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  1. That's what I ended up doing. Going to have all the material ready by the time I get to that point so I can just do them real quick.
  2. Alright, thank you.
  3. A new car. A new PS4 pro.
  4. Brought My Time at Portia Monday.
  5. 1. Georgia 2. 1991 3. Eight Legged Freaks 4. Okage: Shadow King. I love the story and the world is just so damn goofy. 5. It's hard to choose but Nujabes or Empire of the Sun. 6. I have a black cat named London and a white dog named Attila. 7. No. 8. No 9. No. 10. Read the end of One Piece.
  6. I ask because it requires you to take all five of dee dee's commissions. If Higgins takes one does it screw you out of the trophy?
  7. I caved in and started watching Run with the Wind. I dunno what it is about sports anime
  8. I'm missing 2. Can't seem to find them worth a damn.
  9. Ugh... Just spent my extra money on Black Friday. Really wanna pick up meiQ and operation babel.
  10. Love the Nines avatar! Very cool!

    1. Lucky


      Hah, thank you!

  11. I got it. It's really fun so far, but then again I like games like this anyway.