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  1. Please post the reason you are flagged, by editing your first post.
  2. Nice list Did someone say carrots?
  3. Like a lot of older games, it has in game cheat codes, like infinite ammo or god mode. Turning those on would disable trophies.
  4. Considering they're the ones that have been hacking HBO recently and releasing episodes of tv series. I wouldn't put it past them
  5. I doubt it, it didn't originally have online, but rather offline multiplayer with bots.
  6. I was referring to the copy protected saves, you have a limit on how many times you can copy them to the cloud.
  7. There's quite a few games that have copy protection on their save files, and the only way to back them up is to the ps plus cloud(which even then you're limited to a few times a month on those)
  8. Earn a trophy and sync, afterwards update your profile on here.
  9. Power plant map you have to kill an enemy with the grinder In the junkyard map you have to kill an enemy with the crusher and kill an enemy with the waterfall In the deadrock map you have to kill an enemy with the dinosaur skull and the tornado In the waterwork map you have to kill an enemy with the water tubes and the river In the turbine map you have to use the juicer to kill an enemy And the last map grand central you have to kill an enemy with the elevator, the rotating doors, the fountain, and finally the monorail. The trophy will pop after you do all of those
  10. We all know they're playing ghosts anyways for Riley. You're still free to use all of the features of the site, and compare with friends.
  11. Both 8 and 9 have steam achievements. As to why square hasn't ported them? It's square after all
  12. It's a standalone game similar to infamous last light.
  13. Already a thread on this
  14. A mod will close this before that happens, boosting threads aren't allowed on here.
  15. Yeah, they're in the co-op only areas, it's easier just to play from start to finish in co-op doing all of the collectibles and side missions together, however if you don't have the option, you can always do chapter select. It should be noted the dlc epilogue has a co-op trophy too