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  1. Ideally finding a laptop with an m.2 slot with a small SSD just for the OS and a SATA ssd drive for all of your games is something worth going for. That way if you're ever having trouble with your OS, you can do a fresh install without having to reinstall all of your games since they'd be on a different drive
  2. 250 gigs just isn't enough if you plan on gaming on it. R6 siege alone requires 61 gigabytes, windows requires 20 gigs or so, plus the update folder reserve. You wouldn't even be able to play warzone on it due to size requirement. Also SSDs performance drops the more full the drive gets. At minimum if you plan on gaming a 1TB drive would be ideal
  3. Have to agree, CoTM feels really clunky compared to the other castlevania games. Feels like a cheap off-project they did with the lack of item variety and level design too. I remember getting it for christmas the year it came out and didn't like it that much compared to SoTN. Although I really enjoyed HoD and AoS
  4. Spreading managed democracy requires you to complete a mission on the home world of one of the enemy types when it is under attack, and successfully seized, thus removing them from the current war. Defender of humanity is when the enemy is currently attacking one of your capitol cities, the game will alert you when that happens, it is a very short event, usually a few hours and you have to play a mission on that planet. For the last one, all you have to do is play and complete any mission during the current war, and if the war is won, the trophy will pop the next time you log in, otherwise you have to repeat the process in a new war
  5. They probably bought it when it was still on the store and just didn't get around to playing it
  6. Been playing this recently on vita and wow the localization is really bad for this. Constant typos, spacing issues, referring to a character as one gender in a line, then 3 seconds later referring to them as a different gender. Untranslated character names, item names, text doesn't show up for characters when they're talking. This is up there with Ar Tonelico 2 on the ps2 for bad localization standards
  7. I mean that's what xbox does. You put your disc into the system, and it downloads a digital copy of the game. You just have to keep it in the system whenever you play it as it acts as an authentication
  8. depends on the price. It has an older gtx1050 in it, a 1 tb hard disk instead of an ssd in it. You should be able to game fine on it, but you'll be around low-medium settings on more recent games to hit higher framerates
  9. Have to factor in the fact you have to max out a subclass with all 3 classes which requires level 15 minimum and a lot of grinding after that for the base game. Those will take most of the time for the base game if you've done everything else
  10. Never understood why they didn't go with Bruce Campbell, he would have been such a perfect Sully
  11. With the base game alone, it's over 100+ hours, add in the DLC it can go to around 150-200 hours. Depends on if you get carried or not in the raids. You also need at least one other player to ring the bells in rise of iron for that trophy
  12. It doesn't matter anyways as the PS4 and PS5 don't have CD lasers in them, so you wouldn't be able to use a ps1 disc at all
  13. Should they? Sure. Will they? No chance in hell as long as older game hater jim ryan is in charge
  14. This looks like it's gonna be absolute garbage. Typical bad video game movie