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  1. If you're getting no video, there's either something wrong with your hdmi port, or the chip that powers the port Have you tried component cables?
  3. Boo. Still not half life 3. Words going around it's a prequel to 2
  4. No, dlc is region locked so you would also need a copy of the game from the same region to be able to do that.
  5. Why is this in the flagged game disputes forum? @DaivRules
  6. I've had the same psn avatar since I made my account 10 years ago. Reason? I like pocket fighter and felicia. Psnp. Friend of mine made that for me originally on the x360a site and I've used it since then out of sheer laziness
  7. Select squads and pick safeguard. After that select find game, and then play now. You'll be in a game by yourself and you can get the hive that way for each dlc
  8. Unless....
  9. Devkits are usually always pricey, since most of the time, they're supposed to be returned to the manufacturer for destruction once they're finished with them. A PS4 devkit sold in august for 1,400 dollars
  10. Here you go then
  11. By partnering with Sony as a registered business and certifying and paying the 2,500 dollars for a devkit
  12. For physical theft, make sure you have homeowners or renters insurance and records of everything you own. For digital theft, have 2FA set up and change your passwords if anything ever gets stolen
  13. If completing 25 strike missions didn't unlock for you, you can either try deleting all of your saves and trying on a fresh file, or do the multiplayer option instead. You need ps plus regardless if you want the platinum
  14. So which is it then? In your OP you stated you did over 40 APEX missions which is the online option for the trophy, but you did all offline? Were you connected to EA servers during the entire trophy? They're known to sometimes not pop if you aren't connected
  15. Have you tried completing 25 strike team missions instead?