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  1. Hope its ok if i piggyback on this thread. Are there still missable collectibles? I remember back when this came out there was an area you couldn't go back to so it would lock you out of the collectible located there.
  2. Are the any missables? Game looks like something i'd like to play with no guide at first if possible.
  3. Can you skip cunscenes on ng+? Not sure if i want to do my first play through with a collectibles guide, kinda just want to enjoy it.
  4. No, it's a souls-like.
  5. Just wanted to say that Powerpyx has a good one up.
  6. Nope its on there. Google Pumkin Jack psn and it should pop up.
  7. You got some issues lmao. Video games aren't that serious.
  8. Not everyone has the time to replay 25/30 hours of content.
  9. Weird, i did 1,3 and 4 and got the trophies?
  10. Every game is a seperate release, so you'll get a seperate trophy list for each game.
  11. Bought the first game at launch but never got around to playing it, hopefully the ps+ rumor is true.
  12. You obviously have never played SR2 then. SR2 and 3 and vastly different. SR3 and SR4 share the same basic map, but even then the superpowers change up the game quite a bit.
  13. They didnt take anything out of this game though. This game was built for co-op play. Couch or online.
  14. The collectables are mostly armour/sword variations. And theres quite a lot of it, so yeah there's a bunch of bloat. It's fun enough to collect stuff though, one of those games that you tell yourself you'll do one more thing, and then all of s sudden an hour has passed. Its a perfect podcast game though, if thats your thing.
  15. Just got win 19, and hit level 27. Really dont care about the trophies on this one, this game is just a ton of fun.