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  1. I got it. You must stop feeding them AND you must plant some flowers next to the stable. Then some sheep will escape to eat your flowers. After you catched them you receive wool.
  2. Hi, as the title says: how do you get wool? You need it for a trophy. I already got 4 sheep, but all they give me is milk. How do I get wool from them? I have absolutely no idea.
  3. I'm totally p1$$ed off. Just did the Baja 1000 - no trophy. Did all Nevada races - no trophy. The trophies are still totally glitched. Maybe my save is corrupt after the patch, but no way I will play this again.
  4. The Nevada trophy is not unlocking for me, but this was also the case before the patch. I've won all races and rallies at least 3 times. I plan to delete my saves and try again, but only after the 2000 miles trophy.
  5. Patch 1.02 is out. Patch notes say it's fixed now.
  6. Did play a bit further. Overland travel is nice. You have some RPG choices and diverse random encounters with and without combat. Combat system is okay. Reminds me of the classic version of the game. Then during camping the game crashed and I lost 30 min of play. Pro tip: save often!!!!
  7. Afaik they continuousily improved the pc version over the years. So it's no longer a bug desaster as in 2013. The user rating on Steam says it's okay. I faced no bugs until now. I will post again when I have seen a bit more, especially the combat.
  8. I bought it out of pure nostalgia. Short verdict: not worth the 40 Euros. I am still in the first town, so I cant say anything about combat. The surroundings look okay. Like on ps3. The characters look pretty bad. The animations are laughable. More like ps2 or even on ps1. On the other hand it triggers some nice memories. E.g. you have the random events on the street and all the action in the tavern, temple etc like in the original. The story and rule set seem to be the same. If you get it cheap, can live with the bad technic and want a nostalgia trip it's okay. Without the bonus of memories of the original: dont buy! My rating: 3.5/10. (The platinum seems to be not too hard to get.)
  9. Finally somebody got the 1000 miles Trophy. So at least it is not completely unobtainable. Maybe just a misleading description.
  10. This trophy does not unluck if your mercenaries find a relic. For me it unlocked when i killed a relic slime monster. Until then i already had 3 relics. If you ascend at level 100+ this monster should come at lvl 99.
  11. A word of warning: This game in it's current state is unbelievable hard. I purchased it on thursday when it was released in the EU store. Technically this game is great, fantastic physics, beautiful graphics, but the AI is extemely unbalanced. Even on easy setting the AI is so much faster. Some people say it's better when using a racing wheel, but with dualshock I have not the slightest chance, so now I'm stuck at the biginning of the career. I hope they patch it to a playable state.