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  1. No, it's more of a remake. The original 3ds burst is a side scroller beat em up, whereas the remake uses the versus series musou style instead for the gameplay.
  2. All I can focus on is just how dirty that monitor is
  3. Which was pretty pointless as they released a CFW for 4.83 shortly after the official update
  4. Exact opposite for me, I don't understand how anyone likes the trash heap that is 13 Anything up to 9 is good, although the last disc and a half of 9 is pretty terrible. 5 has the best job system
  5. Do you have anti-virus and anti-malware installed on your PC? It's possible you could have a keylogger that is collecting your information. If you don't I would recommend some free ones like spybot search and destroy or malwarebytes anti-malware
  6. Official playstation emails will have the header of something like [email protected] another official domain they use is [email protected] and when you contact customer service you'll get an automated message from [email protected]
  7. I grew up playing JRPGs first so I don't really like western RPGs and don't get what's so good about them(only ones I've really liked are the witcher, mass effect, and fallout)
  8. Won't be coming to the west on the vita
  9. Private match is fine, I did it in private myself farming to unlock the tier 5 map
  10. Downgrade to an earlier patch and play offline with no mega gobblegums
  11. Nintendo has been trying to get this stuff made illegal for decades back when they sued the company galoob for its game genie on the NES.
  12. A mod menu that unlocks other players trophies other than the host doesn't exist for modern warfare 2
  13. Your choice
  14. If you have more than one vita you can self boost, the demo let's you play online matches
  15. P3P wasn't really the one with the expanded content, it was P3FES. Both of those added over 15 hours of content, so they are worth playing