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  1. Congratulations! It's a long road, but definitely worth it. I'll be 3 years sober this September, so I definitely understand how important it is to officially classify and understand addiction, so people that truly want help, can receive the right care.
  2. I don't know, I'd tend to agree with their decision, there were quite a few people I knew in high school that were so addicted to gaming, they stopped coming to school, dropped out, barely slept, and now are either homeless or still live at home.
  3. This is a trophy hunting site, so of course people will do that.
  4. Best 1. Nintendo 2. Bethesda 3. Microsoft Worst 1. Square Enix 2. Sony 3. EA 4. Ubisoft
  5. There's also a glitch if you did all of that on the ps3 version as part of the social club, and go to the ps4 version and not unlink your account, it will still think you've already done everything and not unlock properly. It can happen with all of the collectibles
  6. And the syphon filter series
  7. Excellent, the multiplayer in the first game was way better than the single player, glad to see it come back
  8. Fixed for ya This is typical square, they announce titles way too early, likely because they need a stock boost, and then see nothing for another 5 years or so
  9. Corrupted files in the ps3 os can cause games to be unresponsive and other issues, when was the last time you rebuilt the database or restored the file system?
  10. No one freaks out when EA acquires third party studios and slowly kills them, but a direct competitor buys them and all the fanboys freak out, the double standard is so hypocritical.
  11. That was nero. Dante was only shown at the very end of the trailer on a motorcycle
  12. The legendary items are the only time consuming thing and even those don't take too long. You don't need to pay anything for this pay to win type thing. This looks like maybe a 30-40 hour platinum, depending on scavenging
  13. None of what you said is cheating because it's all possible within the confines of the game, or the service. Cheating is stuff like custom firmware, brute force, save resigners, trophy hacking. Not possible to do without the help of third party. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's wrong either, take it up with the developers if you don't like people exploiting shoddy coding.
  14. Did you use another older game to agree to the terms of service before trying to go online?
  15. Anything that uses sixaxis also won't work