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  1. Good luck, and enjoy your new vita!
  2. Correct, it will be treated as if the vita is brand new out of the box starting up for the first time. You will have to generate a device setup password to be able to log in to PSN on the vita with your account
  3. If it already has an account on it, you won't be able to sign in anyways. Best thing to do is factory reset the vita, and format the memory card if it comes with one. As for welcome park, and any other apps on the vita, you can't really accidentally open them, as you click on the bubble, which goes to a different tab, and then you have to hit play again for the app to start
  4. 1. Legend of Dragoon 2. Twisted Metal 2 3. Lunar Eternal Blue 4. Shadow Hearts Covenant 5. Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time
  5. Wouldn't recommend playing co-op with randoms, this is one of the CoD games where mod menus can auto-pop the entire trophy list for other players
  6. I buy way too many games to ever get around to it
  7. It never gets old coming back to replay symphony of the night. It's like a comfort food. Such a great game

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ShonenCat


      Amen to that. It’s one of my most favorite games. I hope Sony/Konami plan to bring the PS1 iso forward to their upcoming retro program. The old dub must live on!

    3. SnowxSakura


      Agreed, not a fan of the new dub. A lot of the lines are cheesier than the originals ever were

    4. nestamar5


      Unfortunately, I could never get into it. I tried to multiple times though.

  8. Kid Dracula was such a miserable experience. At least it was short

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    2. SnowxSakura


      Didn't even find it difficult, just wasn't a fun game to play in general. It really felt like some weird mish-mash of castlevania and mega man and it doesn't do either well

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      It's the one game on the collection that I have absolutely no memory of whatsoever 😅

    4. charxsetsuna


      Before getting the collection I too had never heard of this game. 😂

  9. Going back to Aria of Sorrow after finishing up my 5th playthrough of circle of the moon. Aria really is the best game of the GBA vania titles

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      how hard is the plat. I always forget i have this. I plat Symphony of the Night/Rondo collection. 

    2. SnowxSakura


      Not very difficult, with glitches it's a 2/10, without glitches it's probably a 4/10. It's more time consuming than anything

  10. Never played zero/zx so I can't really comment on that, just know about the timelines. You probably can, the stories in each series are self-contained enough that you don't need to go back and play the prior series.
  11. It takes place after the Mega Man X series timeline, a few hundred years. As both Zero and X are mentioned numerous times during the elf war events
  12. Looks like for the classics, only ps1 games for now. Wonder how long it'll be before they add ps2 and psp titles
  13. Fun thing about the castlevania emulated ports is all of the glitches from the original releases are still there, so you can skip bosses and earn trophies out of order. You can beat Castlevania Circle of the Moon with only killing the very first boss, and using the DSS glitch to get straight to dracula and finish the game

  14. Even with 2FA set up with paypal, it never requests a security code login to authorize the payment on psn, it just goes through normally. So it's still a security problem if you aren't using 2FA on PSN as well
  15. Some ps3 games won't work with a DS4, and need either an oem dualshock 3 or a 3rd party licensed ps3 controller