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  1. Once you've unplugged the console, press the power button a few times to discharge any remaining electric charge the capacitors are holding. You'll need a philips head screwdriver and a T8 torx security bit to get into the system. The slim is incredibly easy to take apart and reassemble Recommend following a video and picture guide on ifixit if this is your first time. If you plan on replacing the paste, I would recommend some arctic silver If you're really worried about any electric shock, you can get an anti-static wrist strap that will ground you edit: for further note, there is no need to ever open the power brick unless it actually needs repairs. Make sure you have clean hands before working on the system
  2. It's also available on the snes classic
  3. Most turn based RPGs can be played one handed
  4. The US version has trophies
  5. Nintendo doesn't have 1 overarching network. Playstation network is the same network on all Sony consoles, it's why you can still connect and download purchases on the PSP to this day. They can't shut down one entirely without shutting them all down. Also if there's anything you really care about, you make backups of it
  6. Nice for the people that have never played it, I own it already though. Also a strange choice to pick the ninja gaiden's a game to say the least, has some horrible background scrolling
  7. You're not going to be unflagged when you're running a mod menu
  8. Now if you do decide to take your console apart to give it a good cleaning, the slim has 3 special security torx screws with a nipple on them that you'll need a specific screwdriver for, the rest are all Philip's head.
  9. Can of air can only help so much. It is useful to open the system and thoroughly clean out the dust in it, as it can get into areas of the case canned air can't reach. It is also a good idea to check the thermal paste on the cpu to see if it needs replacing(factory paste is usually pretty terrible quality)
  10. You can make the king of the hill faster by entering the sans power code P1(0,4,4) P2 (4,4,0) it puts you in danger health so all it takes is one hit to win the round
  11. Maybe, maybe not. Even with sales numbers, it's impossible to tell who actually games on them, uses them for just movies or other media, how many are sitting on shelves, how many are broken in dumpsters, repair shops etc. Same can be said for the other companies too.
  12. Having around 100 million sales doesn't make it a monopoly. The only time there ever was a monopoly on the home console market was with the NES and the sega master system, where nintendo would straight up refuse cartridges to any developer that wanted to release their games on the master system too. They got straight up sued over that and lost
  13. Igawa sakura ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. Downloading the update also "checks" the game size too, so you also have to have enough free space for the entire game size as well
  15. If only he would get off your balls