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  1. No, it will be closed in the next few days.
  2. What happened with Satoshi?

    Just saw that he wasn't online since october and he was one of the most active people here 🤔

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bella


      How do you even get warning points? I was wondering why he suddenly when silent. 

    3. Kurorac


      Oh, okay. So that's what happened. Then I guess I'll DM him on PSN like you said. Thanks @YaoiGod :)

    4. Nimera


      I understand his decision, although I think his presence made this website more alive, but the lack of mods criteria is aberrant. :) 

  3. Added! Thanks, I added it to the list. Awesome, just added both to the list! Could a mod ( @Stevieboy or @Parker maybe) please close the following threads? The owners aren't active anymore or didn't answer here or via pm: Sniper Aircraft Baka Hentai Star Wars Wasteland Capcom Fighters Monster Hunting Desperate J-Gems Trails Dengeki With this the Masterlist and the whole Project Platinum should be up-to-date! P.S.: could someone check if I missed something? It was a lot of work and I may have missed some things, thanks
  4. That backlog looks like mine 😅 You have a great way to review a game, I really like that format. FFXIII was a great game, but I never got around to plat it even though XIII-2 was my first ever plat. I will keep reading your updates
  5. Maybe I'm blind but I can't seem to find the gamelist. If you could write the games down, I'll add it to the Masterlist. Added everything except these two games. Could you tell me the titles of them? Added to the list @sundrew The PMs are out so the Masterlist should be up to date by next week or the one after
  6. Thanks for the follow :)


    1. PvtVoid


      Same to you man!

  7. Awesome work I'd like to be added as Hyperdimension Neptunia fan I have the original Hyperdimension Neptunia and mk2. And almost done with Victory, but that's still in the future. Edit: Just saw that you added the previous list. Then I'm already in the list.
  8. Almost done with that! I'll write a pm tomorrow to the creators who have not answered yet with a 1 week deadline I think. So max 2 weeks then I think we'll have it sorted out @Venocide I will update it tomorrow @Leon Castle awesome, will add it tomorrow too
  9. Same here, bought it in the january sale for 8€. I think I'll start it soon after getting the plat for Atelier Sophie
  10. I will add your PP on saturday when I have access to a PC again That's awesome news, love both Neptunia (almost done with Victory) and the Steins;Gate games
  11. That's the first game. You have to manually search the collection and add it. That way it is free. I would have accidently bought it too if I had enough cash in my account.
  12. Nice work! I'd like to be added with Batman Life is Strange and Until Dawn
  13. Ah okay, thanks 'Only' the Challenge Mode? That was way to hard for me. This is one thing I'll never get done 😅
  14. I have LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, so what does this make me? 🤔