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  1. Nearly finished with EDF Insect Armageddon, just have 200 survival waves left and about 25 more weapons to purchase for the jet class. Overall I like the game a lot, but the survival mode really wears me down.

  2. Card modding is faster than drawing 100 of each magic
  3. The licensing agreement for it expired
  4. Borderlands Triple Pack
  5. You can also just leave squall dead for all non-boss encounters
  6. The first 2 and a half discs are, then the story becomes stupid. Not to mention the surprise last boss
  7. You can, the following enhanced edition is standalone. When I bought it, it installed a completely different game than my standard edition of dying light
  8. There's no reason not to use it immediately anyways, he's easy to beat, and he mainly uses demi and gravija. You can even use demi on him as he's not immune to it
  9. So I was wrong, but that's a complete waste of time when headmaster cid will give it to you before you leave for timber
  10. Magical lamp was never a chocobo world item. Headmaster Cid gives it to you when you leave balamb garden for the timber mission.
  11. Probably an issue with capcom, shame too because I prefer that one over the genesis
  12. Here you go
  13. You'll remain flagged regardless of another player using a mod menu or not. Once you synched hacked trophies you became eligible for flagging. You can hide the game to return to the leaderboards as long as you're not over the 3 game limit
  14. Commander Shepard and his favorite store on the citadel
  15. It is being ported to steam