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  1. Recent pickups from various places
  2. I wish they would put EDF 2017 portable on sale, 39.99 for a digital only vita game is way too much
  3. Gold edition bundled the game with the season pass, the trophies are still glitched, and the developers are avoiding talking about it now
  4. Senran Kagura and Yakuza Kiwami
  5. It still works
  6. No it doesn't lock them out, you can just play on the easiest difficulty and pop them, you can also do it in split-screen
  7. Found this on the ubisoft forums if you want to try this fix After 4 hours of trying various things recommended over the internet, I finally found a solution. This works for Uplay. In the Uplay menu there is a sub menu scrool bar right to the option "Play" in the form of an down arrow. There you click over the equivalent option of "Check my files" , Uplay will verify if your installed files are corrupted. In my case, after reinstalling the game and re-donwloading all the patch and Dead Kings expansion (like 6.9 GB) Uplay still manage to "discover" corrupted files and donwloaded and replaced like 78 MB of data. Right after this check-up, I could finaly pass the loading screen and play the Dead Kings expansion from the start, and without losing anything.
  8. No it didn't, starting after black and white 2 with x and y, and omega ruby alpha sapphire it's all been 3d sprites
  9. Or defiance on the ps3😂
  10. Have you tried restoring licenses? You can do that by going into settings, PlayStation network and then restore licenses
  11. Reports are anonymous, unless the person that reported you speaks up, you won't be told who it was.
  12. Well they did announce a remake of metroid 2 for the 3ds
  13. Doesn't PSN sync to the date provided to the ps3 via internet connection? Never heard of a bug like that, the clock on my ps3 is wrong and it still syncs timestamps via the internet clock. Any info online about the bug for psn?
  14. Nintendo just swept this E3 for me, new kirby, a mainline pokemon rpg for the switch, that gameplay for mario odyssey
  15. I've noticed so far this E3, there's been an extremely heavy focus on games with multiplayer, and barely anything that's single player only. Even games that seem like they should be single player have some type of multiplayer mode