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  1. I ask because it requires you to take all five of dee dee's commissions. If Higgins takes one does it screw you out of the trophy?
  2. That's what I ended up doing. Going to have all the material ready by the time I get to that point so I can just do them real quick.
  3. Alright, thank you.
  4. A new car. A new PS4 pro.
  5. Brought My Time at Portia Monday.
  6. 1. Georgia 2. 1991 3. Eight Legged Freaks 4. Okage: Shadow King. I love the story and the world is just so damn goofy. 5. It's hard to choose but Nujabes or Empire of the Sun. 6. I have a black cat named London and a white dog named Attila. 7. No. 8. No 9. No. 10. Read the end of One Piece.
  7. I caved in and started watching Run with the Wind. I dunno what it is about sports anime
  8. I'm missing 2. Can't seem to find them worth a damn.
  9. Ugh... Just spent my extra money on Black Friday. Really wanna pick up meiQ and operation babel.
  10. I got it. It's really fun so far, but then again I like games like this anyway.
  11. Granblue Fantasy is my current obsession.
  12. Introvert Pretty much the same for me.
  13. I brought all 12 volumes. Series is pretty good. I really wanna read the light novels.
  14. K: Return of the Kings (Dub)
  15. This is pretty snazzy! I don't really know what to ask 1. What's the earliest memory you have? 2. What's the first game you played? 3. Out of the games on your PSN, which is your least favorite and why?
  16. Good to see those theories put to rest. I remember reading something a while back that went on and on about Squall dying at the end of disc 1 and everything was a dream.
  17. FFXII
  18. I really wanna play Sunset Overdrive again. It's been three years since I played it. 

  19. Decided to give Grand Kingdom another shot, and I am really enjoying it this time around. Granted I keep accidentally killing my units when trying to heal them, but all the same.

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      Maybe you just enjoyed killing them.