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  1. Try one of the gamer dating websites?
  2. If your default funding method on PayPal is set to use PayPal funds first, it will, otherwise it will go with your first payment either(checking from your bank/debit or credit card)
  3. It is your account. You are responsible for everything that is done on it as you made it. If someone else plays on your account and cheats with it, it's on you. And yes, you can control it, by not letting family members use it and making their own
  4. It did
  5. You need to be logging in with your square enix id
  6. If you don't mind me asking, if your save got corrupted, why not just start over from the start? The first bioshock is not a very long game
  7. Most of the FTE maps are somewhat doable solo, but the wave survival one can be extremely difficult going for gold solo, you would want some teammates
  8. At least this game is faster boosting than actually playing it since you have to play around 168 matches for both trophies
  9. I honestly don't know, the few times random got into our lobby because someone disconnected, they were usually some absurdly high rank, but didn't do anything out of the ordinary
  10. you technically only need 6 to start a match, it's pretty easy to find people though, especially if they have multiple ps3s. I ran 3 when I did the dlc
  11. Atlus is just the publisher. It was up to SNK to bring those to the ps4. There's yet to be an actual atlus game on the ps4
  12. Since yet another study was done, I'll go ahead and post it here
  13. You have a ps3 so you can still play 3 and 4
  14. Try doing it on the dreamcast or genesis gamepad, it's pretty painful there
  15. There's no way it would only be 25 dollars. Let alone release it the year of a treyarch release. If it is real, it would likely come bundled with next year's infinity ward call of duty in some type of legacy edition.