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  1. Easiest solition would be not counting them at all. Not for your backlog and not for your completed games. Or if you still want them on on your completion list count them -1 if you start playing and +1 upon completion. So it would be neutral on your new game count.
  2. Hey! Nice to read you. I'm at 14 completed games, now.
  3. How do you like Thief? Can you recommend it? I have it on my backlog, too, but didn't even start it, yet. Regarding the points system: in Pale mode you earned 1 point by finishing the story. By getting the platinum you get another 1/3 point. Regardless of how many playtroughs it takes. In Trophy Hunter mode it is the other way around. 1/3 point for finishing the story + 1 point for the platinum. Either way there is a maximum of 1 1/3 points per game. Some people have personal rules regarding DLC, though.
  4. Something like that can really drag one down. I can totally understrand that now you have other things in mind than gaming. @all: maybe somebody else can do the administration? Maybe just by copying the first entry and updating the participants list? It could be regualarily posted again. And when @Paleblood comes back, he just takes over again and send us our shiny coins? This event must not die! The last 3 month went perfect for me.
  5. Finished The Crew 2 today. For the platinum there is still a little bit of grinding to do. I pretty much like the game. Great arcade racer. This makes 14 completed games. original post
  6. I finished The Inner World and got the Platinum. I also purchased The Crew 2 from the current sale. This makes 13 completed games and a score of 3 points remaining. edit: I just spent the 3 points for Dragon Quest 11. Down to 0 again. original post
  7. Completed the story of Yakuza Kiwami 2. It's the best Yakuza game I played so far. Great story, as always. The character progression is not so stuffed like in Zero or Kiwami 1. It's more straight forward, which I like more. I will spend some more time with the game and clean up some trophies, but won't go for the platinum. No way I will play dozens of hours of Mahjong. original post
  8. There's a nice sale this weekend, so I decided to do another quick one. Finished Entwined in less than 2 hours. It wants to be another Flower or Journey, but it just mediocre arcade game with few meditative moments. Can't recommend it. This makes 11 completed and a score of 3. So I am allowed to buy another game. Now I am struggeling what to buy: Dead Cells from the sale? I will most likely never finish it, but it looks awesome! Or Dragon Quest XI? Or Spider-Man? With those 2 I could/should wait until I finished Yakuza 2. This event is becoming a real challenge for me.
  9. Did another quick one during my lunch break: Completed flOw! It took me 4 1/2 years to complete this, but now it's done. It is very short. I think 1.5h from start till credits. The problem is, that after 5 minutes, you have seen everything it has to offer. So I stopped playing after 3 or 4 levels. Now I rushed trough the rest to get it off the list and score me another easy point This makes 10 completed games now (looking forward for the shiny badge!!!) and an new game score of 2+2/3. original post
  10. Update: Finished WRC 5 on my PS3. This makes 9 finished games during this event. In parallel I'm still playing Yakuza Kiwami 2. I still love it. But there is so much that distracts you from progressing with the story. I'm currently in chapter 10 out of 16. original post
  11. Hi, back from vacation and time for a little update. Unfortunatley I didn't finish anything during the last 2 weeks. I put 12 hours into Hyperdimension Neptunia on my Vita and cleared 3 chapters. Still 6 chapters to go. But I'm not sure if I will finish it. I'm not so excited about the game. I invested my 6 points into Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Detroit: Become Human, so I am down at 0 again. I started Yakuza 2 and I love it. No Neptunia until Yakuza is finished! Another question: How do you handle games from XBox Game Pass or PS Now? How do you add them to your backlog? And how do you count them as finished?
  12. Ac3 liberation for the Vita is just a spin-off. It is not part of the Desmond storyline. You will have to play AC3 on the PS3. But for me, this is the worst AC title. I can't recommend it.
  13. Oh, I love the Yakuza games. I played Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 3, so far. And I loved each of them. I'm on a 2 week vacation now. But when I am back home, the first thing I'll do, is downloading Yakuza Kiwami 2. Part 4 and 5 are also on my backlog.
  14. Hey, does anyone else have the problem that spoiler tags won't open? For a reason I don't know, on my original post the spoiler tags do not open. On anyone else posts everything works fine. Am I doing anything wrong?
  15. Finished Adr1ft. A space walking floating simulator. Nice athmosphere, great graphics and a good simulation of movement in space. The game itself is mediocre. This makes 8 finished games and a score of 6, so I am allowed to buy 2 new games, yeah. original post