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  1. Who is the best for the projectile? Really Velma? I tried shaggy, but I only got 30 kills in one match.
  2. Do you have any egg missions? They are easier to do solo...
  3. I can't even play it, when it loads my character it freezes right away.
  4. Is the patch already available? Or it will come at a later day? Do you think the drakes in the well of dragons will count?
  5. Is dragon bane any easier?
  6. Do you know how to unlock this trophy? What is a quest? I've completed various tasks, I've joined a sub account and done quest tasks using both the host and the joined one, but I can't get it to unlock. I've done totem quests and npcs quests like the hunter. All the other mp trophies unlocked just fine, what am I doing wrong?
  7. I have the same problem, what was the issue? Save scumming?
  8. Launcher with autofire or hollow seeker with portal make the game a breeze.
  9. I had problem with last boss, act 2/3 and house trophies. I think I will need to wipe for the house.
  10. I can't even get past the first encounter in karrundax, how do you do it? I'm a dps with 24k item lvl.
  11. Ultimate respect glitched out for me, I have all the stars but only 18/21 in the trophy tracker. Known problem?
  12. I'm using blastbeard too. He packs a punch! What it's faster for xp, humans or bots?
  13. You get it from the free pass. Now they have made the payed one cheaper, so when you have more than 450 buy it, you'll get more than what you have invested back.
  14. Yeah, EU here too. Maybe changing the server would help?
  15. Same, won twice no trophy