids with back when it first came out
  7. Minus a couple of games, there is no difference between AES and MVS games, both carts contain 2 versions of the same game
  9. Does it really matter in the long run if it has one extra trophy pop or not? I thought trophy hunters enjoyed trophies in general. This list is fine, as older beat em ups have very little variety compared to newer ones
  10. You're not paying for the free games, you're paying to use the online services. PSN isn't free to run and it costs a lot of money, same reason why xbox has been doing it longer, and even nintendo is doing it
  11. There's not exactly a lot of content in beat em up games to justify a platinum. Before someone mentions it, this is an arcade collection and Final Fight 2 and 3 were never released in arcades
  12. Yes the ps4 is region free. There will probably be an English deluxe edition, but it may or may not be the same as the Japanese release
  13. Have you rebuilt the database recently on your console? All it takes is one corrupt file on your HDD to prevent a game from running or patching
  14. I have a lot more I didn't boost in, but don't have the platinum, too lazy