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  1. Sorry for the late answer. I used the heavy fighter than or chewbe or the tank, it depends on the stage.
  2. Do the coop mode, is way faster. Got between 40k to 166k a match.
  3. I have found the parrot, done a raider attack and the count went up only by one. The number in the stats goes up accordingly or only the hidden one for the trophy? I have to kill the enemies with the owner of the pet or it's enough to have him in the room where the raiders attack?
  4. I have tried evicting dwellers, from 60+ to 29. The attack stopped. When I eventually got back to 60+ I got a deathclaw attack straight away.
  5. Do you know the right week? Anyhow I think is a lot of work, maybe is better to live the game idle.
  6. I've tried to save scum, but it doesn't work. The drop is set after you have obtained the box.
  7. Yeah, I've read it on the Xbox forum, it works for the quests too.
  8. Would it be advisable to find an animal box and save scumming 'till you find dogmeat or the parrot? Is it possible to use the plus free gift more than once?
  9. That by timeskipping it'd glitch the attacks, not getting 'em anymore.
  10. I meant before or while going for the 50 attacks.
  11. Did you timeskip on that save?
  12. I've read it, but coming from people that have played a lot and with actual stats, I think I can believe 'em.
  13. Some things help like having a radio room or sending a lot of people outside, but I'm trying without getting anything,
  14. I'm on the same boat. I've lowered the population but there were no more attacks... Anyhow I've read the right population is between 17 and 30 to get raiders attacks.
  15. Are you sure you have leveled a character from level 1 to 25 and not one that you got from a box? Normally they aren't level 1 when you get 'em. Personally, I have got all the trophies timeskipping, even the level ones. Now only the raider left, I hope to find an easy way to get attacks. There's only one trophy that is glitched, or badly coded, and it's the one you have to make a theme, a weapon and an armor. All the others you only have to save, close the app, set the right time back, and they should work.