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  1. I got 100 japan platinums if not more and i not speak 1 word japanese or korean or whatever asian language its all about picking the easy ones if you go for trophys alone
  2. perfect thanks guys for respond
  3. Hey anyone knows if there gonna be a ps3 trophylist or for vita? so far only ps4 showed up here
  4. Complete new Road Rash PS4 or a HD remake
  5. Nothing, But realy nothing beats Outlast in end NOTHING
  6. i just finished the shadows rushed me trophy and there for all offline trophys before that i didnt had any glitches or freezes the hole entire game i must metion also i nvr play online on psn nor did i install any form of patches or updates ofocurse once il start online il have to update the game my advice for shadows rushed me trophy is to take it slow press pause every 30 mins or soemthing so the game keeps up with gameplay sorta speak i had no troubles at all besides a few deaths lol