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  1. Please add me, I recently finished Shinovi and after exams I'll start with Bon Appetit.
  2. Added your PP to the list
  3. Do I need to play Resident Evil 1 in order to get the most out of the second game? A friend gave me the second game yesterday and I'm tempted to play it even though I still haven't started the first one.

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      No you don't, you'll understand a little bit more but really isn't necessary to get the most out of it. ^_^ 

    2. Kurorac


      @LucianaRosethorn thanks for the quick reply. Guess I'll start it this week then :)


  4. Shana didn't answer to any tag or PN from us for the last two months, so a mod closed the thread. These threads were closed by a mod due to inactivity or no answer from the owners: Sniper Aircraft Baka Hentai Star Wars Wasteland Capcom Fighters Monster Hunting Desperate J-Gems Trails Dengeki
  5. Exactly what I thought. Just beautiful
  6. Okay, I have completed Danganronpa 1 & 2 (Vita) and Virtues Last Reward (Vita). So that qualifies me for 2 Worlds 2 Games 2 Stories. I sadly stopped Ultra Despair Girls somewhere in the middle and have no motivation to continue or start again. That really sucks
  7. That's awesome. Added it to the Masterlist and will join your PP in a minute
  8. This exactly. I won't be playing it again sadly.
  9. I don't know if we're still doing the number of posts as a requierment. I would say just open the PP, but maybe someone else can say more about that. About the PPs you mentioned: I seem to have forgotten to send a PM to @Neku-tan (Arc Sys, Idol, Yuri) but I will do it in a minute. @HcG Clawz (Harry Potter, Rally, Zombies) said he will close his threads once he's at home. @Atago said he will keep his thread (LittleBigPlanet) and will update it as soon as possible.
  10. I would say ask the previous owner but since Satoshi isn't here anymore I would just use them.
  11. You can open it if you want. Be sure to check the Masterlist because it's possible that a few games are already taken by other PPs when the original was abandoned. And please write a short notice in the Masterlist thread as soon as you've opened it so that I can add it to the list
  12. Easy now, I just took this thread over and I added a lot of games (Just look at the old closed thread). I just didn't get to it, but everything will be included with special emblems or in the main part. I will add anyone this weekend. I also don't know much about the series, so any help is appreciated @starcrunch061
  13. #51: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Thank you for playing!! - 27.86 % Uncommon Well, what to say about it? A fun little game perfect for the Vita. The next one will be Bon Appetit
  14. I'm so happy about this
  15. I've contacted everyone and the mods closed every thread from people who didn't respond. Every thread that's open now is an active PP thread (with one exception I think but that's also taken care of already). The only idea I have to make it look cleaner is to make a new sub-forum for the closed ones. That way only the active ones are seen here. I added your leaderboard link to the Masterlist btw. That's a valid point! I also thought about that, but only because the first post isn't up-to-date anymore. Should I take care of a new General thread and maybe a sub-forum for the closed threads?