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  1. I played Star Ocean 3 on PS2 when it was released and stopped not far into the game. When it released on PS4 I tried it again and stopped almost at the same spot. Last year I tried it again and got further than the last two times but I still had to stop because the game is just too hard for me. Am I missing something to make normal mode easier? I'd hate to miss out on the battle trophies (and trophies in general) but I really want to finally play through the game. Am I missing on much content if I just play it on easy?
  2. If it's like in Antiquia Lost you should get it while playing through the game.
  3. Just a question (don't want to go through all 43 pages), can we still earn trophies on PS3 and Vita?
  4. Welcome to this PP Welcome too Done! Done! Same with a kings tale, it's just tedious. Congrats! Welcome! Done! Comrade was already added. Done! Added! Updated! Everything up to this point updated. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  5. Finished Lego Ninjago Movie which brings me to four Lego plats
  6. Added everything, sorry for the delay
  7. Thanks for reminding me, I corrected it. Nice going! Welcome! Added! Nice going! I added Crystal Chronicles Welcome and have fun! Added and welcome Added! Added Welcome! Added! Only Crystal Chronicles left, nice going! Everything up to this point added/updated! And I added Crystal Chronicles as a bonus game as it sadly doesn't have a platinum. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  8. Oh nice. Finished Dragon Sinker not long ago. Will get it on sale like I did with the other Kemco titles (which I still have to play).
  9. Just a heads up, I will add and update you guys next week and add Crystal chronicles as a bonus game. Sorry for the delay.
  10. The Masterlist is up to date as far as I'm aware of. Everything that's not on that list is not active.
  11. Congrats! Welcome to this PP Nice work! Thank you and congrats for the highest rank Nice work getting to the next rank Welcome! FFX has one of the worst Plats in my opinion 😅 It's never to late to join, welcome! NIce. I don't know yet, I have to think about it when it comes out. Welcome and congrats on reaching Kupo Lover Nice! Nice work! Everything up to this point added/updated. Thank you as always for you patience. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  12. I closed the Yakuza PP if anyone wants to take it over.
  13. I'm sorry guys, but I won't continue this PP anymore. Thank you for your support.
  14. Added both games to the list. Also removed Yakuza from the list because I can't take care of it anymore. I'll still do the Final Fantasy one and this Masterlist.
  15. Thanks so much Nice list, welcome to this PP Just have a look at this thread. It should still be doable with a bit of a workaround. I take that rank into consideration Great, thanks for letting me know I already put you on the list with 14 completed games because of that milestone saving. Thank you And thanks for letting me know 👍 Thank you And thanks for letting me know Welcome back! And thank you so much I still don't really know what I want to do with that 100% FFXV. I'll probably add it in the next few updates. Would you include all spinoffs into the 100% or just the main game with all DLC? Thanks for letting me know Thanks for letting me know Got it! Thank you And thank you for your input. It would be less work to just move the requirements. I think if I would add that bonus game rule to every rank it would make a huge mess out of the lists imo. Something I have to think about. And I will also think about the Romancing Saga games. Have to take a look at them myself. Congrats on your new rank Welcome! Everything up to this point updated! Keep healthy and safe everyone!