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  1. Hey, does anyone else have the problem that spoiler tags won't open? For a reason I don't know, on my original post the spoiler tags do not open. On anyone else posts everything works fine. Am I doing anything wrong?
  2. Finished Adr1ft. A space walking floating simulator. Nice athmosphere, great graphics and a good simulation of movement in space. The game itself is mediocre. This makes 8 finished games and a score of 6, so I am allowed to buy 2 new games, yeah. original post
  3. Completed Deadpool (PS4). Funny little action game and not too long. The humor is very silly, but it still made me grin every now and then. The PS4 version has some technical problems. Every some seconds it lagged. It became better when I turned my Internet connection off. That's interesting, since I didn't see any online options in this game. I'm at 7 completed games now. The backlog is melting. Close to 1% done! original post
  4. I was one of this stupid idiots, who bought the deluxe version only to get my hands on Modern Warfare. I instantly played through MW and loved it but never touched Infinite Warfare. Last weekend I gave Black Ops 3 another try. The third time I tried to play it and I gave up after 2 missions. This game is so stupid. Sgt Supercool and Lt. Evencooler fighting against lame robots. This is the first CoD game I am not capable of playing. It's like every bone in my body hates this game. And as I always want play a game series in the order of its releases, this one blocked me from trying CoD:IW and CoD:WW2. I think I'll trhow it of the list and never touch it again.
  5. I dusted off my PS VR and completed Job Simulator today. Great little game. And a great show what VR games can be like. original post When I purchased Far Cry 5 I got the Gold/Complete/whatever edition with the season pass, because it included FC3. I want to play the 2nd DLC and was considering how to track it. (The 1st DLC I played before I joined the event). Every now and then, when I really like a game, I buy the DLC. E.g. for Skyrim or Dark Souls. It gives me a similar bad feeling, if I just put it to my backlog without playing. But I will not weight them as much a full game.
  6. I added some PS Plus games to my list. But I will not punish me for adding them. So no negative score for them. I also decided how to handle DLC. I will count each purchased DLC as -1 and each finished one as +1/3 point. I haven't tracked the DLCs on my backlog, so I have no idea what I own. From now on I will note it in my original post. Currently I'm playing a bit of this and that. No real focus on a single game. I'm in the final events of the Dirt 4 career. But this gets soooooo tedious. Who thought it was a good idea to let players drive 6 times the same race. And this on 5 circuits. This game is work and not fun. But I want to finish this damn thing.
  7. Finished 1979 today. It's a very short game about the Iranian revolution against the shah. One playtrough takes 2h. For the platinum you have to play it at least twice. Back to 3 points now. I will save them until Yakuza 2 is released. I'm really looking forward to it. original post
  8. little update: the backlog monster fought back. I purchased 1979 Revolution: Black Friday on its release date. I'm a huge fan of serious games and history and couldn't get past this one. But I had no time to even start it, yet. So down to 1 point now. I'll not buy Vampyr. The longer I delayed the purchase the less interested I was. I think I won't buy anything from the current sale. Also I want to keep my new game points score positive.
  9. I use PS Now every now and then. Both on PS4 (connected with cable) and PC (WiFi). Both works fine. But I think it works a bit better on PS4. As BakkerJ mentioned, you can browse through the games before you start your trial. Carrying saves from PS Now to your PS3 or PS4 is possible in both directions. You need PS Plus. For PS3 games it is a little bit fiddly, but it works. During my 7 days trial period I got the plat for Heavy Fire: Afghanistan.
  10. Update: As always when I can't decide between 3 or 4 games, I play something completely different. I browsed through my 1% completion games and started Killzone 2. I completed the campaign this morning. The gap between my 1st and 2nd trophy in this game is 6 years 9 month! Finally I got it off the list! original post I already feel this event influence my purchasing behavior. When the current PSN sale started I wanted to buy 5 games, but then I thought 'No, these are -15 points!'. So I striked out 4 titles. Only Vampyr is left on my wishlist. I still didn't buy it, but wanted to finish Killzone 2 first. I think I have never finished so many games before buying anything new. I joined this event on July 5th. If I wait another week with buying Vampyr, this would be a whole month without buying any game! I never accomplished that in the past 20 years.
  11. I plan to get my “Backlog Slayer“ trophy, ähhhm coin, around 2025. You don't connect the coins to the new game score? So we can buy as much as we want and still get our coins? 🤔
  12. The ending was a bit sad, but very satisfying. It's a very logical conclusion of the events. I also tried the alterative end and let the storm rage, but this felt totally wrong. I don't think that Cloe would be okay with that. I think her logical reaction should have been "Max, wtf are you doing, you stupid b*tch!" instead of "Thanks, everybody dies, but I will always love you" The new banner gave me a fat grin! I like it very much. I'm still struggeling what to play next. I could finish the last Dirt 4 events, to get it done. Or I could go on with God of War, but I hate the open-world structure. Maybe I just run through the main story. On the other hand I'm extremely tempted to start Ni no Kuni 2. But this would take me 4 weeks or so to finish. Or Life is strange: before the storm? Hmmm, choices choices. Maybe I should buy something new... 😅
  13. Finally finished Life is Strange. I managed to get through the last 2 years(?) without getting spoilered. I think the game is quite good, but a bit overhyped. I understand why people like it, but in my opinion it's not so much better than the (best) Telltale games. The first 2 episodes were a bit boring. With the 3rd and 4th they got me on the hook. I got 3 points now and am allowed to buy a new game, yeah. 🎉 original post Darksiders 2 is also on my list since forever. I purchased it during a sale, but never were in the mood to even start it.
  14. Just finished Onrush. That means I finished the final event and have seen the ending animation. There is still a lot of farming left for the platinum, like achieving all challenges and getting numbers of special medals. The game itself is really good. I thought I'd get an offroad racer, but it had more in commen with games like Overwatch. You dont have to be first or fastest, but you fight against another team in 4 different event types. It is really fun. When playing with the AI it is very luck based. I had matches where I didn't do anything and still won. And others where I was by far the best player and still lost. Since the platinum is very luck based, I am not sure if I will go for it. On to the next game. I think I will finally finish "Life is Strange". It stayed unplayed on my backlog for far too long. original post
  15. just score my first point. The story of "Far Cry 3 Classic" completed. I still have some collectables left for the platinum. FC3 is still my favority Far Cry title. I like the pacing. You always know what to do next, not too much side stuff to distract you. The story is motivating and Vaas is a cool villain. original post